Raw Geronimo Brings The Rain At Popomomo's LA Fashion Week Event

On Sunday, despite the heaviest rain Los Angeles has seen this season (heavy for us, probably nothing for New Yorkers), dedicated fashion enthusiasts packed out the Mandrake bar for clothing line Popomomo's LA Fashion Week event. Performing that night was the line's latest campaign star, musician Laena Geronimo, shot by an amazing photographer and personal friend of mine, Job Piston.
The photographer with his work

Raw Geronimo

Popomomo stands for "post-postmodern movement" and boasts collections made locally of only sustainable and/or organic fabrics. The simple, feminine and delicately architectual designs are as sustainable as the material they're made of: They can be worn and accessorized in so many ways, expanding the pieces' longevity. Having previously designed for Urban Outfitters and Free People, designer Lizz Wasserman no longer wanted to be restricted by the gaudy limitations of disposable trendiness. Popomomo is at its core completely season-spanning, not to mention good for the environment.

Watch a clip of Raw Geronimo's performance. Sorry the lighting and sound is weird!

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Piston met Wasserman through her husband, whom is an artist Piston attended school with, and she approached him for the project. The inspirations behind the collection were artist and writer Eve Babitz and musician Patti Smith: "a dark and sweet 70's, grey day LA vibe." For the shoot Piston said, "Lizz wanted the model for this collection to reflect its design references: a writer, a musician or cultural figure from an artist community...We were very lucky and excited Laena agreed to work with us."

While Laena Geronimo is better know as the bassist for 60s throwback sweethearts The Like--replacing founding member Charlotte Froom--she also plays violin in Swahili Blonde, plays percussion, violin, vocals and keyboards with Dante Vs. Zombies, occasionally plays bass for Residual Echoes, all on top of her own band, Raw Geronimo. In a coincidental overlap, while Geronimo has modeled for the LA-based Popomomo, her bandmate Z Berg from The Like has modeled for an LA line called Geronimo (no relation).
Perhaps it's not just the "cool" factor that draws designers and artists together, but the dynamics of shooting an artist v.s. a model. Of the Popomomo shoot, Piston recalled, "Some models are particular about their 'good side,' or what angles they're photographed from. There were no restrictions on which angle Laena preferred to be shot from. On stage, the audience observes you from 180 to 360 degrees...She's a natural character and that element made the images truly collaborative."

I've said many times how fashion and music are close relatives that beautifully play off eachother. And if anything, designer/music collaborations make for more fun events than a traditional runway show. With the whole band clad in Popomomo, Raw Geronimo rocked their brand of sweet-to-stomping psychedelic rock, heralding influences from Devendra Banhart and fellow LA band Warpaint--and of course a bit of The Like. While the Mandrake has a large sign that says, "No Dancing Allowed," that combined with the rain didn't deter fashion revelers from having a good time.
Photographer Job Piston with Lizz Wasserman

Piston & Geronimo with yours truly. Such cool last names.

JOYRICH at Los Angeles Fashion Weekend - POOF!

Edit Oct. 24th: I actually found the photos! They're all here for you to enjoy, so don't mind my bitching!

I am DEVASTATED! All my photos from last Friday's LA Fashion Weekend event are poof gone somehow. Poof are the photos of cute Japanese fashionistas, icy models-types, stylists, photographers and this stunning woman who was dripping in gold dome studs with red lips and a tight high bun that I was obsessed with (and her generic boyfriend was dismayed by). But I do have a few iPhone photos of the night's activities at Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood. Chevy Volts were parked outside for perusing/making out in, there were a few designer vendors selling their quasi-interesting wares, but of course everyone crowded the open bars.

I came thinking this was a runway show only for the LA via Japan streetwear line JOYRICH's SS11 collection, whom I reviewed a few months ago for Style In Progress magazine. So I was confused to see droves of older, stylistically typical LA "clubbing" crowd at the event. Turns out it was a medley show with labels JL Marks and Balthaczar, both of which I found to be uninspired and have poor quality craftsmanship--figures. Joyrich on the other hand was hot mess of 90s throwbacks with acid washes, moto and denim jackets in mustard leather, leopard and floral, printed leggings and bodycon dresses with a touch of 50's rockabilly/Rosie the Riveter takes the war effort to the beach. The collection was cohesive, exciting, clearly well-made and just much more my personal style. And doesn't hurt the designers had confetti cannons to complement their walk-on applause. Now I feel like I need confetti canons at all times.

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Since I lost 90% of my photos from that night, I'll instead regale you with my Twitter commentary:

LA fashion week(end) won out. Currently sitting w/ the freaks at Sunset & Gower Studios waiting 4 Joyrich showhttp://plixi.com/p/51130507
Watching Carson from Queer Eye interview girls on the red carpet whom I have nooo idea who they are

@joyrichla killed all others tonight. Real style, real quality & real FOINE male models. Dying for a moto jackethttp://plixi.com/p/51151277

Lovin watching the other designers squirm in their seats
Things to take away from their SS11 collection: moto jackets are timeless, America fuck yeah and PAISLEY IS BACK.

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