Daft Punk's "Derazzed" from the upcoming TRON Soundtrack

 Not so much for the movie as much as Daft Punk's involvement--they could be selling maternity wear and I'd be stoked. I have never seen the original 1982 TRON, but the filmmakers for the very late sequel TRON: Legacy really couldn't have picked a better act than Daft Punk to create the soundtrack. I mean, they themselves are robots. Recruiting name brand musicians to score entire films always attracted much attention for soundtrack sales, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails most recently (and a bit randomly) scoring The Social Network. It's a good bet to assume The Butterfly Effect soundtrack didn't sell too well.

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Daft Punk has tentative plans for a world tour in 2010 or 2011 (looking more like 2011 as the year dwindles). I'm not certain if there will be a separate album of their own they will be releasing, or will be touring with the soundtrack? Either way I'll 100% be there 200% losing my mind, they're one of the greatest acts I've seen in my life.
"Derezzed" teaser trailer with Daft Punk cameo

The TRON: Legacy soundtrack comes out December 7th, while film comes out December 17th.