Et Justice Pour Tous

Just watch it. I was shocked to hear Justice was nominated for a VMA but now I understand. it's amazing how on point it is with my generational subcultural aesthetic (?).

If I were to start a group it would be like this song, which is really unlike any of Justice's other tracks. Such a bummer they actually ARE a Christian group.

Really takes the irony out of the name.

EDIT: Ryan of Goddollars has this interesting bit to add:

almost just as bad as Green Velvets story

read his wiki

"In shocking turn, after staying quiet in the music scene, Green Velvet revealed in 2006 he had become a born again Christian after a serious overdose on a mixture of Magic Mushrooms, Marijuana and (allegedly) GHB, [2] and promised to turn his life around after this incident. His latest release, the single “Shake and Pop,” is a departure from the recent darker electronica style, as he claims he has found a brighter future since converting. In 2007, he released the online-only track “Love Peace, Not War,” a short ditty in response to the United States’ war in Iraq."

Ryan: whats even more scary is at any justice show
the crowd throws up the cross
i ask people in the crowd if they know their really a christan band, they say no

CRAZY! It's the second coming or something, all these born again former club kids (probably, they're all pretty old I think. Old-er.)

On the flip side, go to this tonight. The artist features drawings of Jesus doing things like "Kicking ass in his name". Free beer the whole time.