The Find: Salvador Dali Mae West-Inspired Lipstick by Rubylips

Had to share this triumph of an eBay find. The estate of Surrealist icon Salvador Dali for some strange and wonderful reason has a beauty line. It's primarily made up of fragrances that feature packaging and bottles inspired by Dali's lips and nose pieces. But a few years ago, they released the most amazing lipstick tube only in Europe. This red lipstick (can't get enough red lipsticks!) in particular was designed after Dali's famous red sofa that was fashioned after Mae West's lips.

And it only cost me $3.00.

I'm hesitant to actually use the lipstick since it's probably quite old, but I'm considering replacing it with a high-quality one worthy of Dali's lips. Even the thought of the tube knocking around in my purse pains me, but if I don't use it, what's the point of scoring such a treasure!

Resort Wear, Ready-To-Wear, INJURY WEAR: Mariah Carey's Custom Slings

While I'm trudging away on the music journalism front, I posted a slideshow today that may be one of my favorites so far this year. And fashion-related, hence popping it over here! 

With Mariah Carey slaying all accessories with her fur/feather/ornate arm slings last Friday in New York, I put together some more music stars with chic injuries for Yahoo! Music.

I smell a Halloween costume....

Punk & Op Art Street Chic From Versus by Versace

Boy: Trench, $1,150; Pants, $495; Boots, $425; Shirt, $495. Girl: Op Art Tee, $195; Pants, $395; Boots & Hoodie, Not Avail

Just popping back in to share one of my fave diffusion collections this season, Versace's re-imaged Versus collection. Fairly straight-forward in concept, yet undeniably Donatella, the mixed (It) bag of graphic-scapes, opulent colors, studded leather, and signature Versace prints has me dying a little inside -- in a very, very good way.

It's a pretty reminiscent of the Versace x H&M collection, but undoubtedly uses much more luxurious materials. 

One of my goals for "adulthood": No more faux anything.

Also, gotta give them props for using my girl Brooke Candy's track "Everybody Does" in their collection trailer:

Here are some of my favorite looks that I just want to dump into a pile and have sex with, so many sumptuous textures. The models can join too... maybe.

Boy: Moto Jacket, $1,475; Leather Pants, $1,050; Op Art Tee, $225; Boots, $425. Girl: Moto Jacket, $1,475; Op Art Tee, $195; Leather Pants, $995; Heels, $545

Boy: Blue Op Art Shirt, $425, Blue Pants, $325; Blue Trench & Shoes, Not Avail. Girl: So Not Avail

Boy: Mustard Denim, $275; Boots, $425; Moto Jacket, $1,475; Red Op Art Tee, $225. Girl: Mustard Denim, $275; Animalier Knit Top, $395; Safety Pin Moto, Not Avail

Girl: Studded Boots, $725; Belt Print Leggings, $195; Belt Print Tee, $195. Boy: Boots, $425; Belt Print Pants & Tee, Not Avail

Safety Pin Dress, $425; Heels, $545, Safety Pin Bag, $695
Could this be the end of my fruitless search for an It-bag?

Let's see what the models have to say:

Okay, the short-haired brunette can definitely join my Versus orgy.

Model Saskia De Brauw Plays David Bowie, Face Of Saint Laurent Menswear

One of the greatest things 2013 has thus far brought the universe is the return of long-silent rock icon David Bowie. Just this week he released a music video for his second single "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)", featuring androgyn superstars Tilda Swinton and Andrej Pejic, whom I've raved about before.

But a face I did not recognize was the one who played a young Bowie, 31-year-old Dutch model Saskia De Brauw. There's a lot to be said about a model who can ditch the industry at 16 to pursue her art, then return full-force at 29, nabbing Vogue covers, show openers and every desirable campaign.

After a little clicking around cyberspace, De Brauw absolutely stopped my heart as the face of Saint Laurent SS13... Saint Laurent menswear that is. Shot by YSL Creative Director Hedi Slimane, Slimane's penchant for androgyny, artists and musicians over the usual fleet of overbred, underfed models is a beacon in the industry. I haven't been so taken by a campaign since actor Sam Riley posed for Burberry shortly after portraying Joy Division's Ian Curtis in Control. There's just something about a delicate, disillusioned "boy" in a slim suit. Very throwback Dior Homme.

Current Hero: Porn Revolutionary Cindy Gallop

UK-born New Yorker Cindy Gallop is an endlessly chic, intelligent, confident, articulate entrepreneur who also happens to maintain a "stable" of twenty-something men she sleeps with and watches hardcore porn on the reg--we love her! Founder of, she's taking strides to re-educate the country about sex where, due to a lack of comprehensive, frank and realistic sex education, the exponentially prevalent hardcore porn industry becomes the baseline. Not only that, her apartment is unbelievably badass. 

Designed to feel like a "Shanghai nightclub", Gallop's entirely black painted apartment creates an atmosphere that is sleek, slinky and sexy but still welcoming (especially to twenty-something men), plus the dark walls and floors helps highlight her eccentric collection of designer and fea market objets d'art--gold-dipper alligator or Gucci chainsaw anyone? And who wouldn't worship a woman who displayed her shoe collection in the living room because she treats them like art pieces? I can only hope to be lounging in leather and a sharp bob in my sprawling club-chic New York apartment when I'm in my 50s!

See more photos of Cindy Gallop's apartment at The Selby.

Choppers, Chicks & Slick Threads: ODYN VOVK SS13 Video

With anyone remotely interested in fashion being inundated with New York Fashion Week tweets, street style photos, Instagrams and Facebook check-ins at every Manhattan hotspot, here's a welcomed open-air breather from the sartorial Cirque de Soleil at Lincoln Center: ODYN VOVK's video "A Silent Grey" for their latest collection.

 Brainchild of designer and chopper enthusiast Austin Sherbanenko, the Los Angeles-based mens label puts the "male" in malevolent with subtle designs that are the strong, slightly twisted silent type. His pieces are predominantly black and use unique materials like sail cloth and army canvas that are waxed and/or oiled along with animal skins like ostrich, alligator and even, yes, fish leather (how? no clue). Odyn Vovk is rugged in a way that completely turns its back on the prevalent New England/dust bowl looks that seemingly every masculine, stylish man has as his default outfit. Instead, it's the refined graduation from goth, punk or metal that sheds all the studs, chains and subculture frills and heads towards runway edge without venturing into the asexual dsytopian futurism of Rick Owens or Mugler. 

OV is very much grounded in the now, and their latest fashion video shot by Jon Ryan Sugimoto reflects a no-parents-no-schedules-no-rules existence far from all the catwalk hoop-jumping that's been happening this past week. While the clothes are not so much the stars as the motorcycles (because really, how can they not), the video is selling a laid-back lifestyle of sweet bikes, leggy girls, aimless adventures through the LA jungle.

Insta-Finds: Mark O'Brien Recycled Cardboard Shoes For Folklore

If you haven't already noticed, I spend a lot of time on Instagram, more so than I have with this poor neglected blog (the 1 billion Facebook paid is well worth it in my opinion)! I'm always randomly coming across cool things on there that I've always thought of sharing, and these adorable cardboard oxfords by British artist Mark O'Brien really kicked me in the butt to start this feature.

Created out of recycled cardboard, as all his pieces are, artist Mark O'Brien made some incredible shoes that are in so many ways cooler than "real" ones. Not just because they're made of cardboard and look exactly like shoes, but his choice in materials with the random box prints make for very cool color swatches and corrugated texture that couldn't really be recreated with leather.

I found these photos on London-based housewares shop, Folklore's Instagram. An independent shop owned by married couple Rob and Danielle Reid, Folklore offers clean, minimal design pieces ranging from upcycled furniture, recycled glassware, hand-carved wood brushes, decor and everything you'd need for your chic, sustainable home and office. 

Mark O'Brien's cardboard shoes were specially made for Folklore for a giveaway contest to celebrate the shop's official opening. But we just missed it by a month! No bother, but these shoes brought me to fall in love with the shop--an eco-conscious, design savvy home decorator's dream. My own fantasy is to one day have not a scrap or screw from Ikea in my home and a couple pieces from Folklore. Now just have to find the right home...

Follow Folklore at "shopfolklore" on Instagram.

Hands Down Best Accessory: Vintage Cafe Racer!

Man, this year has been pretty crazy thus far, I'm sorry I haven't been able to keep up with the KV blog! New job, new home, new hobbies, a lot of things are coming up Tiffany, so it's been a constant go go go the past few months.

So: what exactly have I been doing? What could possibly tear me away from sharing my favorite fashion picks and projects? Why, just toting around a jaw-droppingly beautiful accessory that will quite literally take you places. Not an Hermès bag, not Cartier diamonds; even better in my opinion--although both those sound extraordinary!.

Say hello to Phoenix, a.k.a. Honey Vroom Vroom Child (watch Dance Moms for reference), my 1975 CB360 cafe racer-style motorcycle!

 Ever since a boy took me on a date on the back of his Harley through the Angeles Crest highway that scours the mountains outside of Los Angeles, I've been in love with the idea of getting my own. My own bike, that is. I took the MSF training course, which I highly recommend to any new riders, and got my license before buying a bike. 

I loved that boy's Harley, but they're HUGE for someone like me (although I've seen smaller women riding them) and is hard to find under $5,000 even used. A number of pals had 70s Honda CBs, which can run from 100cc engines to 750cc. Comparatively, the smallest new Harley is 883cc so a good size for a beginner is a 250cc bike. I looked at getting a Honda Rebel, which is styled after a Harley at 250cc, but they seemed too generic. Although knowing what I know now, I probably should've bought a Rebel I can drop and kick around, but why buy sneakers when you can buy stilettos?!

Boo, Honda Rebel. Zzzzz...

After a ton of online research, i.e. looking at motorcycle porn like Bike Exif, I decided on liked the cafe racer look because the distinctive cut-out seat sits the rider lower to the ground--good for my short lil' legs--the lowered handlebars. I'm told the bike is tiny, but for someone who is barely over 100lbs, its still a lot of lift! Plus, cafe racers have a certain refinement you don't see with choppers. I'd love to have a chopper, but it's too much metal for me physically handle right now.

The style came out of 60s England, named after the preferred style of motorcycle kids would literally race from cafe to cafe on. While the mods rode their multi-mirrored Vespa and Lambretta scooters in their Fred Perry polos, their mortal enemies the rockers rode these customized Triumph, Norton and BSA motorcycles in their leather moto jackets covered in buttons. For a time I was a total mod girl, but nowadays I'm really loving a rough rocker/punk look and can't get enough black leather!

These are photos of my bike from the eBay post, kind of like her baby photos, right? I'm yet to take new ones with her new additions.
Love a black and gold moment! This bike in particular is perfect for me because it is as stripped down as possible to make it extremely light compared to a stock CB360. Admittedly it's still heavy to me, but I'm lifting weights to change that.
She's named Phoenix because I actually drove out to the 111-degree weather in Arizona to pick her up. Hopefully the name doesn't backfire and I end up dying in a pit of fire.

 Scenic pit stop on the way to Arizona.

Hey girl, hey.

This CB360 was built out of a box of parts, according to the builder Shawn Smith. She's all CB360 aside from the pipes, which were from a CL360 scrambler. Gives it a sportier look. The tail is completely handmade out of fiberglass by Shawn and so is the paint job. Real nice guy, but not sure why a 6'2'' dude would build just a small bike!

Headed to her new home.

My friend Drew and I roadtripped from Los Angeles to Phoenix to pick her up, just as an excuse for an adventure. I must say it was a long drive, and not cheap to buy a hitch, install it to my car, rent a trailer and drive almost 2,000 miles in two days. But it was worth it--sorta. Nevertheless, it was so nice to get out of Los Angeles, meet Drew's lovely friend Emily, and see what Phoenix was all about.

Not an easy drive.

But happy to bring her home!

I love love love my new bike, but I have to say that buying something that is completely custom-built gets expensive. California requires turn signals while Arizona does not, so just wiring ones on cost as much as a new Alexander Wang bag because the shop had to figure Shawn's work out!

I'm vowing to update this blog more often on new adventures in fashion and motorcycles. But you can keep the most up-to-date with what's happening on my Instagram.

xo T

Dripped: LA Fashion Week Runway Soiree And Trunk Show, March 15th!

KidViskous will be selling jewelry at Pop Tart Gallery's Dripped Trunk Show and L.A. Fashion Week event, come by next Thursday March 15th for shopping, djs, runway shows, performances and general fashion debauchery. 

We're pricing pieces to go, most items will be $3-$10, nothing over $25!

Yes, credit cards accepted ;).
Note: There is a $10 cover with RSVP y'all.

The space is particularly amazing, and home to LA's polysexual hard-partying Rhondavous event, and was previously owned by Prince! This is gonna be nuts!

Blumarine's Holographic RTW Fall/Winter 2012 Collection Creates New Fetish Category

 Italian label Blumarine put everyone at Milan Fashion Week to shame with their eye-popping Fall/Winter 2012 read-to-wear collection. This collection is everything right now! I had zero interest in bringing color into my wardrobe until I saw the lush, vivid furs, hardcore metallics, and the hologram motorcycle jackets and vests, I die! If leather, lace, and latex can have their own fetish categories, why not hologram?
Click through to see more:

I never really paid much attention to Blumarine, but their approach to fall is redefining my notion of chilly season style. While there are warm furs and down jackets abound in the collection, nothing has that usual sunless, shelled vibe that winterwear generally has. It is as if the colors, metallics, and prints are what protect you against the weather, not the thickness of the clothing. The outrageousness will keep you warm! There are some chic black dresses and nude gowns in the collection, but who gives a fuck about those.

If you're going to go matchy-matchy, might as well go all.the.way. Shorts over leggings for winter? Could be the equivalent of the ridiculous Alexander McQueen flames print trend for fall (still undecided on that one).
Some more "conservative" metallic and hologram pieces.

Inspired by The Muppets? I hope!

And now my favorites! Hologram on everything, all the time: motorcycle jackets and vests, hologram sequins, giant studded hologram hoop earrings, and the shoes, the shoes you guys! Any attempt to articulately review this collection just flies out the fucking window. I'm dying, I'm dead. I will sell my kidneys for a hologram motorcycle jacket. And to think that even those who can afford this collection have to wait months to even get their mitts on it! Such a tease to have collections show a season before. I pray that knock-off factories are working hard churning out some affordable hologram styles for us broke fashionistas!


See the rest of the collection at

What do you think of Blumarine's Fall 2012 collection?

New Additions: Black and Mirrored Feather Ear Cuffs

Did some experimenting with new pieces on Instagram, and people really dug these--so now they're for sale! I'm always showing my followers jewelry I'm messing around with, so if you see something you like, let me know and just maybe it'll be the latest addition to my shops :).

These feather ear cuffs are a dramatic accessory that are a centerpiece to any outfit, no other jewelry necessary (at least around the neck, rings would work). I took one out for a test drive and I got a ton of compliments. Especially with the mirrored ones, a little turn of the head will give someone a flash from across the room. They have clip-on earring backs as opposed to a normal cuff that you have to bend to open and close. So you can clip these to your ears, to shirt collars, the side of heels, breast pockets, and anything that needs a "bird on it".

KidViskous Jewelry For Over 60% Off Now On!

Good news everyone: We've made it on

My favorite discount shopping destination, KidViskous is featured in's new weekly fashion shop, discounted over 60%! Within an hour of the sale being live today, I was getting message and email props from people I haven't spoken to in years--I knew Fab was big, but not this big! It was thrilling to see KidViskous featured in their email blast, which goes out to over 1.6 million users so of course I had to celebrate with some Cat Paint!

Update: Sale ended, thanks so much everyone!

It's an invite-only site and there's a waiting period to be approved, but you can use our special invite link to get access immediately! They're featuring 24 KidViskous styles, including moustache rings and necklaces, beards, feathers, big crosses, glasses, vampire teeth, word bubble necklaces and more. 

The KidViskous sale goes until February 28th, 7pm ET / 4pm PT -- check the nifty countdown clock on the top left corner in red!

Along with fashion, is a must-shop destination for all design-savvy folks, from chic housewares to sleek electronics, and even organic foods and fancy stuff for you pet. Stunningly designed, beautifully curated, the site is alluringly formatted to make you want to shop 'til your mouse/tap finger falls off! They also have a fantastic mobile app which I personally used to shop in bed a minute after waking up in the morning (twice). I've already bought a gold umbrella and a cool poster of legendary designers Charles and Ray Eames riding a motorcycle. Not to get nerdy, but the user experience of the site is phenomenal!

A little insider knowledge. Once I was approved for the sale, I had to hold the inventory I had until the sale started. Because of that, if things sell out on Fab (which they hopefully will!), they're gone for good! I'm no longer making any more of these styles, so if you've had your eye on something, now is the last chance to snatch it up! xo

Reds, Nude & Mint: Lime Crime Lip Colors Review

I'm admittedly not a beauty expert, but I've been getting more into experimenting with makeup colors. Of all the cosmetics brands I've seen, Lime Crime is by far the best when it comes to lip colors with a collection of highly pigmented, vibrant, and unorthodox colors. At this point I'm the proud owner of five of them--a nude, three reds and a minty green--so I thought I'd share my experience with them. Overall I'm stoked on them, but there are a few drawbacks.

I first discovered Lime Crime while looking for a Tiffany blue lipstick color for the wedding of my good friends Dominique and Ron Pruitt of the fabulous wedding photography company Love Me Sailor (and future recording artist!). With the Royal Wedding happening around their own, my friends and I planned to make some crazy hats for the event--but turned out I was the only one, boo. But no bother, my idea was to dress up Tiffany-themed (because that's my name, duh), with a gift box as my royal wedding hat, as many Tiffany blues as I can, and wear the Tiffany necklaces I had (though not really much of a fan).
I searched high and low for the closest lip color to a Tiffany blue and Lime Crime came through!

Since then I've been wanting all of their colors and splurged on four new ones recently. I'm Asian and my skin has a golden undertone, so luckily they have a helpful guide to which of their colors are suited to your skin tone. Along with my Mint To Be color, I bought Cosmopop, Glamour 101, Retrofuturist, and their Candy Apple lipgloss (seen below right to left).

I'm no makeup artist, so you're seeing these lip colors just swiped on with no lipliner, primer, or so forth. These are just the pure colors! Lime Crime's products are all vegan, cruelty free, and lead free. All the photos you see were taken by me, many of which you can find on the KidViskous Instagram, look us up!

Oh no, looks like it's discontinued! It was a limited-edition color along with a canary yellow and black, but looks like they'll bring it back. The color is truly opaque, applies smoothly, but you can see every crack and detail in your lips so you kind of have to put a lot on to fill them all in. It's super opaque so the lipstick feels pretty chalky and comes off easily with any lip pursing or eating/drinking. On, it doesn't look like a definitive mint green, leans a little to the baby blue side. Personally, I think with my skin tone it makes me look pretty ashen (I would go as far as to say a little corpse-y), even though the guide says it works with golden undertones. I also don't care much about that. But it definitely does the trick if you're looking for a great pastel color and I'm convinced it's a better quality than any pastel lipstick from another company. Plus it has a yummy vanilla scent (as do all the lipsticks!).

A light creamiscle, I was especially stoked on this color because I was looking for a light orange/coral color for BBQs, pool parties, and other daytime activities. But when I tried it on, it blended so much with my skin it looks more nude than orange. In the product photo it looks great, but I would recommend this color only for those with very pale or tanner skin so there's more of a contrast. I might have to go for their tangerine color My Beautiful Rocket to get my orange fix.

Another limited-edition color, Glamour 101 is an opaque wine red lipstick reminiscent of classic Hollywood. It's brown-based so not as rich a red as some, but is dark, matte and looks great with porcelain skin and a bold brow. To me, this is a "formal dress" color to be worn with something elegant and black. It's a lot less chalky than Mint To Be, but since it is matte and opaque it still has an element of thickness to it, but no more than another lipstick brand. I won't wear this much, but when I do, BAM!

The must-must-MUST-have color for everyone, Lime Crime's Retrofuturist is a bright, glossy red with a tinge of neon for an extra pop. This is my go-to color whenever I go out. It's not 100% opaque so it will match anyone's lips and comes out like a race car red (much bolder than the photo!). This lipstick is very pigmented so it glides on, stays on, and doesn't clump or buildup around your lips since all you need is a thin swipe. You'll have a bit of red on even the next morning!

Part of their 'Carousel' collection, this gloss is intense. It's "semi-opaque" but is so ridiculously rich it's like pouring red molasses on your lips. In my photo you can't see much, but the glitter shows as much on the lips as you see in the tube. Candy Apple is like the gloss complement to Retrofuturist in its vibrancy, but its red is a little deeper. With the gloss being so rich, it's hard to make it look even on the lips. With every swipe you can see the trails of the brush bristles, giving it a smeared look. It's also so thick that it clumps easily and don't even try putting your lips on anything. I can't imagine wearing this over another color because the stickiness would just rub the underneath color off during application. I haven't yet worn it out, but I definitely will use a good red lipliner since its hard to get a clean border. But be prepared for constant maintenance throughout the night!

Have you tried Lime Crime before? I'd love to know your experiences, leave your comments below!

And don't forget, today is the last day to enter our "I Hate Mondays" contest to win a free KidViskous necklace! Click on the contest icon in the menu bar to learn more :).

5-Minute DIY: Stud Embellished Collar Tips

I do a lot of my own DIY projects because A. The things I want are usually never available, B. I'm cheap, and C. I'm broke (ok, not completely, but ain't rollin' in the deep). While everyone was rushing to their bogus Valentine's Day dinner reservations last night, I was working on a super exciting sample sale I'm doing next week. Decided to take a breather from that for a quickie DIY--and share it with you! I'm all about collar tips lately, so I'm stocking up.

I've seen other embellished collar DIY tutorials, but I don't really like using glue on clothing or using iron-ons. It takes a while to dry, things can fall off in the wash, it can smell, stuff can accidentally get stuck together permanently, the glue can bleed through, irons can burn, and if you don't get the right glue the color can turn a nasty yellow. I prefer the way I did it because if you screw up or want a change, you can take the embellishments off! Plus no glue mess or need for a BeDazzler; it's completely idiot-proof (although you could possibly hurt yourself, but the clothes will be okay!).

What inspired me to do this DIY was simply that my package from Forever 21 came yesterday. I know Forever 21 is trashy, but they DO have some good basic items ripe for embellishing on the cheap. I chose their sheer collared Longline High-Low Button-Up. It's kind of expensive for F21 at $19.80 (I told you I'm cheap) but I'm all about sheer collared tops so went for it.

Your Materials:

1. Metal pronged embellishments of your choice. You can find them at any Michaels, Jo-Ann Fabrics, or your fave craft store. The ones I used are some vintage diamond-shapes I found in the bead district in downtown Los Angeles. Whatever you choose, be sure they have those pointy spikes on the underside. You can also do rhinestones with metal settings, but they require a careful hand as you can scratch the stones with your pliers.

2. A good pair of "chain nose" jewelry pliers. They're the small pliers with sharp pointed tips and flat on the inside--not the rounded ones. You can buy them for under $10 (a MUST for all DIY-ers in my opinion, but then again I am a jewelry-maker). Again, any craft store that sells a good amount of beads will have them.

3. Collared shirt of your choice. I recommend finding a cool one at a thrift store so you only spend a few dollars total.

Once you've figured out how you want to lay your studs out,  push the studs through the collar one at a time prongs down. Be sure all the prongs pass completely through the fabric as far as they can go.

Be careful of your fingers, the prongs are sharp! Perforated leather is a good look, but not perforated fingers.

With your jewelry pliers, grab each prong and bend each them towards the inside of the stud. Hold the fabric taut around the stud so it won't fall out while you're doing this (I had to take the photo with my other hand so I'm not holding). Be sure to push the prongs down enough so things won't get caught on them later. But don't push them down so far that it causes the collar fabric to bunch.

The finished underside.

The finished product, ready to party! Don't have to wait for anything to dry :).

Backtracking: If a stud is misaligned or you change your mind about the design a week later, you can just use your pliers to upright the prongs and take out the studs like you would a staple. Simple! This whole project took me probably under five minutes, including adjustments.

I apologize for my crappy iPhone photos, I don't have any daylight when I come home from the day job. Plus the walls around my work table are neon green (don't ask) so that combined with the tungsten lighting makes everything so brassy.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions and follow me on Instagram: KidViskous for daily updates. And be sure to enter our 'I Hate Mondays' contest, click the link on the sidebar to learn more!

New Surface To Air Video Lays Out The Best Valentine's Fashion Date

She's a lovely model; he's a rich dude-guy with a sweet vintage car. The beautiful couple are getting away from their hoards of admirers in the city to a villa in France or Italy or whatever. They laze, they live, they love--I'm livid (completely jealous). OR she's a college mistress and he's a cheating father of three. But either way...
 Surface to Air released their utterly romantic Spring/Summer fashion video entitled "Lazy" in perfect timing with Valentine's Day. Surely the fashionistas trudging through the last hours of New York Fashion Week will be Versace green with envy when they see the stylishly lethargic video. Don't we all wish we could lounge by the pool, drink oddly green cocktails and hammock the day away with a babe right now?

Click through to see more lazy looks from Surface to Air SS12:
The only unfortunate thing about releasing the video now is that a number of items are not available yet. But a teaser it is, and teased we are!
Track Shorts V1 - $210 (really?)

Can't be bothered to greet the boif.

3/4 Patched Jeans - $170

"Put the fucking keys down, remember what happened to the Maserati?"
Zulu Shirt V2 - $150

Perfectly matched umbrellas to this photo and below.
Long Cardigan V1 - $200

Doesn't that hurt your boobs?
Savana Shorts V3 - Soon Available

"Babe, we'll get you a wheelchair one day."

Lime Dress V1 - $320; Him: Modern Cowboy Shirt - Soon Available

 "Put Flo Rida on." (P.S. what car model/year is this?)

Zulu Shirt V1 - $160; Dede Dungarees V2 - Soon Available


On a non-video note, stoked to see collar tips surface for their menswear this season. Gives a very Johnny Cash vibe, as the name would suggest.

What do you think of Surface to Air's new collection and fashion video?

I Hate Mondays Giveaway! Win KidViskous Swag!

We don't even need to go into why Mondays totally suck (mine has been particularly crappy today), so in a effort to spread some love and lighten the blow that each Monday brings we're giving away some KidViskous swag! In time for Valentine's Day tomorrow, we're kicking off by giving away one of our fave pieces ever, our Venetian Blinders necklace in neon pink.
What I'm most proud of is that the double-layered aspect allows the wearer to have both a neon pink and a silver mirrored color, all in one necklace with just a flip!

To enter, go to the KidViskous Facebook page, "Like" our page then "Like" the photo we posted of our giveaway item. The winner will be chosen at random and announced next Monday, February 20th!

We're gonna do giveaway contests for our kick ass fans 1-2 Mondays a month, so check back here and our Facebook page for more contests. <3

LOVE / LUST: Disco to Heavy Metal Heel-Less Platforms


gif animation maker
Rock Star Platforms by Jeffrey Campbell - $195.00 at
I've been wanting to actually purchase some of these floating Gaga/Guinness-esque platforms for quite sometime, and I think these might be the ones! The metallics and patent leather makes this shoe an ease to drift back and forth between rock n' roll, disco and glam depending how you dress it.

As for my LUST...


how to make a gif
The Shadow and Spike Bootie by Jeffrey Campbell - $264.00 at
I had to, I just had to. Look at this mess of spikes that's a certain rip-off of previously featured Japanese shoe artist (what he does is truly an art) Noritaka Tatehana. But the little goth teenager in me screams and my wallet starts to shake in fear! I like the patent version as opposed to the regular black leather version because with a design like this, you might as well go ALL THE WAY. I would strongly advise to not wear these with a maxi dress/skirt or long flowy pants since they're bound to get shredded--on the other hand that might be a cool look!

Ooo, experimenting with animated gifs, I like! Leave a comment if these seem a bit too much. :)

TUCO Valentine's Day Online Sample Sale

One of my fave new t-shirt lines is having a 40% sample sale on their whole stock for Valentine's Day, so I had to share. We featured TUCO as one of our 12 Days of Xmas selections, so jump on this shit quick! Use the coupon code "KISSFROMAROSE" at checkout (omg, I love you Jenny), sale ends midnight on 2/14/12. Check out for more!