Flashback: Lady Gaga Naked, Tied Up For Vogue Hommes Japan September 2009

A woman after my own heart. It's amazing people are still debating whether or not Lady Gaga is a transsexual. Transsexual, no; transgressive, yes. Here's clear evidence of her lady parts from a stunning photoshoot by the incredible art photographer Nobuyoshi Araki from the Septemeber 2009 issue of Vogue Hommes Japan. Araki is known for using "Kinbaku," which is the meticulous art of Japanese bondage, so it's only fitting Lady Gaga get tied up in it too.

Funny to see how far she has come. Watch an interview with her in 2008 when she thought performing on "So You Think You Can Dance" was her biggest break yet.
"Somebody shot [pop music] in the face. I dunno who, but I want it to come back."

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