Daft Longevity


Patrik from Cobain in a Coma among other things was sweet enough to repost one of my random thoughts Myspace bulletins, so I guess the subject is pertinent enough to elaborate on in my own blog...

Here's the post:

Subject: If Daft Punk died...edit

"(apparently my right out of bed vocabulary tends to be contradictory when mistaken. thanks roth, nothing perturbs me more than the misuse of words. nerd.)

I was thinking today, if Daft Punk died, would anyone notice? They could just pass the helmets on to their successors and probably no one (but the record label etc) would know the difference. Kind of like the archaic rituals of gods' spirits passing from one incarnation to another indicated by a mask or state of dress so they may always be alive in the mortal realm.

But I wonder what kind of requirements one would have to have to be a Daft Punk successor?

NEW THOUGHT: what if they already died a long time ago?

omg... "

The first draft I said "predecessor" instead of successor, which Adam Roth was nice enough to correct me on. Bleh.

But I got some interesting responses to this bulletin:

1. ahh you're so cute...and so right! They have already been doing that...Guy-Manuel has been sick so theres been a stand in for all the shows! crazyyy

2. Someone last week told me they were hanging out backstage at the concert WITH Daft Punk WHILE Daft Punk were also "on stage" performing... brilliant!

3. its funny that you write this.. you know that its not really them on stage right..? they are somewhere with the sound board controlling the music and lighting.. it is just two people with the costumes on.. i know that occasionally when they are hired to dj this happens as well.. so, you're not too far off.. maybe they did die.. the last album was shit pretty much.. hahaha.

Granted this is just the rumor mill, but I wonder if Daft Punk started with the helmets not as a fashion statement, but as a way of easing the pressure of public appearances, perfomances etc, OR as a way of solidifying their omnipresence in the electronic music scene. It would have easily been that their 6 year or so hiatus was just a passing of the torch to a new pair of French electronica upstarts. We'd never know. The original Daft Punk could've died during that 6 year period and given that all their music is pre recorded, anyone could imitate them. This could go on for years and years and I'm sure no one would think twice at least until 2040. I mean, look at Kraftwerk.

Another thing that could happen is that with these stand ins, they could make sooo much money "djing" places, just sending out a bunch of cronies in helmets to do their bidding and play pre-recorded and mixed sets and come back with easily $40,000 a pop. Times that by say, 10 pairs, every weekend in a different city in Europe, that's a lot lot lot of money.

Now, I'm sure that this sounds like a total crock of nonsense, but I have to say that it is wholly possible, and pretty brilliant to instate this kind of system. It's like an alchemical way of cloning ones self. Daft Punk could ring in a new generation of pop culture polytheism. I'm just sayin'...

But most importantly, WHO gets to be those stand ins? Friends? Family? Stage hands? Interns? Fans?

How much would you KILL to be in a Daft Punk suit and helmet up in the pyramid???