Iris Van Herpen's Fang-Soled Shoes and 3D Printed Dresses

Happy (grossly belated) New Year everyone!

I've been all too busy with things, but I had to take a moment aside to share the latest from Dutch visionary designer Iris van Herpen. I've written about how much I lust for her shoe designs, but have unfortunately overlooked her clothing designs. But now that she has my eye, I'm floored
 Here are some selects from van Herpen's SS12 couture collection that she just showed in Paris. If you can believe it, these ensembles are more subdued than her previous collections, but the unbelievable detail and structural ingenuity that van Herpen brings to her designs are nonetheless still present. 

But the real triumph of this collection are these teeth/fang-soled shoes!!
 Are you drooling yet?

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What designer Iris van Herpen seems to understand beyond futuristic colleagues like Gareth Pugh, Hussein Chalayan and Balenciaga (at times), is that the future does not necessarily mean space. Heavily influenced by the endless mysteries of the ocean, van Herpen draws upon the countless, bizarre creatures that live right here on our own planet.
 "Capriole" collection, 2011

 "Escapism" collection, 2011

While imagination depicts life beyond our solar system to be vastly different from ours, the organisms found in the deepest depths of Earth's oceans many times surpass even the most flagrantly wild imaginations. And with the NASA space shuttle launch program coming to an end last year, the vastly unexplored ocean may (and should) become the next frontier in the meantime.
 "Crystallization" collection, 2010

Herpen's collections doesn't come without an engineering mind--architect Daniel Widrig lent his skills to an ongoing collaboration with the designer to create the first 3D printed dresses seen on the runway. What a 3D printing machine does is take a 3D rendered image off the computer, and literally build it out of a plastic, polymer, plaster and other materials. It applies layers upon layers of liquid material until it takes the shape of the rendered image, thus "printing" the shape. Generally used to make machine parts, the process has found its way to fashion thanks to minds like van Herpen and Widrig. There is a plethora of information on how to make and operated your own DIY 3D printer!

These are certainly some jaw-dropping collections to return to fashion blogging for! I'll be more diligent about posting in the next couple weeks, including my 2012 forecast and review of my 2011 forecast; what I hoped would happen vs. how it turned out! And believe me, it did not come out the way I expected...

Check out the rest of Iris van Herpen's collections at her website:, and the rest of her recently debuted SS '12 couture collection on A Shaded View of Fashion.

Eye Candy - Dimepiece Designs

I have to say some of my favorite pieces consistently come from Laura and Ashley of Dimepiece. I recently purchased their "Hold Me Tight" dress that I was lusting over for weeks.

At first I was hesitant to wear it out, since it could send a certain signal ("Slap my ass!"). But fashion is about being fearless and I wore it with pride with my Jeffrey Campbell "Exam" platform boots (on sale now, damnit!).

I went out to the to the launch party for Nylon Magazine's 'Denim Issue' sponsored by Express that was on the rooftop of the London Hotel in Hollywood. To my relief (and perhaps disappointment) no one drunkenly tried to grab my ass. One cute blonde approached me and ever so politely asked if she could place her hand on the ass hand on my dress. Of course I said yes, it's nice to see manners still exist in LA, even if it's asking to touch a stranger's butt. Suffice to say the event was not that exciting and considering it was celebrating denim, the issue's covergirl Drew Barrymore didn't even wear jeans! But at least we got free jeans from Express and my friend Job later determined they were mom jeans.

Amazing singer/songwriter extraordinaire Bonnie McKee (responsible for all the Katy Perry songs you love), and me doing a photo fail. Can't even see my Hold Me Tight dress or boots, who cares about Express!

But back to the graphics at hand: what really blows me away are the bar-raising shoots Dimepiece puts together and graphic undulations they undergo for their lookbooks. Here's just a taste of their unbelievably sexy, irreverent, future-born absurdist-couture shoot from Spring 2010. Let me make love to your graphic designer, can't wait to see fall!

See the full lookbook for even more non-sequitur design to lust over here.

Read a full review of Dimepiece in my article for Style in Progress magazine here (last image on the post).