Tavi Styles Christine Staub for Blackbook

Fashion blogger phenom Tavi Gevinson of the much-lauded Style Rookie put her discerning eye towards styling her first editorial shoot for BlackBook Magazine's August 2010 issue--at just 13. The styling is befitting for Tavi, bringing her
characteristic vintage-come-grandma-come-clashing child craft aesthetic to the look and feel of this shoot.

Having just seen the two Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion shows, I'm fascinated with 16 year-old model Christine Staub, daughter of the show's villain Danielle Staub. Christine was chosen for Tavi's BlackBook shoot after Chloe Sevigny dropped out. With a mother who is razzed all over the media for being a pathological liar and psychopath, one can't help but feel bad for Christine, who was lucky enough to inherit some pretty good genes (and hopefully none of the bad ones).  The title, "Nobody's Daughter" certainly fits the cause as Christine outshines her mother with an interrupted innocence reminiscent of a young Muriel Hemingway.