Model Saskia De Brauw Plays David Bowie, Face Of Saint Laurent Menswear

One of the greatest things 2013 has thus far brought the universe is the return of long-silent rock icon David Bowie. Just this week he released a music video for his second single "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)", featuring androgyn superstars Tilda Swinton and Andrej Pejic, whom I've raved about before.

But a face I did not recognize was the one who played a young Bowie, 31-year-old Dutch model Saskia De Brauw. There's a lot to be said about a model who can ditch the industry at 16 to pursue her art, then return full-force at 29, nabbing Vogue covers, show openers and every desirable campaign.

After a little clicking around cyberspace, De Brauw absolutely stopped my heart as the face of Saint Laurent SS13... Saint Laurent menswear that is. Shot by YSL Creative Director Hedi Slimane, Slimane's penchant for androgyny, artists and musicians over the usual fleet of overbred, underfed models is a beacon in the industry. I haven't been so taken by a campaign since actor Sam Riley posed for Burberry shortly after portraying Joy Division's Ian Curtis in Control. There's just something about a delicate, disillusioned "boy" in a slim suit. Very throwback Dior Homme.

Andrej Pejic and Rico "Zombie Boy" Genest Pair Up For Auslander Lookbook

It's been a while since I've posted, but I honestly haven't been too inspired in these past couple weeks. But when this lookbook came on my radar, I absolutely had to jump on it.

Two of 2011's top amodelies (model anomalies), and my personal 2011 faves, have teamed up in Brazilian clothing brand Ausländer's summer catalog. Male model Andrej Pejic, heralded for his uncannily gorgeous feminine face, earned a notorious spot in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women In The World list this year and even had a topless magazine cover censored due to confusion over his gender. Rick Genest, aka "Rico Zombie Boy" was plucked out of Canadian oddity obscurity by Lady Gaga's stylist Nicola Formichetti to star in his debut menswear collection for Thierry Mugler and Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" video... But you fashionistas already know all this.

I really love how accepting the fashion industry has been to these models. While Pejic already has highly desirable looks for a female model and works as such, Genest is a complete wildcard who has proven he can model beyond the novelty of his work with Mugler. It's yet to be seen how long Genest will last, as it has only been a few months into his debut, but I hope long enough to pay off all the ink that made him famous. Ausländer's fusion of these fringe faces--one defying gender, the other defying the grave--makes for an irresistible romance mined from the depths of the bizarre and the beautiful.


Ausländer, while certainly not "edgy" on the rack, has done well by hiring the two models to redefine the mostly clean, classic and preppy pieces. One wouldn't think to put Genest in a polka dot oxford shirt, but the juxtaposition with his tattoos works quite well. Who knew that a man tattooed to look like a zombie would have such modeling range?

Pejic and Genest were also invited to walk in Auslander's Spring 2012 runway shot in Rio De Janeiro.
Check out some backstage interviews to see the models out of the still camera.

Summer's Hottest Look: No Clothes, No Hair, NO FLESH

With the official bbq-ing, binge-drinking, memorializing kick-off to summer behind us, it's time we start putting into play the hot weather fashion we've seen gallivanting around the music festivals into our everyday looks. With cut-off jean shorts and vintage tees being the perennial trend, why not beat the summer heat with the effortless chic of having no flesh at all.

Think of it: No fuss over high knots or low buns, no sweat glands to make the makeup run on your non-existent face, you'll fit into every bikini you dare to try on and no need to reapply, or apply any sunscreen at all! You'll want to bleach those ivory whites as you soak up the rays from poolside to graveside. 

Click through to read more:

But in all seriousness, this set of x-ray model shots presents a unique idea for fashion editorials that could pontentially have a gorgeous, other-worldly result. Rumored to be taken in a TSA airport scanner, these images debuted last fall as a pin-up calendar, but I see it as a new dimension for modeling couture accessories and shoes. (The literally faceless model has yet to be named.)

The less-than-desirable shoes pop beautifully in these images, so just think how fantastic some Sarah Burton for McQueen pieces would look with loads of architectural jewelry pieces seemingly floating above the ethereal form. A high-fashion model would have an even longer and lankier skeleton than the model here, but his or her weight would be irrelevant. A plus-sized model would be even better as the skeleton would be the same, but shoes and accessories would hover even higher. Instead of the model's weight, candidates will be weeded out according to if they have any implants, pins, metal plates or pacemakers.

Andrej Pejic For Dossier Cover Shoot; Watch The Video

Back to life! Apologies for the extended vacation. Coachella will do that to any good fashionista. Thankfully I've made it without a sunburn, unthankfully without a hot new desert boyfriend. But no matter, here's some more epic eye candy for boys and girls alike: everyone's fave androgyn model Andrej Pejic for arts journal Dossier's Issue 7. Shot by photographer Collier Schorr accompanied by female model twin Trina, the ambitious blonde alone makes the issue's cover.

While I'm anxiously waiting for an editorial where Pejic goes all out femme couture, this spread is still banking on Andrej's delicate beauty, effortless tomboy/Erin Wasson-esque style and what I like to call, "the confusing nipple." He's almost more of a beauty model than a fashion model, as stylists don't seem to do anything to transform or draw away from his natural looks. I guess there's really no reason to when he looks remarkable as is.

I was also pleased to see that photographer/filmmaker Andrew Kuykendall shot a breathtakingly sexy short film for Dossier where Andrej takes the male role. Andej in motion is a hundred times hotter than in photographs, he needs to be in a band. I had worked with Kuykendall years ago, back when I had delusions of being a model. Let's just say he's king of the sleazy motel fashion shoots, and his photos of myself, another girl, baby oil and her mother's lingerie shan't be revealed anytime soon. But an incredibly talented and fun photographer to work with nonetheless (cute too). Andrew also shot one of my favorite models Dylan Monroe back when he was a shy teen with a fierce look for a KidViskous feature in Kitten Magazine.

Watch the video:

More photos from the shoot after the jump:

Candy Tails: Vogue Australia's Electrofied Covergirl Hair

This goes straight to the top of my favorite Vogue covers ever! I doubt there has been a Vogue cover model with this kind of vivid haircolor (save Rihanna), but Vogue Australia's May 2011 issue kills it. Starring model Julia Nobis, this rising model is currently the face of Proenza Schouler, the butchier of a pair. The candy-coated accompanying editorial was shot by London-based photographer Kai Z. Feng featuring the sweetest of Spring 2011 from Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Prada and more.

Hair color has been on my mind this week, as I'm planning on going ombre thanks to star hairdresser Danny Rishoff of Byron & Tracy Salon. Keep an eye on this kid, he's going places fast! I haven't colored my hair in about four years, so I'm looking forward to a big summer change. With lighter tips, I might just do the high school trick and dye my hair with Kool-Aid for a bright (and literally sugary) color that washes out.
See more after the jump:

Former Plus-Size Model Crystal Renn's First Vogue Cover Shoot

Formerly the most sought-after plus-sized model in the world, Crystal Renn shows off her new body on the cover to Vogue Mexico this month. Having been between a size 10-14 for most of her career, the press nearly fainted over photos that were released last summer that showed a dramatic weight loss. Renn has always been open about her battle with anorexia as a teen model, so it came as a shock when she appeared to be just as thin as when she had an eating disorder.
Crystal Renn as a teen and the controversial shoot in 2010

Read more and see Renn's Vogue editorial after the jump

At the time Renn denied having undergone such extreme weight loss, saying the images were Photoshopped, and candid photos revealed that this was indeed true. But in her editorial for Vogue Mexico, which harks back to the days of the true 90s supermodel, it's apparent she had been losing weight. Renn cited her own health concerns as the reason behind it, not industry pressure.

Crystal Renn from Harper's Bazaar Australia in 2009

What I'm curious about is this: By taking away what set Crystal Renn aside as a model, how will the industry now view her? Renn is undeniably stunning, but how long can she coast on her previous reputation as a high-fashion underdog is up for debate. With her thinner body, her face is now what defines her and she doesn't seem to fit any of the popular model categories, like the little girl doll face or the harsh Nordic sexbomb, or the androgyn. She has a classically beautiful face that couture has overlooked for at least the last ten years. Her weight gave her that edge and not that it's gone, she's sadly one of many universally beautiful woman (oh how awful!) that is better suited for lingerie or Sports Illustrated than runway or, well, American, French, Italian, or Japanese Vogues.

Perhaps slimming down is just financially prudent since she can be up for more traditional campaign work and that generally pays the best. Unfortunately, her competition would also increase dramatically since she's closer to the average fashion model's size. But in the end I'm sure being a human "shock value" gets old after a while. Renn may be perfectly happy to be just another face in the line-up and not a name assosicated with heavy-set women. Luckily she is in the good graces of longtime supporters like designer Jean Paul Gaultier and photographer Steven Miesel and has even published a book on her struggles with eating disorders, so she won't be out of a job any time soon.

Watch the making of Crystal Renn's Vogue Mexico shoot:

What do you think about Crystal Renn's weight loss?

The New Andrej Pejic... Is Asian! Introducing Model David Chiang

"I see myself as the next Linda Evangelista. I don't wake up for less than $10,000."

The fashion world has been abuzz about stunningly feminine male model Andrej Pejic's unreal features, but it just takes a off-hand comment from fashion godfather Karl Lagerfeld to bring light to the next androgynous It-model. In comes idealistic 22 year-old David Chiang, to whom Lagerfeld said, "you look like a beautiful Chinese girl." The Canadian model of Taiwanese descent debuted in the fall 2010 season, walking for Alexander McQueen's final menswear collection and Emporio Armani. He skipped spring collections and re-emerged for fall 2011, walking for Dior Homme, Rag & Bone and others.

Now, as an Asian person myself, I'll admit that Asian men with feminine features are easier to find compared to other ethnicities, so it would not be too hard to find more like Chiang. Thus, he's not quite as shocking as Pejic. Chiang does however strongly remind me of late Korean model Daul Kim, who sadly commited suicide in 2009 (she was my favorite model). The masculine facial features that Chiang does have lend themselves to Kim's sultry and inherently sinister look. 
Daul Kim

See more photos after the jump:

So far Chiang has been styled for edgy, masculine looks, so his potential as an androgyn is yet to be explored the way Pejic already has (i.e. styled as a woman). He has however admitted--certainly joking--that he would consider a sex-change if he was offered a Victoria's Secret contract saying, "I really want big wings. Not the small wings, but Tyra wings." A model with a sense of humor? We love!

 His biggest shoot to date is with Steven Klein for Vogue Hommes Japan, styled by Lady Gaga stylist and Thierry Mugler revolutionary Nicola Formichetti. Unfortunately Chiang is wearing a mask in the shoot:
Must be him in the "U"?

Looks like fellow androgyns Pejic and Chiang have already become good friends.
Whatever the outcome will be for Chiang, he has a definite future in modeling. As far as usurping Pejic for the androgyny crown, it will be hard to compete.
Do you think David Chiang can be the new androgynous It-model?

Laetitia Casta Gets Lewd For Purple Magazine By Terry Richardson

Interesting update: I recieved a comment on this post that was filtered as spam so I did not read it until now. It appears that Terry Richardson and Purple Magazine have broken some sort of French artist copyright law enforced by the ADAGP by capturing images of Aristide Maillol's statues without permission. The ADAGP has targeted my blog as well, so I have since removed the images. Seeing as Purple has an image with Maillol's piece on the cover of it's Spring/Summer 2011 issue, one wonders how this will play out. As of today, they are still using the images online and certainly on a number of printed magazine already circulating and for sale.

It's sad that we cannot sometimes use art in our own work, especially when the statues like Maillol's are outside and completely open for the public to enjoy. Still, the wonderful images from the Purple shoot are available online with a simple Google search for anyone curious.

Read my original post with the one remaining non-Maillol photo. Fitting, no?

Stunning Victoria Secret model and actress, French beauty Laetitia Casta does her share of revelling in/on the arts for a Purple Fashion spread and cover for their Spring/Summer 2011 issue. I'll give you one guess who shot this... Terry Richardson of course. Casta poses provocatively in Azzedine Alaïa and latex dresses atop and against French sculptor Aristide Maillol's statues that sit in the gorgeous Tuileries Palace gardens in Paris. In the issue, she discusses her relationship with late designer Yves Saint Laurent, whom immediately fell in love with her when she came into a YSL fitting (she was too short and curvy for any of the pieces). Casta was only 21 and Laurant was 64.

But it is no wonder Laurent fell in love with her: Other than being one of the top fashion models in the world, the national symbol of France, Marianne, took on her features in 2003 and she was chosen to play another curvaceous French bombshell, Brigitte Bardot in the Serge Gainsbourg biopic. Bardot also happens to become the first famous Marianne alumna in 1969. Although we don't see much of her now, there's no denying that she will always be remembered as one of France's greatest beauties.

An Immodest Irina Lazareanu For Cover Magazine

The one comment about model Irina Lazareanu that always resonated with me was what Michelle McCool (not the WWE wrestler), Fashion Director of Cosmopolitan said: "It's all about the hair and her flatness. I love that she has no boobs." Aerodynamics is certainly a good trait to have in the modeling world. Lazareanu brings skin-baring warehouse cavorting to Danish fashion site, Cover Magazine. Photographed by Rasmus Skousen and styled by Emelie Johansson, the looks are quintessential every-night urban party girl outfits... who happens to have Bottega Venetta, Burberry Prorsum and Lanvin mixed in with her Topshop and vintage.

More photos after the jump:

Model Androgyn: Andrej Pejic Is Blowing My Mind

Upon stumbling across a preview of Jean Paul Gaultier's new spring ad campaign, I thought to myself, "Oh, maybe 2011 is the year of the girl kiss." Two gorgeous blondes in trenches and fishnets, one of which is supermodel veteran Karolina Korkova and a lovely newcomer a bit reminiscent of Lily Donaldson. Further researched revealed a jaw-dropping revellation about the new model: it's a boy.
If you haven't already noticed, I'm a huge fan of androgyny. Maybe I'm behind on this, but model Andrej Pejic who is of Croatian and Serbain is an absolute stunner for both genders and is leaving me gawking. I could not believe it. With classically feminine facial features like high cheekbones, pouty lips, rounded forehead and wide-set eyes, Pejic could completely pass under the radar on womenwear runways. Full breasts and butts rarely make appearances even on the female models, so very few would be left suspicious. It's only natural that designer Jean-Paul Gaultier champion Pejic, as he was the first to create skirts for men in the 80's. Gaultier put the androgyn in his spring 2010 menswear shows to everyone's confusion: "who is that blonde girl?"

Jean Paul Gaultier menswear spring 2010

More unbelievable photos after the jump:

Oh wait...

This past Paris couture week, Gaultier used Pejic in his punk-infused cabaret-inspired womenswear show, having the male model wear his sheer bridal design. For anyone in the audience who recognized Pejic, you know they were squinting looking for a tuck.

I'm at a loss for words, so here are some more mind-blowing photos for y'all.
UPDATE 2/13/11 - Rihanna wore this dress to the 2011 Grammys. Her tuck looked great.

Rising Model: Aymeline Valade Goes Punk for Interview Magazine

A face hard to forget, Parisian model Aymeline Valade is making a huge splash since suddenly popping up in Balenciaga's spring 2011 runway show. Recently she was selected to star in Alexander Wang's highly coveted "image pieces" i.e. ad campaigns. Craig McDean, who shot Wang's campaign, shot this color popping 90's punk-come-Hackers spread for the latest issue of Interview. Valade might just be the next incarnation of frequently tomboy'd model Freja Beha. Her strong facial features allows her to oscillate unemcumbered between hyper feminine and hyper masculine looks. I don't think Freja could've pulled off this shoot as powerfully as Valade does, though I'm sure a video of the shoot would look just SO laughably awkward. But really, what shoot isn't kind of absurd in it's making?

More images after the jump:

The Kiss: Trans Model & Givenchy Muse Lea T & Kate Moss for Love Magazine

UK fashion mag Love Magazine has THE cover this month, featuring transsexual top model Lea T and supermodel Kate Moss in a gorgeous intermingling of sexualities. Lea T skyrocketed to high fashion fame after her appearance in Givenchy's fall 2010 ad campaign, which quickly lead to more modeling jobs, cover shoots and posing nude for an interview in French Vogue with boy parts intact. Originally an assistant, fit model and close friend to Givenchy's creative director Ricardo Tisci (they met when Tisci was still in college), her debut to the wider public combined with other crossdressing cover stars lead the New York Times to declare 2010 as "The Year of the Transsexual"

What holds for 2011?

16 Faces to Watch: Louis Vuitton's New It-Girls

 Like an It-girl pin up calendar, Louis Vuitton Jewelry recruited 16 beautiful ladies of different trades and levels of Google-ability from around the globe to model their spring/summer 2011 collection. I love that LV bypassed the usual Alexa Chungs and Daisy Lowes for girls that are mostly merely local celebrities (with the exception of Oscar nom'd Rinko Kikuchi). Photos of all the girls have been released EXCEPT for Miss Number 16, who is upcoming pop singer Sky Ferreira. Luckily, you can watch video of the shoot and imagine her photograph yourself:

Which is your fave?
See all the photos after the jump:

Daria Schieferstein
Tennis Player

Mary Charteris
Aristocrat & Fashionista

Los Angeles

Charlotte Lebron
TV Announcer & Illustrator

Camille Rowe-Pourcheresse
Actress & Model

DJ, Artist, Model, Daughter of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards
New York

Mahini Geisweiller

Los Angeles

Reporter & Party Girl


Oscar Nom'd Actress


Zhu Zhu
TV Presenter

Hailey Gates
Actress & Stylist
Los Angeles

Annabelle Dexter Jones
Artist & Youngest Ronson Sibling
New York

KidViskous Obsession: KV Justice Crosses Necklace

The lovely ladies at Stanton James debuted KidViskous last month and made some beautiful images for the site. Definitely check out their beautifully curated site of indie and hard-to-find designers, and an insider's tip: they're opening a brick and mortar retail space in Los Angeles soon!

Here's some of our favorite shots featuring the KidViskous Justice Cross Necklace, a design we just can't get over ourselves about!

Justice Necklace in silver mirrored with Chelsea Sutrisno Dean Dress.

The Death Queen for Post'age Denim by Zak Krevitt

Fabulous fashion photographer Zak Krevitt (who shot our Collection 4 Lookbook feat. Kelli McKee) shot the javelin-nosed Death Queen of unknown origin for the latest collection from Post'age Denim. I've seen her once before whilst exiting a Nylon Magazine party last fall. The elevator opened and out stepped this creature in the most incredible red military band jacket, silver hair, long legs and of course her extreme nose accessory. I'm loving the unusual choice of model for a denim shoot mixed with a very feminine 50s pin-up girl updo--a pin-up girl for 2011.

 More after the jump:

Lara Stone for Interview Magazine - Sept 2010

Lara Stone is the Brigitte Bardot fantasy Barbarella of this century, no question. I love this shoot because despite her incredible body, there's a strange other-worldly kinda plasticine/marble feeling to her. Some get this girl to a French art film director, quick!


The Chronicles of Lara, shot by Mert & Marcus

Beauty of Seville: Jessica Stam in Harper's Bazaar

My favorite model Jessica Stam goes capering about Seville, Spain in the August 2010 issue of Harper's Bazaar, shot by Alexi Lubomirski. This editorial makes me want to revisit Seville in the summertime, I was there last year in December. The city was still gorgeous with it's Christmas embellishments, but not as vibrant and lively as it is in warmer weather when people flood the streets.

I'm loving the rich colors and lush, flowy fabrics in this shoot that create a fantastic melange of both modern and traditional Spanish style.

Ssense Editorial by Donat

Photography by Donat; Model: Genevieve

Stylishly raw editorial from with interesting usage of dry cleaning plastic covers. I wonder if the stylist got the idea from this fascinating DIS Magazine editorial (if you can call it that?).

I especially like how the model is a cross between Debbie Harry and Devon Aoki and the subtle elements of bondage. You can hardly see the riding crop and leather handcuffs the model is wearing. I'm also in love/lust with the garter skirt, I need to find one for myself.

Have you noticed a lot of the best pieces in fashion editorials are always credited as "stylist's own"?