Four Superhero Dresses We'd Totally Wear + Hero Stats

 Stolen Girlfriends Club White Cape Dress; $394, Pixie Market

Superhero Name: Lady Icarus a.k.a. The Serpentine Swan
Abilities: Flight, speaking to animals, flinging headband with retractible blades, french kissing
Nemesis: Stalkeratti
Weaknesses: Volcanic dust, red wine stains, logical paradoxes, airplane engines

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Shape Shiftr Silk Charmeuse Tail Dress; $242, Pixie Market

Superhero Name: Hell Dancer a.k.a. The Disgruntled Ice Skater
Abilities: Glides on self-producing flame trails, demon conjuring, spirit crumpling via heat-seeking apathy
Nemesis: Her therapist 
Weaknesses: Rash competitiveness, up-winds, slushies, pushy parents

 Maurie & Eve Torture Me Studded Dress; $220, Nasty Gal

Superhero Name: Caressa a.k.a. The Deadly Embracer
Abilities: Instantly disembowels victims from a mere caress to complete implosion with a hug, hypnosis via ultraviolent color changes, radioactive sassiness.
Nemesis: The Double Downer
Weaknesses: Reinforced steel, reflective surfaces, panty lines, folk guitar

Tutu Blu Rope Mesh Dress; $228, Pixie Market

Superhero Name: Lashula a.k.a. The Pied Piping
Abilities: Shoots ropes like tentacles out of her dress, can control anything of a sturdy cotton weave to fight opponents, instantly builds semi-precious body armor by pressing her amethyst cuff
Nemesis: DJ Steve Aoki 
Weaknesses: Knives, cubic zirconias, floodlights, crowd surfing