The Real Housewives of Cybertron - Lernert & Sander Shoe Design

 To celebrate the launch of their new Shoe Galleries, high-end UK department store chain Selfridges hired Dutch artists Lernert & Sander to "take iconic shoe design to surreal extremes." The result is a collection of shoes made from mundane household appliances you'd think were taken straight off the feet of the Transformers' stay-at-home wives. I particularly love the baby pink dishwasher clog--so Candies.
Artists Lernert & Sander plot the demise of a very suspecting chocolate bunny

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With roots in graphic design, industrial design, writing and directing, the duo's colorfully clean and minimal installations and art films with influences from 50s era advertisements present a fun, yet sophisticated approach to their projects.
Washing Machine
Dishwasher - FAVE
Kitchen Counter
Sewing Machines