Colorblocked Crotch Chaos: Ruffeo Hearts Lil Snotty

As nonsensical as it's name, Brooklyn-based clothing line Ruffeo Hearts Lil Snotty's has taken colorblocking to an extreme, describing themselves as, "a fantasy fabricated from a lonely stoney pony rescued from the swamp of sadness like lickety-split, miracle whipp'n maiden, lil' Genius unit." Surely, they are geniuses when it comes to units.
I was first drawn to their line on Etsy with their delectable FUCK manties (man panties) and was further pulled in by the accompanying FUCK dress--I guess I was having a pretty aggro online shopping day. Six pages of colorblock later, I couldn't believe just how many variants they had of the same design principle: underwear, hoodies, leggings, tunics, dresses, tops, bathing suits and body suits all using a colorful geometric patchwork. Good luck figuring out what they're about, RHLS' Etsy Featured Seller interview is space case absurd. From their brief bio, all pieces are handmade in Brooklyn with a small team lead by designers Mackswell and Sarah using dead stock or Mom and Pop-made local fabrics (as much as possible). The designers also have a regular segment on the Threadbanger podcast that offers sewing tutorials and open source patterns.
There's no denying the obvious similarities between RHLS and geo-patchwork prince Brian Lichtenberg. But what distinguishes RHLS is just how, well, silly they are. Just take a look at their photos: hairy, muffin-topped Brooklyn hipsters, performing arts high school art direction and an overall sense of the whole process being fun. Most lines strive to be have that same striking, suffering, brooding or hyper-sexualized innocence that is the standard in the fashion world, but RHLS dares to be what fashion fears most: not being serious. It actually looks like these kids have fun for fun's sake, not it some pretentious ironic way.
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Note: Watch for the hot dog man