SPOTTED: Frog Sex Sweater by WESC

I had a casual Halloween night some friends downtown and got a little in the spirit by wearing a mask askew above my face like a visor. Waiting for my drink, a guy at the bar pitched me the line, "Never put that mask on, we'd all be missing out on a lot." I nod politely, pay for my beer and head outside to my friends. Just another random dude, right?


The guy later loitered with his buds near our table, seemingly sending bros in one-by-one to try their luck with us. But it wasn't until the pitchman had his back turned that my interest piqued:

A giant portrait of frogs having sex was knitted into the back of it, BAM!

All we could gather was it was made by WESC and I immediately scoured the internetz to find out more. Turns out it is the "Sergei Anniversary" piece they designed for the WESC 10th anniversary in fall 2009, and scant availability is limited to a small online shop in Norway. There's a womens version featuring the same pastoral portrait as well, but it sucks. This sweater is still on trend for this season, knits being even more pronounced for men, and the long, slightly oversized fit looks good on all body types.

But frog sex?? SOLD.