Punk & Op Art Street Chic From Versus by Versace

Boy: Trench, $1,150; Pants, $495; Boots, $425; Shirt, $495. Girl: Op Art Tee, $195; Pants, $395; Boots & Hoodie, Not Avail

Just popping back in to share one of my fave diffusion collections this season, Versace's re-imaged Versus collection. Fairly straight-forward in concept, yet undeniably Donatella, the mixed (It) bag of graphic-scapes, opulent colors, studded leather, and signature Versace prints has me dying a little inside -- in a very, very good way.

It's a pretty reminiscent of the Versace x H&M collection, but undoubtedly uses much more luxurious materials. 

One of my goals for "adulthood": No more faux anything.

Also, gotta give them props for using my girl Brooke Candy's track "Everybody Does" in their collection trailer:

Here are some of my favorite looks that I just want to dump into a pile and have sex with, so many sumptuous textures. The models can join too... maybe.

Boy: Moto Jacket, $1,475; Leather Pants, $1,050; Op Art Tee, $225; Boots, $425. Girl: Moto Jacket, $1,475; Op Art Tee, $195; Leather Pants, $995; Heels, $545

Boy: Blue Op Art Shirt, $425, Blue Pants, $325; Blue Trench & Shoes, Not Avail. Girl: So Not Avail

Boy: Mustard Denim, $275; Boots, $425; Moto Jacket, $1,475; Red Op Art Tee, $225. Girl: Mustard Denim, $275; Animalier Knit Top, $395; Safety Pin Moto, Not Avail

Girl: Studded Boots, $725; Belt Print Leggings, $195; Belt Print Tee, $195. Boy: Boots, $425; Belt Print Pants & Tee, Not Avail

Safety Pin Dress, $425; Heels, $545, Safety Pin Bag, $695
Could this be the end of my fruitless search for an It-bag?

Let's see what the models have to say:

Okay, the short-haired brunette can definitely join my Versus orgy.

Andrej Pejic For Dossier Cover Shoot; Watch The Video

Back to life! Apologies for the extended vacation. Coachella will do that to any good fashionista. Thankfully I've made it without a sunburn, unthankfully without a hot new desert boyfriend. But no matter, here's some more epic eye candy for boys and girls alike: everyone's fave androgyn model Andrej Pejic for arts journal Dossier's Issue 7. Shot by photographer Collier Schorr accompanied by female model twin Trina, the ambitious blonde alone makes the issue's cover.

While I'm anxiously waiting for an editorial where Pejic goes all out femme couture, this spread is still banking on Andrej's delicate beauty, effortless tomboy/Erin Wasson-esque style and what I like to call, "the confusing nipple." He's almost more of a beauty model than a fashion model, as stylists don't seem to do anything to transform or draw away from his natural looks. I guess there's really no reason to when he looks remarkable as is.

I was also pleased to see that photographer/filmmaker Andrew Kuykendall shot a breathtakingly sexy short film for Dossier where Andrej takes the male role. Andej in motion is a hundred times hotter than in photographs, he needs to be in a band. I had worked with Kuykendall years ago, back when I had delusions of being a model. Let's just say he's king of the sleazy motel fashion shoots, and his photos of myself, another girl, baby oil and her mother's lingerie shan't be revealed anytime soon. But an incredibly talented and fun photographer to work with nonetheless (cute too). Andrew also shot one of my favorite models Dylan Monroe back when he was a shy teen with a fierce look for a KidViskous feature in Kitten Magazine.

Watch the video:

More photos from the shoot after the jump:

How To Make a Fashion Video: Missoni Spring 2011 by Juergen Teller

With fashion videos still fairly new to the industry, I've noticed there is a pretty cut and dry formula to them:

1. Lots of movement. Show what the runway or static images can't show.
2. Mirrored frames. This is a favorite effect of almost all fashion videos.
3. Some kind of electronic or industrial soundtrack. Neutral, easy to create and loop.

Missoni's Spring 2011 campaign video exemplifies the fashion video formula to a T. The clip features members of the Missoni family and friends (including Leighton Meester). Not the most impressive video, but it's the first time I'm actually liking the techno-tribal prints they designed.