Daft Punk for Dazed & Confused - Cover Bots Go 3D Classical

Daft Punk ditches the leather suits for 3D tuxedos for the Demember issue of Dazed & Confused. Along with a 3D magnum opus shot by Sharif Hamza, the faceless French duo granted Dazed an exclusive interview whilst in LA regarding the "orchestral" TRON: Legacy soundtrack they've been working on for the past two years. Don't worry, the magazine comes prepped with the old school red and blue 3D glasses. With all of the press behind Daft Punk right now, it's a good bet they will be touring very soon.

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Also on deck is an exclusive Daft Punk video for Dazed Digital that will be released tomorrow. Here's the teaser trailer:

Not much as of yet, but the whole Daft Punk Goes to the Symphony look is a grand deviation from their usual electrifed intergalactics and possibly signals a musical regime change? For all we know, the guys in this shoot could've killed the original Daft Punk years ago and crowned (helmeted?) themselves the new lords of dance.