KidViskous 1,000 Cranes For Japan Relief

Please help us raise money for Japan

KidViskous is donating all proceeds of our 1,000 Cranes necklace listing on Etsy to the Red Cross for disaster relief.

Japanese legend says if one were to fold 1,000 origami cranes, a real crane will grant that person a wish of health or long life. While we may not have 1,000 cranes, we can still contribute to the health, well-being and wishes of the Japanese people affected by the tragedies that have befallen their country.

Secret Design: Mini Feather Rings @ KV Etsy Store

Not everything makes the cut. Whether it doesn't fit a theme, is made in a limited run or simply thought up AFTER the official collection shoot, rogue pieces like these migrate over to the KidViskous Etsy store. It's an incubator of sorts where we test styles that later make it to our official collections, but mostly it's our "just for fun" and super clearance pieces where you can buy KidViskous for a serious steal. These pieces are rarely found anywhere else and aren't available for wholesale (unless there's some serious prodding). P.S. sorry about the chipped nail polish and dry cuticles. If anyone has any nail tips for someone who works with their hands a lot leave a comment!

Here's our latest secret listing, it's a mini version of our Collection 04 Feather Ring:
Mini Feather Rings - $18, by KidViskous
Comes in Black, Gold and Silver

Visit for these and more :)