FLAUNT Magazine Celebrates G-Star Store Opening

Last week I attended a pretty casual event a few blocks from the beach, which is a total rarity for me. FLAUNT celebrated the latest addition to the completely revamped Santa Monica Place mall (a mall that boasts Louis Vuitton and Tiffany's among others), the G-Star store. Although I'm neither much a fan of the denim oasis that is G-Star, nor of malls, I am however a Flaunt alumna. I had the privilege of working and writing for them while studying for my degree a few years ago. I still have my recorded interview with Josh Brolin about the Oscar buzz that surrounded his role in No Country For Old Men in 2007. The last question I asked in the interview is if he had any advice for men and boys who want impressive mustaches like his own. He. Was. Not. Amused. Mustaches were a hot topic 2007, it's only natural I ask! Maybe one day after career suicide I'll upload the clip...
I ran into some fellow Flaunt alumni and met some new ones. Unfortunately it seems that everyone I worked with are no longer at Flaunt. Just thinking back on the lavish Flaunt Christmas party that I literally had to flee from (from my own fault alone) I honestly don't know if I would've been able to last either. The crowd was a mix of westside fashionistas, eastside hipsters, dudes in denim tuxedos, FIDM students and the usual open bar grazers.
What brought G-Star and Flaunt together that night was the collaboration between the label and Flaunt friend/contributing photographer Anton Corbijn, who shot the Spring/Summer 2011 campaign. Famous faces include Liv Tyler and Gemma Arterton along with an unusual model choice--the stony-faced Norwegian Grandmaster chess champion, Magnus Carlsen. People chatted, drank, danced and very much in Flaunt style, hotboxed the dressing room to which the employees seemed to shrug off. Truly a proper christening.

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The obligatory mirror shot
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HD Buttercup Opening - Official Photos & Video

Some much better visual coverage of the Unique LA / Apartment 3 + KidViskous grand opening at HD Buttercup. Thank you to the over 1600 people who attended!

Photos by Justin Sullivan, and video by The Video Mouse. Enjoy!

Tiffany got caught snapping

HD Buttercup: Design Center Grand Opening from Chris Laughter : The Video Mouse on Vimeo.

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Unique LA & Apartment 3 Hipster Slam HD Buttercup

Last Friday was the launch party for the Unique LA / Apartment 3 store at HD Buttercup in the Helms arts district. It's located in this fantastic plaza that was formerly a family owned bakery, and now houses restaurants and upscale furniture stores. An absolutely gorgeous and historic location, it's still a bit bare compared to other shopping destinations, so this fashion boutique is a step in the right direction for the area. 

The event was PACKED with all types of people and some of the more refined and sophisticated (read: steadily employed-looking) breeds of LA hipsters and fashionistas. The retail boutique is a joint effort initiated by indie designer show Unique LA who brought on boutique/fashion consultant Apartment 3 to collaborate on the project. They soon found a home in the 4,000 sq ft furniture store HD Buttercup, who offered up a generous section of their store for a minimum four-month run. Apartment 3 was one of my retailers and we frequently collaborate with sample sales and events, so the adorable Apartment 3 mama Kristin Knauff asked KidViskous to be one of the featured designers! Thanks Kristin!

Rumor has it if successful, the store will seek to expand to a San Francisco location. At first I thought it a bit strange to have a fashion boutique within this humungous designer furniture store (think IKEA with a few extra zeros on the price tags), but after seeing everything set up with droves of stylish people roaming the walkways, it made perfect sense. The store has a indie/vintage vibe with clothes and shoes, new and vintage, housewares, gifts, apothecaries and even a section for kids and babies. Designers include jewelry by KidViskous (of course); clothing by Smoke and Mirrors, Blood is the New Black, Eva Franco, and MNKR; body products by Chiva-Som and Klean Spa; stationery by Rock Scissor Paper; and wool gardening containers by Woolly Pockets.
 Vicious lines for the open bars
  Shoppers checking out some KidViskous Bowtie Necklaces

You can now shop the Unique LA / Apartment 3 store!
HD Buttercup
3325 Helms Avenue, Los Angeles
Mon.–Sat. 10 a.m.–7 p.m.
Sun. 11 a.m.–6 p.m.

I know my camera is soooo shitty. If anyone has suggestions for a high-end digital camera that's excellent for low light situations and isn't a million dollars, leave a comment!

 KidViskous Feather Earrings and Necklaces mixed in with real feathered friends
 Gold and Silver Origami Cranes

Fendi's Mall Madness; Chloe's A No-Show

One of the leaders in designer handbags for decades, Fendi’s newest retail location opens in a most unlikely location: the mall. Their official opening party last Thursday night--hosted by Chloe Sevigny in conjunction with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Avant-Garde members--had the rare absence of car-to-door valet service that most designer openings have, because, well, patrons had to park in the Macy’s section of the expansive mall parking lot. But this is not just any mall: the Beverly Center houses the usual Panda Express and Banana Republic, but also has Louis Vuitton, Burberry, D&G and Christian Dior for local Beverly Hills consumption. Still, it was a bit unsettling to take the escalators dressed to the nines alongside regular mall shoppers, children, pretzels and all.

 Champagne and wine flowed while waiters with model-good looks carried trays of minuscule appetizers and desserts.

Despite the questionable location, the intimate gathering attracted an eclectic crowd of hipsters, fashion elite, celebrities, art patrons and serious shoppers to the small yet chic boutique bursting with an enviable range of covetable leather, sequin and beaded bags plus some of the fiercest six-inch heels I’ve seen in a while. One woman in a sore thumb turquoise velour sweat suit reportedly dropped over $10,000 in a matter of minutes--normal. Luckily, twenty percent of sales that night will go to benefit LACMA. 

Celebrities included stylist Brad Goreski (who tweeted a photo us wearing our bow ties!), a bespectacled Abigail Spencer, a very chilly Jeffree Star and an all too brief appearance by the now super svelte Kelly Osbourne and an exceptionally tight-skinned Sharon Osbourne. But the big no-show of the night was the host Sevigny herself. Speculation says she skipped out in favor of the Elle and Express ’25 at 25’ event, and perhaps came back to the boutique later to help sweep up.

Fendi, Beverly Center, Level 7, 8500 Beverly Boulevard; 310-289-1704

Stylist Brad Goreski (The Rachel Zoe Project) and I having some bow tie love. He was really the nicest, most gracious TV/fashion celeb I've ever met and he made sure to ask everyone's names and was happy to take a photo with us. P.S. He's 10x cuter in person.

More Fendi opening party photos...

Alas, Chloe Sevigny was nowhere to be seen...