You've Got Final Pick: Derek Lam For eBay's Top 10 Dresses So Far

In a world where highly respected designers collaborate with just about anyone without getting flack (hello, Karl Lagerfeld for Macy's, really??), its no surprise that shirt dress champion Derek Lam would collaborate with the top place to get designer fashion on the cheap, eBay. Ok, it's a little surprising considering eBay could technically be a competitor for designers, but Lam introduced an interesting element to the collab.
The designer presented 16 different styles that eBay users can then vote on their favorites. The top 5 designs will make up the final collection. When you vote, you also enter a chance to win the whole collection when it goes on sale, although you won't know what you'll get until voting is closed. There's a moving clip of each dress where the model spins around to show the movement and full view of the dress, plus Lam cites the inspiration and purpose behind the styles in accompanying videos. Not every day the designer himself can explain a collection piece by piece to the general public. A moment off-topic: with the moving listings for each dress, it makes you hyper aware just how YOUNG the model is. You can't tell in the video after the jump with the quick cuts and layering effects, but models are so awkward!
The collection as a whole is simple, classic and will wear well through many summer seasons. I particularly like the styles with the peplum or gathered backs since it creates an elegant cinched shape to the body. Oh hell, I have no ass, and it makes my ass look bigger, so I love anything that does that! There isn't anything groundbreaking or particularly unique in the designs, but the eBay audience wouldn't respond to anything more daring. It's an interesting study on consumer behavior that makes it fun for the buyer and provides valuable information for Lam and his company. No note on if the dresses will be auctioned or not, but even if the listed prices are the starting bids, it's a significant difference from Lam's usual $1,000+ price tag. The collection will be available to purchase in May.

Click through to view the fashion film and the Top 10 styles (so far)...

1. The Black Tie DressBlack cotton poplin “black tie” evening dress, $275

2. The Boho DressMulti color floral print georgette boho halter dress, $295

3. The Sun DressIndigo denim sun dress, $195

4. The Shift DressBlack cotton poplin shift dress with peplum back, $175

5. The Chemise DressMulti color floral print georgette chemise dress, $225

6. The Black Tie DressWhite cotton poplin “black tie” evening dress, $275

7. The Shirt DressWhite cotton poplin shirt dress with peplum back, $250

8. The Sun DressDahlia cotton poplin sun dress, $195

9. The Sun DressDeep blue cotton poplin sun dress, $195

10. The Shirt DressDeep blue cotton poplin shirt dress with gathered hem, $150Cast your vote at