Andrej Pejic and Rico "Zombie Boy" Genest Pair Up For Auslander Lookbook

It's been a while since I've posted, but I honestly haven't been too inspired in these past couple weeks. But when this lookbook came on my radar, I absolutely had to jump on it.

Two of 2011's top amodelies (model anomalies), and my personal 2011 faves, have teamed up in Brazilian clothing brand Ausländer's summer catalog. Male model Andrej Pejic, heralded for his uncannily gorgeous feminine face, earned a notorious spot in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women In The World list this year and even had a topless magazine cover censored due to confusion over his gender. Rick Genest, aka "Rico Zombie Boy" was plucked out of Canadian oddity obscurity by Lady Gaga's stylist Nicola Formichetti to star in his debut menswear collection for Thierry Mugler and Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" video... But you fashionistas already know all this.

I really love how accepting the fashion industry has been to these models. While Pejic already has highly desirable looks for a female model and works as such, Genest is a complete wildcard who has proven he can model beyond the novelty of his work with Mugler. It's yet to be seen how long Genest will last, as it has only been a few months into his debut, but I hope long enough to pay off all the ink that made him famous. Ausländer's fusion of these fringe faces--one defying gender, the other defying the grave--makes for an irresistible romance mined from the depths of the bizarre and the beautiful.


Ausländer, while certainly not "edgy" on the rack, has done well by hiring the two models to redefine the mostly clean, classic and preppy pieces. One wouldn't think to put Genest in a polka dot oxford shirt, but the juxtaposition with his tattoos works quite well. Who knew that a man tattooed to look like a zombie would have such modeling range?

Pejic and Genest were also invited to walk in Auslander's Spring 2012 runway shot in Rio De Janeiro.
Check out some backstage interviews to see the models out of the still camera.