Punk & Op Art Street Chic From Versus by Versace

Boy: Trench, $1,150; Pants, $495; Boots, $425; Shirt, $495. Girl: Op Art Tee, $195; Pants, $395; Boots & Hoodie, Not Avail

Just popping back in to share one of my fave diffusion collections this season, Versace's re-imaged Versus collection. Fairly straight-forward in concept, yet undeniably Donatella, the mixed (It) bag of graphic-scapes, opulent colors, studded leather, and signature Versace prints has me dying a little inside -- in a very, very good way.

It's a pretty reminiscent of the Versace x H&M collection, but undoubtedly uses much more luxurious materials. 

One of my goals for "adulthood": No more faux anything.

Also, gotta give them props for using my girl Brooke Candy's track "Everybody Does" in their collection trailer:

Here are some of my favorite looks that I just want to dump into a pile and have sex with, so many sumptuous textures. The models can join too... maybe.

Boy: Moto Jacket, $1,475; Leather Pants, $1,050; Op Art Tee, $225; Boots, $425. Girl: Moto Jacket, $1,475; Op Art Tee, $195; Leather Pants, $995; Heels, $545

Boy: Blue Op Art Shirt, $425, Blue Pants, $325; Blue Trench & Shoes, Not Avail. Girl: So Not Avail

Boy: Mustard Denim, $275; Boots, $425; Moto Jacket, $1,475; Red Op Art Tee, $225. Girl: Mustard Denim, $275; Animalier Knit Top, $395; Safety Pin Moto, Not Avail

Girl: Studded Boots, $725; Belt Print Leggings, $195; Belt Print Tee, $195. Boy: Boots, $425; Belt Print Pants & Tee, Not Avail

Safety Pin Dress, $425; Heels, $545, Safety Pin Bag, $695
Could this be the end of my fruitless search for an It-bag?

Let's see what the models have to say:

Okay, the short-haired brunette can definitely join my Versus orgy.

Choppers, Chicks & Slick Threads: ODYN VOVK SS13 Video

With anyone remotely interested in fashion being inundated with New York Fashion Week tweets, street style photos, Instagrams and Facebook check-ins at every Manhattan hotspot, here's a welcomed open-air breather from the sartorial Cirque de Soleil at Lincoln Center: ODYN VOVK's video "A Silent Grey" for their latest collection.

 Brainchild of designer and chopper enthusiast Austin Sherbanenko, the Los Angeles-based mens label puts the "male" in malevolent with subtle designs that are the strong, slightly twisted silent type. His pieces are predominantly black and use unique materials like sail cloth and army canvas that are waxed and/or oiled along with animal skins like ostrich, alligator and even, yes, fish leather (how? no clue). Odyn Vovk is rugged in a way that completely turns its back on the prevalent New England/dust bowl looks that seemingly every masculine, stylish man has as his default outfit. Instead, it's the refined graduation from goth, punk or metal that sheds all the studs, chains and subculture frills and heads towards runway edge without venturing into the asexual dsytopian futurism of Rick Owens or Mugler. 

OV is very much grounded in the now, and their latest fashion video shot by Jon Ryan Sugimoto reflects a no-parents-no-schedules-no-rules existence far from all the catwalk hoop-jumping that's been happening this past week. While the clothes are not so much the stars as the motorcycles (because really, how can they not), the video is selling a laid-back lifestyle of sweet bikes, leggy girls, aimless adventures through the LA jungle.

Hands Down Best Accessory: Vintage Cafe Racer!

Man, this year has been pretty crazy thus far, I'm sorry I haven't been able to keep up with the KV blog! New job, new home, new hobbies, a lot of things are coming up Tiffany, so it's been a constant go go go the past few months.

So: what exactly have I been doing? What could possibly tear me away from sharing my favorite fashion picks and projects? Why, just toting around a jaw-droppingly beautiful accessory that will quite literally take you places. Not an Hermès bag, not Cartier diamonds; even better in my opinion--although both those sound extraordinary!.

Say hello to Phoenix, a.k.a. Honey Vroom Vroom Child (watch Dance Moms for reference), my 1975 CB360 cafe racer-style motorcycle!

 Ever since a boy took me on a date on the back of his Harley through the Angeles Crest highway that scours the mountains outside of Los Angeles, I've been in love with the idea of getting my own. My own bike, that is. I took the MSF training course, which I highly recommend to any new riders, and got my license before buying a bike. 

I loved that boy's Harley, but they're HUGE for someone like me (although I've seen smaller women riding them) and is hard to find under $5,000 even used. A number of pals had 70s Honda CBs, which can run from 100cc engines to 750cc. Comparatively, the smallest new Harley is 883cc so a good size for a beginner is a 250cc bike. I looked at getting a Honda Rebel, which is styled after a Harley at 250cc, but they seemed too generic. Although knowing what I know now, I probably should've bought a Rebel I can drop and kick around, but why buy sneakers when you can buy stilettos?!

Boo, Honda Rebel. Zzzzz...

After a ton of online research, i.e. looking at motorcycle porn like Bike Exif, I decided on liked the cafe racer look because the distinctive cut-out seat sits the rider lower to the ground--good for my short lil' legs--the lowered handlebars. I'm told the bike is tiny, but for someone who is barely over 100lbs, its still a lot of lift! Plus, cafe racers have a certain refinement you don't see with choppers. I'd love to have a chopper, but it's too much metal for me physically handle right now.

The style came out of 60s England, named after the preferred style of motorcycle kids would literally race from cafe to cafe on. While the mods rode their multi-mirrored Vespa and Lambretta scooters in their Fred Perry polos, their mortal enemies the rockers rode these customized Triumph, Norton and BSA motorcycles in their leather moto jackets covered in buttons. For a time I was a total mod girl, but nowadays I'm really loving a rough rocker/punk look and can't get enough black leather!

These are photos of my bike from the eBay post, kind of like her baby photos, right? I'm yet to take new ones with her new additions.
Love a black and gold moment! This bike in particular is perfect for me because it is as stripped down as possible to make it extremely light compared to a stock CB360. Admittedly it's still heavy to me, but I'm lifting weights to change that.
She's named Phoenix because I actually drove out to the 111-degree weather in Arizona to pick her up. Hopefully the name doesn't backfire and I end up dying in a pit of fire.

 Scenic pit stop on the way to Arizona.

Hey girl, hey.

This CB360 was built out of a box of parts, according to the builder Shawn Smith. She's all CB360 aside from the pipes, which were from a CL360 scrambler. Gives it a sportier look. The tail is completely handmade out of fiberglass by Shawn and so is the paint job. Real nice guy, but not sure why a 6'2'' dude would build just a small bike!

Headed to her new home.

My friend Drew and I roadtripped from Los Angeles to Phoenix to pick her up, just as an excuse for an adventure. I must say it was a long drive, and not cheap to buy a hitch, install it to my car, rent a trailer and drive almost 2,000 miles in two days. But it was worth it--sorta. Nevertheless, it was so nice to get out of Los Angeles, meet Drew's lovely friend Emily, and see what Phoenix was all about.

Not an easy drive.

But happy to bring her home!

I love love love my new bike, but I have to say that buying something that is completely custom-built gets expensive. California requires turn signals while Arizona does not, so just wiring ones on cost as much as a new Alexander Wang bag because the shop had to figure Shawn's work out!

I'm vowing to update this blog more often on new adventures in fashion and motorcycles. But you can keep the most up-to-date with what's happening on my Instagram.

xo T

Blumarine's Holographic RTW Fall/Winter 2012 Collection Creates New Fetish Category

 Italian label Blumarine put everyone at Milan Fashion Week to shame with their eye-popping Fall/Winter 2012 read-to-wear collection. This collection is everything right now! I had zero interest in bringing color into my wardrobe until I saw the lush, vivid furs, hardcore metallics, and the hologram motorcycle jackets and vests, I die! If leather, lace, and latex can have their own fetish categories, why not hologram?
Click through to see more:

I never really paid much attention to Blumarine, but their approach to fall is redefining my notion of chilly season style. While there are warm furs and down jackets abound in the collection, nothing has that usual sunless, shelled vibe that winterwear generally has. It is as if the colors, metallics, and prints are what protect you against the weather, not the thickness of the clothing. The outrageousness will keep you warm! There are some chic black dresses and nude gowns in the collection, but who gives a fuck about those.

If you're going to go matchy-matchy, might as well go all.the.way. Shorts over leggings for winter? Could be the equivalent of the ridiculous Alexander McQueen flames print trend for fall (still undecided on that one).
Some more "conservative" metallic and hologram pieces.

Inspired by The Muppets? I hope!

And now my favorites! Hologram on everything, all the time: motorcycle jackets and vests, hologram sequins, giant studded hologram hoop earrings, and the shoes, the shoes you guys! Any attempt to articulately review this collection just flies out the fucking window. I'm dying, I'm dead. I will sell my kidneys for a hologram motorcycle jacket. And to think that even those who can afford this collection have to wait months to even get their mitts on it! Such a tease to have collections show a season before. I pray that knock-off factories are working hard churning out some affordable hologram styles for us broke fashionistas!


See the rest of the collection at Vogue.com.

What do you think of Blumarine's Fall 2012 collection?

LOVE/LUST: Blood-Dripping Sunglasses x 1972 Honda CB350Four Motorcycle


Blood-dripping sunglasses by Ann-Sofie Back - $285, Oooga Booga
I'm dying, I'm dead. I found myself literally mouth-agape as I sat at my desk when I came across these beauties. A bee could've flown into my mouth and I wouldn't have noticed or cared. Handmade by couture frames craftsman Tom Davies for British clothing designer Ann-Sofie Back, these shades prove what a huge difference a tiny modification to a classic shape makes. But at almost $300, I have myself already scheming for a DIY project with the $5 aviators I can find along Venice Beach!


1970s Honda CB-350Four
A few weeks back I fell head over stiletto heels for a motorcycle my friend Sean sent me a link to. I've been on the lookout for my first bike and mostly looked at used Harleys and Honda cruisers that look like Harleys. I wanted a bike that would make me look scary, so a lot of the Japanese vintage variety didn't appeal much to me. But having seen this one with it's chic design and the badass twin exhaust, I was sold. So we went over the Pasadena to check it out...

 ...And it was beautiful! A 1972 model (they only produced the Fours between '72-'74), the bike was in perfect shape, no rust, original paint, even still had the original tool kit and manual. Sadly, the twin exhausts were replace years ago, but I still loved the look. The seat had a little tear but was easily replaceable. It started up on the first try, the engine roar gave me the chills and the bike had remained in one family since being purchased from the dealer. I had cash money in my purse and was ready to hand it over until...
...I actually sat on it--and it was too tall! You can't see, but that day I was wearing 3'' ankle boots and was still on my tip toes. I'm 5'6'' but with short little Asian legs so there was no way I could've safely drive this bike. Very rarely do I actually go out to buy a Lust, and the one time I did I was crushed!
Trying to not cry
The bike was already almost at it's lowest rung, so my only options were to replace the shocks with shorter ones, and carve out the thick foam seat café racer style. But it the end, I decided I should look for a smaller bike (it was pretty wide for me too). Happily, Sean decided to buy this one so if ever I wanted to get it back, I know who to rob. Plus, I probably should learn to ride a motorcycle in the first place, oops! Still, after seeing this one I fell in love with the whole 60s-70s Honda CB fleet. Someone sell me a CB150?

Wearing the blood-dripped aviators on a CB bike sounds like a truimph in accessorizing to me!

12th Day of Xmas Gift Ideas: A Fucking Custom Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Closing up our 12 Days of Xmas Git Ideas list (like, really late because reality takes up too much of my time!), I've chosen our ultimate of ultimates, totally, ridiculously awesome gift idea is of course, a FUCKING CUSTOM HARLEY.

Now, being a fashion blogger I can write about clothes, shoes, jewelry, runway, editorials and such like second nature. But my freshly minted motorcycle obsession is just a little too rare for me to sink my writing teeth into it just yet. So I've enlisted our new friend Charlie Stockwell of London's own Warr's Customs to help guide us through the sexy world of custom Harleys. They're essentially the haute couture of bikes, right? A custom Harley versus a custom haute couture gown? That's a call I hope no one ever has to make.

Started as: 2009 Dyna StreetBob
Inspired by the slick 60's cool of actor and racer Steve McQueen, the Tracker has homages to the same military-esque paint design (he was himself a serviceman) and slim builds of bikes the actor himself owned and rode. Stockwell said, "My Dad is a big Steve McQueen fan, myself as well. So I wanted to build a bike that reflected him and his era, but also had a strong Harley feel to it." Let that be a new McQueen to add into your style lexicon.

Cost £18,500 ($27,750)

Started as: 2010 Fatboy
Going against some traditionalist custom Harley practices, this bike uses unorthodox design, materials and components. Stockwell used World Super Bike spec Ohlins front forks, a solid carbon fiber solo saddle, fenders and clip-on handlebars, rear lights in the end of the exhaust, a massively tuned motor and so forth--things that I personally have much to learn about! But the finished product is like that of a superhero's weekend Harley, modern without going too futuristic. Again, my frame of reference is quite small at this point, but this bike would slay when paired with these YSL patent leather platforms.

Cost £87,000 ($130,500)

'24 Boardtrack'
Based on: H-D 2010 Crossbones Softail
Delving deeper into the history of motorcycle racing, this one was inspired by the Boardtrack race bikes of the early 1900's. The bikes back then were essentially as thin as bicycles, so the slimmer wheels, thin spokes and decorative use of a racing number plate on the side reflect the bikes of the era. "The last year of Boardtrack racing was 1924 which was also the year that Warr's opened their first Harley store here on the King's Road in London," Stockwell explains. I personally like the thinner build bikes, especially since I would actually be able to ride them. The smaller details like the gold rings around the exhaust and copper wires combined with the black and white palette (clearly inspired by the pagoda in the background) give this one a chic, but still sporty, vintage look.

Cost £37,000 ($55,500)

'Frisco Bobber'
Started as: 2010 Crossbones
With this glittery beauty, Stockwell wanted to build a bike that combined the feel of two of his favorite places: California and Asia. Hey, I'm an Asian girl living in Los Angeles, so I'm really loving this one!
He said, "I grew up travelling across Asia quite a bit. Mostly Thailand but have always been in love with all of Asia. The custom Harleys that are built in Japan a proper cool. They have taken what people were doing in the 70's on the west coast of the States and then made it their own." Japanese fashion has been re-appropriating heritage American styles for their shoppers for a long time (and us them!), so that practice clearly has spanned beyond just clothing. The warm colors and sunburst paint design are two things that California and Asia undeniably share. And oh so sparkly!

Cost: £32,000 ($48,000)

'Kamome Sprinter'
Started as: 2011 Crossbones.
Of course we have Stockwell's collaboration Harley with Japanese denim brand Evisu. I still can't get over the gorgeous nickel engravings done by an actual gunsmith. I've written about this bike in a previous post, but let's expand beyond the fashion elements onto the bike itself. You can read more the fashion collaboration with Japanese denim brand Evisu in one of my previous blogs: Evisu x Harley Davidson Collaboration Motorcycle.

A reputation for building vintage-inspired bikes (although that's not the only style he can do!) Stockwell certainly went vintage with this one, to meld with collaborator Evisu's tradition of authentic selvedge denim. "There are loads of Evisu graphic in the engraving on the engine as well as lots of Japanese Tattoo art. I hand stitched Evisu denim around the control cables, battery cover, hand grips and other trim," said Stockwell. The kind of meticulous work expected of a couture bike.

Cost: No chance people, this stunning bike was already sold to a good friend of Stockwell's--a person he can only reveal as a "Formula 1 superstar."

That's one happy bike.

See more of Charlie Stockwell's work at Warr's Customs and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

And that closes out our 12 Days of Xmas Gift list! Happy holidays everyone, we're officially on vacation starting...NOW.

Evisu x Harley Davidson Collaboration Motorcycle

 Japanese designer denim brand Evisu has teamed up with London-based Warr's Harley Davidson to create a one-off, "classically inspired" custom motorcycle to celebrate the brand's 20th anniversary. Being that I'm currently obsessed with motorcycles and plan to get my own eventually, this meticulously designed bike, nick-named the "Kamome Sprinter," is a fantastic crossroad between two of my favorites subjects: fashion and worrying my mom (just kidding, and motorcycles).

"Kamome" is Japanese for "seagull," the simple symbol of which is Evisu's logo. Hand-built by Warr's Charlie Stockwell, the custom Harley Softail Cross Bones (which is already a brooding beauty stock) features nickel-plated parts, including engraved engine covers by a London gunsmith, selvedge denim-wrapped brake lines and clutch cables, hand-rolled fenders and a handmade sprung solo seat of antique brown leather with more denim underneath. The engravings are of Japanese koi fish, scales and waves done in a way that still lends itself  to heritage gunmetal design.

The craftsmanship involved in building this bike reflects Evisu's dedication to genuine vintage jean reproduction, celebrating the importance of authenticity. Evisu even has a set of five rules outlining what elements makes a pair of jeans comparable to those manufactured during World War II, right down to the buttons and thread. Overall, the engravings paired with matte black and more give the bike the look of irresistible cross-continental villainy--authentic villainy if you will.

As a person who knows fashion far better than bikes, I love the attention to detail and how so many elements were added without building it out--much line the Evisu clothing line. I'm not much a fan of their jeans that have large swaths of hand-painting or embroidery, but their seamless combination of vintage Americana and clean Japanese style is evident without lending too much to one or the other.

So, when will you be delivering this bike to my house?

Read more about this bike on Evisu and Bike Exif.

Girlfriend Come True

This was that good of something to share that I had to make an actual blog for it. None of that MS Blog crapola. I'll eventually transfer all my entries over to this one.

So I'm walking back home from the promenade, after visiting 6 different magazine places looking for the new issue of Paper (which I'm apparently in, I have no idea but I want to find out asap), its cold, my feet hurt and I'm pissed I had to go to 6 different places in 2 different cities by foot and bus for the second day in a row looking for the goddamn issue. This obviously demonstrates my level of egoism, looking "feverishly" (as the dude at the Westwood stand said) for a picture of myself in a major publication. When I think about it, I probably are friends with or at least well acquainted with probably 15-20 that have appeared in national publications for one reason or another. Go figure.

Anycrap, I'm walking back and a kindly (for lack of a better word) middle aged black guy in glasses, kinda dorky, but well spoken with a big backpack and folding chair starts talking to me at the stoplight. Of course the first thing out of his mouth:

"Boy it's cold out! Hey, you Japanese? How do you like it here in America?"
"Well, considering I was born and raised in America, I think it sucks."

Turns out he does portraits on the Pier and offered to do one for me for free if I stopped by. After a genuine apology, he hands me this:

I didn't read it until I got home, but let's translate his handwriting:

"Read the other side!"
"Smile I feel I like you! <3 <3"
"by David Liebe Hart 2007"

Now, what I love about this side is his arbitrary use of umlauts over vowels. And the drawing is some kind of unicorn sheep thing with a pig nose and maniacal grin. Now lets see the other side:

Ah hah now I get it.

"Hi you could be my girlfriend come true; I am a single gentleman interested and dating a beautiful woman such as you! If your not seeing anyone please leave your return phone number here...blah blah"

Ok, this guy obviously can speak proper English, but upon closer inspection, this card is probably targeted to pickin up Asian women on vacation. Think about it: the cute drawing, the hearts, the terrible grammer and strange word order, the umlauts, his middle name being "Liebe", German for "love" and last name "Hart" German for "Hart" its brilliant! Here's a cutesy straightforward card, in a kind of English that is probably easier for foreign Asian people to read, and women in Asia love white men so that accounts for the umlauts and Germanic uses, and OF COURSE they love cute little animals and even better that they be twisted looking (I mean, have you SEEN a horror flcik from Asia? Beyond fucked.).

This may be the new era of picking up women. Just give them a card outlining who you are and what you want and how to contact you. No more nervous conversations! No more rejections to your face! More excuses to use colored pens! Chicks love cute girly drawings! David Liebe Hart is seriously onto something!

Problem is:

Unlike Myspace and EHarmony and classified ads in the newspaper, the woman SEES you first THEN reads about you. Its kind of hard to pretend you are this loveable, snuggly, German guy with broken English when you're clearly a short, nerdy Black guy with perfectly normal English. Hey maybe it works for him, maybe he can get a nice Japanese lady who will stay with him for more than a week after she gets her citizenship. They can umlaut the days away in their ignorant bliss.

Which brings me to my next item. So I ordered all these promo postcards for KidViskous (www.kidviskous.com, my baby, my jewelry line), and not until I got halfway through it that I noticed a few bonus cards in there:

WTF is this shit, I already had to wait 2 weeks to get my cards done at a place called OvernightPrints.com (bastards, I hope you get overnight cancer) and now you've mixed my cards up with the fucking Mormon Tabernacle?

Holy shit, I might be right. Faith Assembly? What the hell is that? Looks like some timid midwest family (except for grandpa Hefner, he looks like the shit). It still blows my mind there really are people out there that make their Target Team Member vest into a festive snowman vest and dress as if Paula Abdul was still cool.

So what is Faith Assembly?

I guess just its one of your run of the mill Presbyterian Evangelical Unitarian Universalist Saint People of God Jesus Churches. From Orlando, Florida, ah I was wrong about midwest. They have Nickelodeon studios. Rock.

Jesus freaks, big deal, waste your life away, fine, you're the farthest away from my part of the U.S., do what you will. But then I see this banner:

Look at those faces, they're so partying it up right. Maybe this place isn't so bad. But then i see a little link in the corner on the hompage for this:

Assemblies of God Riding Fellowship and Motorcycle Ministry

Ok, plenty of Jesus freaks become that way to make excuses to sleep with little boys, or not take responsibility for anything they do, but if you're using it as an excuse for extreme sports, then FUCK YEAH!

Excerpts of their bio:

"Let your light so shine before men . . ." Off Roading situations are enough to try any saint. But when one of us keeps our cool and let's the love of Jesus shine through, well, let's just say we can have lots of fun and still be a testimony to those about us that Jesus is Lord and that Christians can have fun."
"Let’s face it. We all love to ride. And if we are honest with each other, we all love to ride in a pack. The AG Riding Fellowship offers the opportunity to ride in a pack safely with purpose. What kind of purpose? Well, let’s ride, let’s eat, and let’s fellowship!"
"Riding together is great, but sitting around chatting over hot bakery goods with coffee or chocolate is . . . well it don’t get a whole lot better than that."

So basically, you show your love of god by flipping out in your sweet BMX or doing wheelies on your kick ass ATV with "Totally Praise Him" emblazoned all over it in the KISS font. Jesus is there personally to make sure you don't pussy out. So next time you're going off the ramp in your chrome jet ski and you feel yourself pee just a little, that means Jesus is not with you dude, bummer.

Testimonials from thier 2006 rally:

“It was a time of refreshing…” Crestview FL
“Truly Awesome in every way!” Orlando FL
“It will be a weekend to remember” Orlando FL

But don't forget, although plowing through the woods with 200 horsepower inches from your crotch rules your mom while Jesus is making sure you don't shit yourself and wipeout, "it don't get a whole lot better than" chatting over baked goods, chocolate and coffee.

Leave it to Jesus to poo the party.