You Will Get Some From Lykke Li

Lykke Li, the angsty, doe-eyed Swedish songbird is back with her new single "Get Some" off of her sophmore album Wounded Rhymes that is dropping in 2011. While her aptly-named debut album Youth Novels was a bitter-tinged diary of hesistant young love and heartbreak, Wounded sounds like it will foray into the world of woman scorned, taking what she'd learned as emotional prey to become the predator, i.e. rebound album. With heavy tribal jewelry, hot pants and Hedo Rick-approved gyrations in a Pamela Love-come-South Pacific voodoo underground, Lykke Li doesn't get any clearer when she sings, "Don't pull your pants before I go down / Don't turn away this is my time / Like a shotgun needs an outcome / I'm your prostitute, you gon' get some."

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Lykke Li is a perfect package of talent, Scandinavian style and brooding beauty, plus an uncanny resemblance of a young pre-nose job Ivanka Trump. After piquing interests with her "I'm Good, I'm Gone" video in 2008, it was her unbelievably endearing street performance in Stockholm of "Little Bit" for Swedish site PSL that had me, and the man throwing money from his window, completely enraptured.

I still wish she had retained a bit of this innocence as her "Get Some" video kind of reminds me of when Jewel tried to go overtly sexy in her "Intuition" video and ended up looking like some Russian cable access star (seriously, was that a joke?).