Jeffrey Campbell 'Lita' Platform: Over The Moon Or Overkill?

Just an observation: Best friend to every girl (who can't afford the designer version), knock-off king Jeffrey Campbell is just cranking out the 'Lita' platform in any conceivable color, material and pattern. And the ladies are still eating them up almost a year since its debut. I could swear in the design room there's someone who said, "My aunt is pulling up her shag carpeting, let's just throw that in there," and voila! The styles shown aren't even all of them, there's probably a dozen more that sold out, then another dozen coming out most likely. It's a great silhouette for a base design, and if my legs were longer / ankles skinnier I'd be all over this style, but when is enough enough?

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I would however overlook my leg situation for the original 'Dungeon' design (love that name) by clunky platform king Charles Anastase from his Fall 2009 collection. Still, Campbell makes the style much more accessible by toning down both the design and price. Although a quick search reveals the Dungeon shoe might not have even been available for sale. But isn't it just a little irking to see this knockoff being sold in every way possible, Charles?

I can't remember a fad this in-demand with girls across the board since those foam platform thong sandals with the bamboo insoles in middle school, or the Rocket Dog platform sneakers with that fat toe in high school. Sadly, I wasn't cool enough to have either of them, probably still not. I guess it's just smart business to just keep striking that iron to death if there's even a little smoke coming off it.

I made this color grid thanks to my go-to shoe shopping site Click on the image to get a giant version for a desktop background if you so desire!

What are your thoughts on the 'Lita' saturation?