Frank Miller for Gucci "Guilty" ... in 3D?

An unexpected collaboration of comic books and designer fragrances, Frank Miller, the writer/director/graphic novelist responsible for titles like 300, Sin City, and yes, RoboCop 2 and 3, brings his action-thriller film noir style to Gucci's newest fragrance "Guilty".  Starring Evan Rachel Wood, the actress traverses a Gotham landscape and pauses to have a wet dream about her guilty pleasure, seasoned superhero veteran Chris Evans (Silver Surfer, Fantastic 4, The Avengers) when she smells her own perfume (I guess?). I love that they made a 3D version because you know, we all totally have 3D glasses lying around.

If anything, this is a pretty great ad for those killer platform stilettos she wears, but until smell-o-vision is commonplace I probably won't be throwing down bones for what comes out of Gucci's cauldron. Now feel-o-vision is what I'm looking forward to, hopefully True Blood will pioneer that.