ASOS Sells Clothes and Crushes

I don't know how long cheap/chic online shopping giant ASOS has had this option, but they have videos of their gorgeous British models catwalking in the very pieces you're perusing. Instead of shopping for clothes, I found myself shopping for boys--and I love it.

Based in the UK, ASOS sells over 850 different designers with the overall selection tailored to what you would think to see on London trendsetters. It's essentially a Topshop/Shopbop killer: most prices for high-end designer-esque looks are in the same range as fellow UK retailer Topshop, but ASOS has the benefit of mixing collections designed by vastly different creative minds working independently of each other. There's a noticeable lack of true diversity when several teams design on the same salary, under one roof, chatting at the same coffee station.

It's incredibly compelling, albeit almost voyeuristic to see the models move, see their body language, gaze and gait--makes you realize these are warm bodies, not just mannequins. The clothes become less a fashion item and more, well, merely what's blocking his skin from mine... and when the outfit's sold, he'll have to take it all off. Right?