An Impossibly Epic NYE with Ryan Tecartin, Ikea & Pole Dancers

Couldn't tell you about any other New Year's Eve parties because as far as I'm concerned, none else existed. With the arcane Twitter hashtag #hi11, celebrated multimedia artist Ryan Trecartin--who showed at MOCA in Los Angeles over the summer--threw one huge art happening disguised as a NYE event at a civilian mansion in Los Feliz. The party invite called out the info like a drag bar challenge and hundreds of LA's finest artists, musicians, hipsters, creatives, party kids and socialites took them up on it--including a number who flew out from across the nation just to attend.
Some of The Crew
Lady Gaga stylists Franc Fernandez and Nicola Formichetti (who is most recently appointed Creative Director of Thierry Mugler RTW)

Here is a rendering of the party house with it's different sectors. This is the most dedicated process to a party I've ever seen. Along with beds and bunks everywhere, a live Twitter feed was projected in the walk-in room, a live webcast from all the sectors (which unfortunately/fortunately didn't end up casting), laser light show in the dance room, huge tented backyard areas with open bar, a Brita pitcher chandelier and even an electrical fire in the wall that was promptly squelched by Trecartin's crack team.
I'm still on an absolute high from this party, thank you Ryan and everyone involved!

Party images after the jump:

Tyrone Biggums! (done accidentally, fabulous!)
Photos from myself, @RyanTrecartin and Nico & George