Ksubi Eyewear Spring 2011

I'm a glasses wearer. Although I'm at an appropriate age to get laser eye surgery and save myself a boatload of money and hassle for the rest of my life, I'm hesitant because I love glasses so much. I once had a crush on a guy I saw wear glasses at first, then never again. Now he looks like the type to take hostages.

Rebellious Austrian streetwear label Ksubi has grabbed headlines with their hard-partying antics like pushing nude models off the side of a boat fashion show and releasing live rats on the catwalk. Now, I can wax poetic about their Spring 2011 eyewear campaign being influenced by American Gothic and René Magritte, but I love this shoot because it looks like they used whatever they could find in Uncle Chuck's storage shed down at the docks--including the two guys huffing shoe polish inside. 

Shot by Kane Skennar