LOVE / LUST DIY: Haus of Price Gem Heels x Hannah Marshall Slash Leggings

Here's a special edition of LOVE / LUST for pieces that are just too easy to replicate ourselves for a fraction of a fraction of the price.


Hause of Price - Multi Gem Arch Heel, $239 at Solestruck
DIY: You can buy heels for cheap in your city's fashion district or retailers like Charlotte Russe or Forever 21. Buy some bags of rhinestones and a flexible glue at your local craft store, and schtick 'em on.

Hannah Marshall - Velvet/Oil Power Leggings, $540 at Opening Ceremony
DIY: Get a pair of old tights, leggings or you can buy shiny or velvet ones at a dance store (don't bother with American Apparel, still too expensive), and well, just cut them as such!