DIY Halloween Costume Tutorial: The Chandelier

My costume this year, The Chandelier at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. It was incredibly simple to make, and lights/shiny things go a long way. Without shopping time, it took me about 4 hours total to make. It may sound like a long time to novices, but us hardcore DIY-ers know that's not long at all!

-Wide-brimmed sun hat
-Wire Christmas wreath base
-Silver fabric
-Battery-powered strand of pink LED lights
-Plastic chandelier crystals from quinceanera store (draped across body)
-Beaded crystal strings from wedding planner shop (over hat)

How I Made:
1. Sewed wire wreath base underneath the sun hat, laid fabric over the hat and stapled ends underneath (got lazy).
2. Cut 6’ strands of the beaded string, laid them over a center point on the top of the hat and sewed them down at the top.
3. Around the edges of the hat, sewed the strings down to secure them from moving around.
4. Wove the LED strand throughout the wire wreath underneath. The battery pack sat on top of my head under the hat.
5. The ends of the larger, heavier crystals strands were attached to a thick chain that went around my neck. The crystals were made into long loops like the real chandelier, so curves up at the bottom instead of loose ends hanging (you can’t see on me unfortunately). It unexpectedly created a cool evening gown feel when I walked, instead of a fringe effect.

If I had more time, I would’ve had the beaded strings from my hat cinched to my waist to give more of that swoop feeling. The lights gave the look it's real oomph factor and attracted a lot of camera attention. Any specialty lighting store will have portable LED lights--I'll never do a costume without them from now on!

I wore it with a white button-down shirt with a leotard crotch (I'm not sure what you would call that, the kind that snaps right next to your tender place. Good for keeping the shirt tucked forever) sequin high-wasted shorts from Posh Pants (RIP), over-the-knee tights from House of Holland in lavender, and purple velvet platforms with triangle studs from just downtown LA ($30!).

I obvi love Instagram, anyone with a smartphone should sign up!

The only drawback was that the hat is kinda shaped like an Asian straw hat, so enough people at the party I attended asked if I was Raiden from Mortal Kombat har har (doesn't help I'm Asian, although Raiden doesn't really look Asian). Most people thought I was a jellyfish, which I'm alright with, not everyone has seen the Cosmopolitan's chandelier. But if anyone is in Vegas, you must go see it and have a drink beneath it. Maybe if I had a full bar between my legs people would get it (and then get it).

Happy Halloween everyone! <3 Tiffany