LOVE / LUST: Dark Crystals x Crystal Spikes


Raphael Young "Dark Crystal" Ankleboot - Sale for $843.75, Seven New York
Although a definite allusion to the The Dark Crytal movie (which I didn't see until last year...), these boots would belong better on David Bowie's feet in Labyrinth.


(In) Decorous Taste 25 Stud/3 Crystal Spikeed Shoe Harness Pair - $695.00, Seven New York
What did I tell you about this year being about clear spikes? Unfortunately the shoes are not included, but these gorgeous shit kickers (that work on men's shoes as well) would be a deadly addition to the mosh pit.

And a note about Seven New York online, dont you love how the models are shot from so low to the floor you can see their asses from the front?