Vanessa Hudgens Does Bianca Jagger for InStyle March 2011

I'm no fan of Vanessa Hudgens. But I love that she is dressed as (or more importantly her stylists dressed her as) model, socialite and activist Bianca Jagger. For those of you who don't know Bianca, she was the first wife of Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger (i.e. one of the most beautiful men of the last 100 years), which helped bring her to an iconic status in the 70s Studio 54, Andy Warhol hard-partying era.
InStyle's March 2011 issue has a beautiful fashion spread with the starlet dressed in some of Jagger's more noteable styles, particularly wide-legged pantsuits and drapey dresses. Certainly helps the looks are broken down by designer, although it's a shame 70s top designer Halston, that Jagger often wore at the time, was not included. Halston has recently re-emerged after the documentary UltraSuede was released to much fanfare last year. I've spent quite a few occasions with the film's eccentric director Whitney Sudler-Smith (who was once in the 80s hardcore punk band Minor Threat), and his dedication to the 54 lifestyle is almost too apparent in his own. 
As far as originality, it's a pretty cut-and-paste homage to Jagger, but how can you improve on perfection? Jagger had her own unique mix of disco glam and tomboy, even wearing a blazer to her wedding. Sadly, dressing the very petite Hudgens in styles that were made for the tall, lanky 70s icon looks pretty awkward, particularly the pant suits. It's just not the same effect, not even close. Although I don't think Hudgens has yet earned the right to be compared to someone like Jagger just yet, I enjoy that it's a reminder of how amazing the original is.

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Frank Miller for Gucci "Guilty" ... in 3D?

An unexpected collaboration of comic books and designer fragrances, Frank Miller, the writer/director/graphic novelist responsible for titles like 300, Sin City, and yes, RoboCop 2 and 3, brings his action-thriller film noir style to Gucci's newest fragrance "Guilty".  Starring Evan Rachel Wood, the actress traverses a Gotham landscape and pauses to have a wet dream about her guilty pleasure, seasoned superhero veteran Chris Evans (Silver Surfer, Fantastic 4, The Avengers) when she smells her own perfume (I guess?). I love that they made a 3D version because you know, we all totally have 3D glasses lying around.

If anything, this is a pretty great ad for those killer platform stilettos she wears, but until smell-o-vision is commonplace I probably won't be throwing down bones for what comes out of Gucci's cauldron. Now feel-o-vision is what I'm looking forward to, hopefully True Blood will pioneer that.