Dripped: LA Fashion Week Runway Soiree And Trunk Show, March 15th!

KidViskous will be selling jewelry at Pop Tart Gallery's Dripped Trunk Show and L.A. Fashion Week event, come by next Thursday March 15th for shopping, djs, runway shows, performances and general fashion debauchery. 

We're pricing pieces to go, most items will be $3-$10, nothing over $25!

Yes, credit cards accepted ;).
Note: There is a $10 cover with RSVP y'all.

The space is particularly amazing, and home to LA's polysexual hard-partying Rhondavous event, and was previously owned by Prince! This is gonna be nuts!

Chloe Does Terry: Sevigny Goes Drag For Candy Magazine

Candy Magazine can do no wrong! Loving the latest cover of indie film deity Chloe Sevigny going in drag as Terry Richardson for the gender-bending fashion magazine--of course shot by Terry Richardson. Let's not forget the Candy cover James Franco appeared last year in drag, also shot by Richardson.

Another shocking Franco magazine cover after the jump:

I've been looking at the current cover of Flaunt magazine's "A Thorny Issue" for weeks now, not realizing the tramp-stamped bare male ass belonged to James Franco. The actor is truly one to try anything and everything, and I'm sure the Flaunt Art Director has now spent more time staring at Franco's ass than anyone else. Someone please get me in touch with Franco's manager, I have some filthy ideas of my own!

Fashion Flashback: Supermodels Behind Bars

Not that much of a flashback, but we're looking back to the simpler times of 2010 at Love magazine's multi-cover Spring/Summer 2010 issue. Featuring the top supermodels of today and yesteryear, the eight covers were shot by the very well-seasoned photographer duo Merc Alas and Marcus Piggott.

 Click through for more:

Stark, simple, stunning, this series really belongs on a gallery wall, taking the bodies that have worn the most coveted and expensive garments in the past twenty years and giving them nothing but a few grey bars (appears to be tape), heels and a simple stretch rope. I love how each model is in an identical pose, almost as if to stack them against each other in a fight worthy of Mount Olympus lore. Their individual looks are boiled down to their purest forms: Lara and Kristen the cyberbots, Natalia and Jeneil the innocents, Amber and Daria the unpredictables, Kate and Naomi the succubuses.

Cover Woman Anna Wintour: Rare Interview & Cover Shoot for WSJ Magazine

Not the cover of Vogue or any other distinctly "fashion" magazine, Vogue Editor-In-Chief graces the cover of Wall Street Journal Magazine shot by Mario Testino. While not as household a name as say, Martha Stewart with homemaking or Oprah with everyday lifestyle, Wintour is just as much of a powerhouse in fashion as the aforementioned women in their industries. It's interesting that of all publications, Wintour chose to grant the rare interview with WSJ magazine. Being that she is the top dog in fashion, it makes sense that she can only choose publications that are relatively unrelated to the industry. I expect WSJ will get into the actual business, power dynamics and possibly the financials of her work instead of her opinions on fashion. The issue will be on newstands March 26.

Click through for more Wintour:

The only other cover that Wintour has appeared on in recent memory (and what a Google search could find) was the premiere issue of fashion magazine Industrie in May 2010, knocking out rumored model Daria Werbowy. Difference being, this shot is likely from a photo site like WireImage or Getty and not an official shoot with Wintour like what WSJ has.

With copies, homages and parodies across all types of media, one of my favorite representations of Anna Wintour is from drag couture magazine Candy. They did a fashion editorial with two male models flawlessly dressed as Wintour and Vogue Creative Director Grace Coddington. The whole shoot is cheeky but lovingly done, albeit hilarious at points (Wintour grimacing at the cat). There's even a drag version of blogger phenom Tavi Gevinson.

Britney Spears' Jell-O Novella Shoot for V Magazine

Popstar Britney Spears glosses the cover of this month's V Magazine suspended in a color gel filtered shoot that reminds me of dying eggs on Easter or those Jell-O cakes with fruit pieces in them. Britney would definitely be less apples, more cherries. Shot by top photographer Mario Testino, his approach is really genius: backlighting makes the body look thinner, shrouds and softens the face and gives an innocent glow that we so fondly remember Britney once having, the gel filters bring colors, textures and flaws into uniform (makes photoshopping easier) and who doesn't love a wind machine? This shoot really belongs on the cover of a drugstore romance novella (is that a horse she's sitting on?). I'm fairly certain V is completely aware of this and is just reveling in the camp of the whole thing. Love it.

More photos after the jump:

Read more about Britney Spears in V plus an interview with Brit at VMagazine.com.

The Kiss: Trans Model & Givenchy Muse Lea T & Kate Moss for Love Magazine

UK fashion mag Love Magazine has THE cover this month, featuring transsexual top model Lea T and supermodel Kate Moss in a gorgeous intermingling of sexualities. Lea T skyrocketed to high fashion fame after her appearance in Givenchy's fall 2010 ad campaign, which quickly lead to more modeling jobs, cover shoots and posing nude for an interview in French Vogue with boy parts intact. Originally an assistant, fit model and close friend to Givenchy's creative director Ricardo Tisci (they met when Tisci was still in college), her debut to the wider public combined with other crossdressing cover stars lead the New York Times to declare 2010 as "The Year of the Transsexual"

What holds for 2011?

Can We Just...

...sit back and admire for a second? True Blood stars Alexander Skarsgård and real-life married couple Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer get bloodied up and bothered for the latest issue. (Anna needs to move that leg!)


Rolling Stone has always upped the ante when it comes to controversial covers, two of the most famous ones being the John Lennon and Yoko Ono cover and the Janet Jackson cover--both of which are relatively demure now. Funny how our definition of "controversy" changes over the decades.

John and Yoko, Jan 1981 issue shot by Annie Leibovitz on the day Lennon was killed; Janet Jackson with the hands of then-unknown husband René Elizondo, Jr., Sept 1993 issue shot by Patrick Demarchelier.

Of recent Rolling Stone covers, my favorite has been the Leighton Meester and Blake Lively April 2009 issue, shot by Terry Richardson.

Simple, raw and rife with sexual innuendo as we can always expect from Richardson. But this latest vampire sandwich cover trumps ALL.