Sovereigns of the Pleasuredome: Dita Von Teese in Thierry Mugler Spectacular

Living in Los Angeles, a run-in with celebrities is inevitable. After most of a lifetime of these run-ins, they just become part of the city's landscape, not much more exciting than seeing the cute boy from school. But there are those few that really excite you, and burlesque queen Dita Von Teese was one of them. I first heard of her years ago when she made the cover of Playboy’s December 2002 issue, which was passed around in my friend's college dorm room one casual evening. I sincerely believe it helped one particularly tomboyish girl come to terms with her sexuality as she quietly flipped through the pictorial for the entire get together. At that time Dita was mostly known as “Marilyn Manson’s wife,” but since the divorce she’s only become more of a fashion icon, regularly seen in fashion week front rows, magazines and celebrity events. She arguably brought burlesque back to single-handedly to mainstream media.

A few weeks back, Dita showed up at my friends’ monthly “polysexual hard partying” events called A Club Called Rhonda. She was up in the balcony overlooking the dance floor justing LIVING the music. It was dark, lights were flashing, you can just barely see her, but I still couldn’t help pointing her out to everyone I knew.

But what makes me like Dita the most is that she's not a "beautiful" woman--she says that herself. Her appearance on CSI confirms it: her teeth are awkwardly big, her face kinda puffy and without the perfect hair, bedazzled lingerie and flawless makeup she's really quite plain. In my mind it's encouraging, meaning any plain girl with the right styling and attitude can look as amazing as Dita. It's the styling that's the tough part, people rarely take to a look as much as Dita took to retro and burlesque. And trying to get her banging bod is a whole other story. (Note: I saw her perform an exclusive sneak preview
 show up close one night, and yes, she has cellulite like everyone else. But that makes her no less amazing.)

Dita and hyper-diva designer Thierry Mugler joined up to manufacture a glamor-meets-Gattaca editorial for the latest issue of FLAUNT. While the Mugler A/W 2011 menswear collection is a refreshing, yet far cry from Mugler's established aesthetic, this spread is a celebration of what Thierry does best on one of the most coveted bodies in the world.

See more photos and read the interview here.

V-mail Mystery

So I've been getting some strange emails on my KidViskous account from subject: vmail from people just saying, "hey, cute picture", and "hope your jewelry's doing well!" Relatively inert messages. One person finally asks "What jewelry do you design?" and I take this as an opportunity to question him where/what this Vmail thing is? Turns out I completely forgot I submitted my photo to V-Magazine for the back page Vmail feature:

I wonder if I made to the actual print version, I think it's a good bet since they used my photo for the icon leading to the Vmail page.

Any crap, this guy reveals this mystery and I find my photo on the website and yay happy day whatever whatever. So who are these guys emailing me? Umar? Bradley? Kevin Johnn?


Well, Mr. Johnn had a proper email signature so the powers of Google reveal to me that he was a competitor on the first season of Project Runway, the guy who purportedly drew the mustache on the bitchy evil old lady's daughter's photo (it said that in Wikipedia, that curse must follow him everywhere). It's the only season I ever watched. Fairly prominent man I guess, I don't know how much now since Project Runway is on it's millionth season, but more than enough to make me raise my eyebrows. Besides that he worked for LVMH for Marc Jacobs and Donna Karen, but more interesting to me is that he collaborated with Matthew Barney in the Cremaster series and had his designs in a editorial styled by the late Isabella Blow. I wonder why someone who seems to find plenty of success behind the scenes of the fashion industry would subject himself to a reality TV competition. I guess a yearning for public fame and for a recognizable face? I'd love that too but not via reality shows, ick. Pretty much everyone looks like an asshole, especially when it's a vicious competition. And also because I generally hate people, but don't want everyone in the modern world to necessarily know that...

He was interested in my jewelry so maybe my shoddy outdated website will make him raise his eyebrows too. It's weird, it's not so much exciting as it is random, especially since he's a fashion designer and not say, a stylist or editor or someone that I could be of use to. My always suspicious of strangers Spidey Sense definitely kicked in...

Other than that, surreal night last night and lots of photos...but I'm not sure if their content is suitable for internet omnipresence...