Mockery Is The Sincerest Form of Flattery

VICIOUS! A friend randomly sent me this video called "Being a Dickhead's Cool" by The Grand Spectacular, one of many hipster-hating anthems. But turns out they used one of my Collection 03 photos in the video! I didn't think I was much of a hipster, having my car, own apartment, steady income and college degree but it's good to know I can still make the cut--I guess that makes me a dickhead by London standards? There's also a line that goes "I'm a blogger but I have a jewelry line." 


Original photo by/of the increasingly talented Michael Flores

It's actually a pretty catchy song and was featured on BoingBoing--the ultimate breeding ground for viral videos--and got 1.7MM+ hits within 6 daysReally an excellent example of meta hipster irony on the part of The Grand Spectacular because com'on, would a non-hipster really make something like this?

Well, I'm certainly not denying anything and I rather enjoy hipster bashing, so I guess I'll see you guys in litigation!