LOVE / LUST: Disco to Heavy Metal Heel-Less Platforms


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Rock Star Platforms by Jeffrey Campbell - $195.00 at
I've been wanting to actually purchase some of these floating Gaga/Guinness-esque platforms for quite sometime, and I think these might be the ones! The metallics and patent leather makes this shoe an ease to drift back and forth between rock n' roll, disco and glam depending how you dress it.

As for my LUST...


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The Shadow and Spike Bootie by Jeffrey Campbell - $264.00 at
I had to, I just had to. Look at this mess of spikes that's a certain rip-off of previously featured Japanese shoe artist (what he does is truly an art) Noritaka Tatehana. But the little goth teenager in me screams and my wallet starts to shake in fear! I like the patent version as opposed to the regular black leather version because with a design like this, you might as well go ALL THE WAY. I would strongly advise to not wear these with a maxi dress/skirt or long flowy pants since they're bound to get shredded--on the other hand that might be a cool look!

Ooo, experimenting with animated gifs, I like! Leave a comment if these seem a bit too much. :)

Day 2: Geniune Lady Gaga Platforms from Noritaka Tatehana

So, I started off writing the second of our "12 Days of Xmas" posts about a pair of shoes my friend Dominique of the stunning wedding photography duo Love Me Sailor and I recently saw ("we were ready to pull a bitch by her hair out of the dance cage at Rhondavous for wearing the shoes we had been lusting after"). But after some research, I've discovered something better. MUCH better. Behold, the work of platform shoe artist and Lady Gaga cobbler Noritaka Tatehana

If you can't control your boner for Tatehana's work like I can't...

Click through to read more:

Now, none of Noritaka Tatehana's shoes are for the faint of foot, but I like to think I've been working towards my platform blackbelt. Tatehana's shoes are stunning, gravity-defying explorations of fashion, whose conceptual designs are on the cusp of art. Archival pieces are currently being exhibited at the Comme des Garcons Trading Museum and shop in their Paris and Tokyo locations and Dover Street Market in London.

The young designer (a mere 26 years-old) was born in Japan and mentions his family came into money from the "centre of an entertainment and red-light district in Tokyo". The red-light district inspiration can certainly be seen in his work. Starting at 15, he taught himself fashion design and construction processes, later majoring in dyeing and weaving in college. Currently, every single one of his pieces are hand-executed by Tatehana himself! You can't ask for better craftsmanship for shoes ranging from $2,500 - $4,000. Many designer shoes are already in that price range, but can you imagine how much a shoe completely handmade by Christian Louboutin himself, or Karl Lagerfeld himself would cost??
The man himself, makin' your shoes

While no new collections are up for sale on his site, you can still special order pieces from the Tokyo  Trading Museum Comme des Garcons:

Opening hours AM11:00-PM6:00
2F GYRE Bldg 5-10-1 Jingumae Shibuya Tokyo 1500001, JAPAN
TEL +81 (0) 3 3486 8590 

Aaand for those of you who aren't quite up to task for Tatehana's shoes, or perhaps live in the real world and plan on walking on real streets, copy king Jeffrey Campbell's "Night Walker" shoe is a fantastic alternative for the much more affordable price of $170.00. While Tatehana's pieces are a crash course, Campbell's shoes are a nice, gentle beginner's lesson in footwear ergonomics without being ankle-breakingly dangerous (and nowhere near as gorgeous).

EDIT: My friend Joshua reminded me that Campbell's Night Walkers are a direct reproduction of another platform diva's go-to shoe designer Natacha Marro. That diva? Why self-styling fashion maven Ms. Daphne Guiness of course.

LOVE/LUST: Gaga-esque "Magic" Leopard Platforms

Magic Leopard Platform - $118, Nasty Gal
When I saw these booties, they just had to have their own LOVE/LUST feature. For $118, less than what most Jeffrey Campbell shoes sell for, it's a steal for the design. But what I'm unsure of is if I'd actually wear them? No doubt I like them, I'm absolutely nuts for them! But could $118 be better spent? With an EIGHT inch heel height, that makes out to $14.75/inch, while most mid-priced shoes would be double the price per inch.

My previous purchase of a 6.25'' platform wedge proved to be ill-made since the arch of the heel is still quite high. Basically when you walk, you have a constant feeling of falling forward. Despite how crazy I am about these shoes, I won't be able to get drunk in them:

"Mercer" by Michael Antonio Studio - $99, Amazon ($15.84/inch)

The "Magic" leopard platforms appear to have a lower arch, the equivalent of a 3.5'' heel (very low in my book). But there could be other difficulties with the "heel" of the sole being so far underneath the foot. I'm crossing my fingers I'll find these downtown in the cheap fashion district for half the price.

What are your thoughts: Would you wear the Magic Leopard Platforms (more than once)?

Flashback: Lady Gaga Naked, Tied Up For Vogue Hommes Japan September 2009

A woman after my own heart. It's amazing people are still debating whether or not Lady Gaga is a transsexual. Transsexual, no; transgressive, yes. Here's clear evidence of her lady parts from a stunning photoshoot by the incredible art photographer Nobuyoshi Araki from the Septemeber 2009 issue of Vogue Hommes Japan. Araki is known for using "Kinbaku," which is the meticulous art of Japanese bondage, so it's only fitting Lady Gaga get tied up in it too.

Funny to see how far she has come. Watch an interview with her in 2008 when she thought performing on "So You Think You Can Dance" was her biggest break yet.
"Somebody shot [pop music] in the face. I dunno who, but I want it to come back."

More photos after the jump:

Lady Gaga x Supreme by Terry Richardson for Purple Magazine

Hardly a fashion spread so much as legs spread, Terry Richardson shot Lady Gaga in his usual pervy way and published the photos in Purple Magazine. The set was originally shot for Vogue Homme Japan, the issue with her wearing the meat bikini on the cover that enraged PETA. No, it's not an official collaboration between the singer and NYC skate brand Supreme, whose biggest advocate right now is probably hip hop delinquents Odd Future. But damned if she doesn't make Supreme look good.

Click through for more photos:

Thierry Mugler by Nicola Formichetti Short Film feat. Lady Gaga's Exclusive "Born This Way" Remix

Yes, those tattoos are real.
Considering how simple stylist Nicola Formichetti dresses, he has a truly dark and innovative mind for his A/W 2011 menswear debut collection at Milan Fashion Week. Can't wait to see what Mugler will come up for womenswear. Lady Gaga runway cameo?

Thierry Mugler RTW FW 2012 Teaser by Nicola Formichetti

Here's a men's ready-to-wear teaser image from the freshly appointed Creative Director of Thierry Mugler, Nicola Formichetti. He is best known for styling Lady Gaga's outrageous wardrobe, helping her skyrocket to immortal stardom. This is Formichetti's first collection for Mugler, which is debuting January 19th for the fall/winter 2012 Paris Fashion Week. I'm sure glad I saved that pot of black liquid latex...

Love / Lust: XX Tortoise Sunglasses x Lady Gaga Blackmail Shades

Beached Tortoise Shades - $80.00, Alexandra Cassaniti
Don't these scream "leave me the fuck alone?" Love the vintage shape and print with the thick modern stems and lenses. And at $80, it's actually a pretty decent price.

GL20 Camera Sunglasses - N/A, Polaroid Grey Label by Lady Gaga
After being named Creative Director of Polarois last year, Lady Gaga unveiled her "Grey Label" line of electronics for Polaroid this past week at the Cosumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Although still in the prototype stage, Gaga's camera sunglasses can not only take pictures and video, but display them as well and send images via Bluetooth technology to her less fashionable Grey Label wireless printer. These are a streamlined version of her onstage digital screen glasses, but with the capabilities to discreetly spy, make sex tapes and render anyone around you instantly blackmailable.

Watch Gaga talk tech at CES 2011:

To make your own video sunglasses à la Gaga, visit this DIY tutorial.

Mike Feeney: Architectural Accessories

With acrylic being my medium of choice for designing jewelry, I'm always blown away by how other people can manipulate it. I must have these handbags:

These acrylic accessories were designed by Mike Feeney and are shown along with clothing by Warot Subsrisunjai for their Academy of Art University graduation show for Spring 2009. Feeney, who earned an MFA in Fine Arts Sculpture, created bags and large body pieces for his final.

And as you can imagine, these pieces attracted the queen of geometric body armor, Lady Gaga, who wore one of Feeney's Spring 2008 pieces in her "Poker Face" video.

So Mike, where can I get a bag??