Model Saskia De Brauw Plays David Bowie, Face Of Saint Laurent Menswear

One of the greatest things 2013 has thus far brought the universe is the return of long-silent rock icon David Bowie. Just this week he released a music video for his second single "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)", featuring androgyn superstars Tilda Swinton and Andrej Pejic, whom I've raved about before.

But a face I did not recognize was the one who played a young Bowie, 31-year-old Dutch model Saskia De Brauw. There's a lot to be said about a model who can ditch the industry at 16 to pursue her art, then return full-force at 29, nabbing Vogue covers, show openers and every desirable campaign.

After a little clicking around cyberspace, De Brauw absolutely stopped my heart as the face of Saint Laurent SS13... Saint Laurent menswear that is. Shot by YSL Creative Director Hedi Slimane, Slimane's penchant for androgyny, artists and musicians over the usual fleet of overbred, underfed models is a beacon in the industry. I haven't been so taken by a campaign since actor Sam Riley posed for Burberry shortly after portraying Joy Division's Ian Curtis in Control. There's just something about a delicate, disillusioned "boy" in a slim suit. Very throwback Dior Homme.

Andrej Pejic For Dossier Cover Shoot; Watch The Video

Back to life! Apologies for the extended vacation. Coachella will do that to any good fashionista. Thankfully I've made it without a sunburn, unthankfully without a hot new desert boyfriend. But no matter, here's some more epic eye candy for boys and girls alike: everyone's fave androgyn model Andrej Pejic for arts journal Dossier's Issue 7. Shot by photographer Collier Schorr accompanied by female model twin Trina, the ambitious blonde alone makes the issue's cover.

While I'm anxiously waiting for an editorial where Pejic goes all out femme couture, this spread is still banking on Andrej's delicate beauty, effortless tomboy/Erin Wasson-esque style and what I like to call, "the confusing nipple." He's almost more of a beauty model than a fashion model, as stylists don't seem to do anything to transform or draw away from his natural looks. I guess there's really no reason to when he looks remarkable as is.

I was also pleased to see that photographer/filmmaker Andrew Kuykendall shot a breathtakingly sexy short film for Dossier where Andrej takes the male role. Andej in motion is a hundred times hotter than in photographs, he needs to be in a band. I had worked with Kuykendall years ago, back when I had delusions of being a model. Let's just say he's king of the sleazy motel fashion shoots, and his photos of myself, another girl, baby oil and her mother's lingerie shan't be revealed anytime soon. But an incredibly talented and fun photographer to work with nonetheless (cute too). Andrew also shot one of my favorite models Dylan Monroe back when he was a shy teen with a fierce look for a KidViskous feature in Kitten Magazine.

Watch the video:

More photos from the shoot after the jump:

The New Andrej Pejic... Is Asian! Introducing Model David Chiang

"I see myself as the next Linda Evangelista. I don't wake up for less than $10,000."

The fashion world has been abuzz about stunningly feminine male model Andrej Pejic's unreal features, but it just takes a off-hand comment from fashion godfather Karl Lagerfeld to bring light to the next androgynous It-model. In comes idealistic 22 year-old David Chiang, to whom Lagerfeld said, "you look like a beautiful Chinese girl." The Canadian model of Taiwanese descent debuted in the fall 2010 season, walking for Alexander McQueen's final menswear collection and Emporio Armani. He skipped spring collections and re-emerged for fall 2011, walking for Dior Homme, Rag & Bone and others.

Now, as an Asian person myself, I'll admit that Asian men with feminine features are easier to find compared to other ethnicities, so it would not be too hard to find more like Chiang. Thus, he's not quite as shocking as Pejic. Chiang does however strongly remind me of late Korean model Daul Kim, who sadly commited suicide in 2009 (she was my favorite model). The masculine facial features that Chiang does have lend themselves to Kim's sultry and inherently sinister look. 
Daul Kim

See more photos after the jump:

So far Chiang has been styled for edgy, masculine looks, so his potential as an androgyn is yet to be explored the way Pejic already has (i.e. styled as a woman). He has however admitted--certainly joking--that he would consider a sex-change if he was offered a Victoria's Secret contract saying, "I really want big wings. Not the small wings, but Tyra wings." A model with a sense of humor? We love!

 His biggest shoot to date is with Steven Klein for Vogue Hommes Japan, styled by Lady Gaga stylist and Thierry Mugler revolutionary Nicola Formichetti. Unfortunately Chiang is wearing a mask in the shoot:
Must be him in the "U"?

Looks like fellow androgyns Pejic and Chiang have already become good friends.
Whatever the outcome will be for Chiang, he has a definite future in modeling. As far as usurping Pejic for the androgyny crown, it will be hard to compete.
Do you think David Chiang can be the new androgynous It-model?

Model Androgyn: Andrej Pejic Is Blowing My Mind

Upon stumbling across a preview of Jean Paul Gaultier's new spring ad campaign, I thought to myself, "Oh, maybe 2011 is the year of the girl kiss." Two gorgeous blondes in trenches and fishnets, one of which is supermodel veteran Karolina Korkova and a lovely newcomer a bit reminiscent of Lily Donaldson. Further researched revealed a jaw-dropping revellation about the new model: it's a boy.
If you haven't already noticed, I'm a huge fan of androgyny. Maybe I'm behind on this, but model Andrej Pejic who is of Croatian and Serbain is an absolute stunner for both genders and is leaving me gawking. I could not believe it. With classically feminine facial features like high cheekbones, pouty lips, rounded forehead and wide-set eyes, Pejic could completely pass under the radar on womenwear runways. Full breasts and butts rarely make appearances even on the female models, so very few would be left suspicious. It's only natural that designer Jean-Paul Gaultier champion Pejic, as he was the first to create skirts for men in the 80's. Gaultier put the androgyn in his spring 2010 menswear shows to everyone's confusion: "who is that blonde girl?"

Jean Paul Gaultier menswear spring 2010

More unbelievable photos after the jump:

Oh wait...

This past Paris couture week, Gaultier used Pejic in his punk-infused cabaret-inspired womenswear show, having the male model wear his sheer bridal design. For anyone in the audience who recognized Pejic, you know they were squinting looking for a tuck.

I'm at a loss for words, so here are some more mind-blowing photos for y'all.
UPDATE 2/13/11 - Rihanna wore this dress to the 2011 Grammys. Her tuck looked great.