The Find: Salvador Dali Mae West-Inspired Lipstick by Rubylips

Had to share this triumph of an eBay find. The estate of Surrealist icon Salvador Dali for some strange and wonderful reason has a beauty line. It's primarily made up of fragrances that feature packaging and bottles inspired by Dali's lips and nose pieces. But a few years ago, they released the most amazing lipstick tube only in Europe. This red lipstick (can't get enough red lipsticks!) in particular was designed after Dali's famous red sofa that was fashioned after Mae West's lips.

And it only cost me $3.00.

I'm hesitant to actually use the lipstick since it's probably quite old, but I'm considering replacing it with a high-quality one worthy of Dali's lips. Even the thought of the tube knocking around in my purse pains me, but if I don't use it, what's the point of scoring such a treasure!