Unique LA & Apartment 3 Hipster Slam HD Buttercup

Last Friday was the launch party for the Unique LA / Apartment 3 store at HD Buttercup in the Helms arts district. It's located in this fantastic plaza that was formerly a family owned bakery, and now houses restaurants and upscale furniture stores. An absolutely gorgeous and historic location, it's still a bit bare compared to other shopping destinations, so this fashion boutique is a step in the right direction for the area. 

The event was PACKED with all types of people and some of the more refined and sophisticated (read: steadily employed-looking) breeds of LA hipsters and fashionistas. The retail boutique is a joint effort initiated by indie designer show Unique LA who brought on boutique/fashion consultant Apartment 3 to collaborate on the project. They soon found a home in the 4,000 sq ft furniture store HD Buttercup, who offered up a generous section of their store for a minimum four-month run. Apartment 3 was one of my retailers and we frequently collaborate with sample sales and events, so the adorable Apartment 3 mama Kristin Knauff asked KidViskous to be one of the featured designers! Thanks Kristin!

Rumor has it if successful, the store will seek to expand to a San Francisco location. At first I thought it a bit strange to have a fashion boutique within this humungous designer furniture store (think IKEA with a few extra zeros on the price tags), but after seeing everything set up with droves of stylish people roaming the walkways, it made perfect sense. The store has a indie/vintage vibe with clothes and shoes, new and vintage, housewares, gifts, apothecaries and even a section for kids and babies. Designers include jewelry by KidViskous (of course); clothing by Smoke and Mirrors, Blood is the New Black, Eva Franco, and MNKR; body products by Chiva-Som and Klean Spa; stationery by Rock Scissor Paper; and wool gardening containers by Woolly Pockets.
 Vicious lines for the open bars
  Shoppers checking out some KidViskous Bowtie Necklaces

You can now shop the Unique LA / Apartment 3 store!
HD Buttercup
3325 Helms Avenue, Los Angeles
Mon.–Sat. 10 a.m.–7 p.m.
Sun. 11 a.m.–6 p.m.

I know my camera is soooo shitty. If anyone has suggestions for a high-end digital camera that's excellent for low light situations and isn't a million dollars, leave a comment!

 KidViskous Feather Earrings and Necklaces mixed in with real feathered friends
 Gold and Silver Origami Cranes