5 Seriously Disappointing Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday gifts aren't always the easiest thing to shop for: There's the spoof gift, the generic gift, the guaranteed gift ($$) and the "ummm" gift. Browsing around the internet for some online shopping, I've come across some pretty interesting things that maybe I personally wouldn't buy, but I still admire and respect the creativity. But here's some gift ideas I've come across that inspire nothing but utter disappointment, second glances and spit takes. At least a goof gift is kind of funny for a second, and maybe the receiver can wear/use it once, but these will absolutely gather dust/be thrown away.
Bejeweled Mini Stapler - $3.80, Forever 21
I feel so terrible for the perhaps hundreds of children and teens that will get this in their stocking. It's like putting glitter on a jury summons.

World's Largest Gummy Worm - $35, Urban Outfitters
Do I really need to explain this?

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White Ever-Changing Leather Necklace/Bracelet by Dawn McKlevie - Sale for $94, Pixie Market
Close, but still can't get away from the fact it's just a bunch of purse straps.

Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man by Comedian Steve Harvey - $16.31, Amazon
Because Steve Harvey knows the female experience better than most?

Bacon Scented Candle - $5.95, Hotwicks
For when that special someone comes over and you want them to leave immediately after.

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