Chloe Does Terry: Sevigny Goes Drag For Candy Magazine

Candy Magazine can do no wrong! Loving the latest cover of indie film deity Chloe Sevigny going in drag as Terry Richardson for the gender-bending fashion magazine--of course shot by Terry Richardson. Let's not forget the Candy cover James Franco appeared last year in drag, also shot by Richardson.

Another shocking Franco magazine cover after the jump:

I've been looking at the current cover of Flaunt magazine's "A Thorny Issue" for weeks now, not realizing the tramp-stamped bare male ass belonged to James Franco. The actor is truly one to try anything and everything, and I'm sure the Flaunt Art Director has now spent more time staring at Franco's ass than anyone else. Someone please get me in touch with Franco's manager, I have some filthy ideas of my own!

FLAUNT Magazine Celebrates G-Star Store Opening

Last week I attended a pretty casual event a few blocks from the beach, which is a total rarity for me. FLAUNT celebrated the latest addition to the completely revamped Santa Monica Place mall (a mall that boasts Louis Vuitton and Tiffany's among others), the G-Star store. Although I'm neither much a fan of the denim oasis that is G-Star, nor of malls, I am however a Flaunt alumna. I had the privilege of working and writing for them while studying for my degree a few years ago. I still have my recorded interview with Josh Brolin about the Oscar buzz that surrounded his role in No Country For Old Men in 2007. The last question I asked in the interview is if he had any advice for men and boys who want impressive mustaches like his own. He. Was. Not. Amused. Mustaches were a hot topic 2007, it's only natural I ask! Maybe one day after career suicide I'll upload the clip...
I ran into some fellow Flaunt alumni and met some new ones. Unfortunately it seems that everyone I worked with are no longer at Flaunt. Just thinking back on the lavish Flaunt Christmas party that I literally had to flee from (from my own fault alone) I honestly don't know if I would've been able to last either. The crowd was a mix of westside fashionistas, eastside hipsters, dudes in denim tuxedos, FIDM students and the usual open bar grazers.
What brought G-Star and Flaunt together that night was the collaboration between the label and Flaunt friend/contributing photographer Anton Corbijn, who shot the Spring/Summer 2011 campaign. Famous faces include Liv Tyler and Gemma Arterton along with an unusual model choice--the stony-faced Norwegian Grandmaster chess champion, Magnus Carlsen. People chatted, drank, danced and very much in Flaunt style, hotboxed the dressing room to which the employees seemed to shrug off. Truly a proper christening.

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The obligatory mirror shot
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James Franco in Drag for Candy Magazine

 Billing itself as "the world's first transversal style magazine," Candy magazine features fashion shoots that cross gender lines in ways that aren't just your usual camp but flawless style icon impersonators (the Barbara Streisand guy, omg)and beautiful high fashion editorials with some seriously stunning models. I'm absolutely obsessed with this magazine after seeing the teaser video for their second issue with actor James Franco gracing the cover, shot by Terry Richardson.

CANDY 2 from Luis Venegas on Vimeo.

Created by Madrid-based publisher Luis Venegas, whom himself goes in drag as Anna Wintour in this issue, the issue goes on sale October 24th in select stores all over the world. I actually put in my calendar alerts to go buy a copy at Opening Ceremony in Los Angeles.

What do you think about Franco in drag?

Tavi Styles Christine Staub for Blackbook

Fashion blogger phenom Tavi Gevinson of the much-lauded Style Rookie put her discerning eye towards styling her first editorial shoot for BlackBook Magazine's August 2010 issue--at just 13. The styling is befitting for Tavi, bringing her
characteristic vintage-come-grandma-come-clashing child craft aesthetic to the look and feel of this shoot.

Having just seen the two Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion shows, I'm fascinated with 16 year-old model Christine Staub, daughter of the show's villain Danielle Staub. Christine was chosen for Tavi's BlackBook shoot after Chloe Sevigny dropped out. With a mother who is razzed all over the media for being a pathological liar and psychopath, one can't help but feel bad for Christine, who was lucky enough to inherit some pretty good genes (and hopefully none of the bad ones).  The title, "Nobody's Daughter" certainly fits the cause as Christine outshines her mother with an interrupted innocence reminiscent of a young Muriel Hemingway.