Day 8: (Almost) Anything From Chloë Sevigny's Latest Collection for Opening Ceremony

Chloë Sevigny impressed with her fourth collection for Opening Ceremony. The design collaboration started off a little rocky for my taste like most celebrity-designed collections (Kate Moss for Topshop too), but this time she collaborated with vintage-inspired eyewear designer Barton Perreira and heritage street and skate brand Vision. The combination of the collaborators plus Chloë's tastes and OC's talented design team supporting her, it made for a stylistically bi-polar collection with some iffy pieces and some "I will fight a bitch for it" must-haves.

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 Drawing particular inspiration from Chloë Sevigny's Kids days in 90s NYC, the collection is billed as "old-school street wear meets vintage underwear... channel picnic at hanging rock for ultra-feminine silhouettes while 80s-style ra ra skirts key into a different kind of nostalgia—for Chloë’s early days in New York and the skate culture of Kids." While not blatantly 90s, I think they took appropriately small snippets of the decade. Chloë Sevigny herself is even an appropriately small snippet of the 90s!

The leather and cotton "Eyelet Pinafore" dresses show above are my top choices for FAB status (Fight A Bitch, let's see if this catches on), and are, of course, some of the most expensive apparel pieces in the collection: $700 for the white cotton, $1,200 for the black leather. The bathing suits are also to die for, especially since they have structured cups that can accommodate those of us with lesser cleavage--a rarity for most structured bathing suit top designs. Here are some more of my favorites that I think can fit almost any stylish lady you're shopping for. Chloë for OC spans apparel, eyewear, bags, sneakers and also some menswear!

Shop For A Cause: Fashion Benefits Japan

The outpouring of good will for Japan has been enormous across the board--but there is still a lot of work to be done. One thing that really struck me was how right as the earthquake hit and during the immediate aftermath, the Marc Jacobs Twitter has shown particular concern for their employees in affected areas. Since the earthquakes and tsunamis hit Japan, clothing companies like UNIQLO, Levi's, Coach and American Eagle have donated millions of out-of-pocket dollars to the relief efforts, while many others are teaming up with charities to help raise money. Fast Retailing Group, the company that owns UNIQLO, g.u., Comptoir des Cotonniers, Princesse tam.tam and Theory in particular has been doing amazing things to help the disaster victims, its CEO personally donating far more than the company and all its employees combined. Uniqlo and Theory also have clothing donation boxes set up in their retail stores and Fast Retailing is donating tens of thousands of garments from their lines.
Actress Rinko Kikuchi & model Jenny Shimizu wear Opening Ceremony for Japan tees

Designers and retailers are also creating charity incentives to shop, many donating 100% of proceeds of overall sales and the sale of special items to relief efforts. We've compiled just some of the shopping opportunities where you can help Japan while getting a little something back.

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Opening Ceremony for Japan Tees - $30,
Simply designed and shot at OC's NYC headquarters, every cent of the proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross. OC's website also has a banner atop their website that links directly to the Red Cross site for additional donations.
From March 21 - 25, the jewelry line will donate 100% off all sales on their online store to Catholic Relief Services, plus 100% of sales at any Alexis Bittar retail stoer on March 24.
Note: Catholic Relief uses 93% of donations directly for the relief effort

Today only (March 18), 100% of online sales will go towards Japan relief efforts.

Stussy x Fragment Design One World One Love One Heart Tee - $36,
In collaboration with Hiroshi Fujiwara, Stussy designed a tee where a "majority" of the proceeds will go to the Japan Red Cross. Currently available for pre-sale.

MWJ is an independent multi-arts project with the goal of conveying Japanese culture and with activities and Japanese-inspired creatives. 100% of sales of their hand-screened t-shirts will go directly to organizations directly involved with the Japan relief effort. Currently shirts are sold out, but you can pre-order more via the contact page.

A really cute idea, $100 from the sale of any red bag from their online store will be donated to the Red Cross.

Rising Sun Tee - $20,
100% of proceeds from the sale of this style will be donated to The Red Cross. Currently available for pre-sale.

You can still donate directly to The Red Cross online or simply texting REDCROSS to 90999 will donate $10. It's almost surreal to see a country endure tragedy after tragedy in a matter of days the way Japan has and we all need to do out part to help.

3 Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas You Can Binge On

With Thanksgiving coming up, there's always a certain panic that strickens the self-hatred in us all: getting fat (if even just temporarily). But more than that, it's one of the few chances we see extended family, new additions and the boyfriend's/girlfriend's clan, so it's always nice to make a good impression for them to take home. Although we're pointing out the importance of not letting gluttony get the best of us, we're still competely and utterly condoning that you eat to your ass's delight. Who cares, this is what the holidays are all about--plus your grandmother would be proud you're finally eating enough! But to soften the blow to your gut, here's a few tips on how to at least look like you're not smuggling a turkey.

1. COVER IT UP: This is an obvi, but there's no better way can your mask a seven-course meal than with cinchless and flowy dresses and bottoms. Pieces that are gathered, pleated, tiered or tastefully bunched in some sort of way (without cinching) gives you tons of breathing room after your third helping of stuffing.
Charles Anastase 3-Tier Dress; $585, Opening Ceremony

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Opening Ceremony Silk Billow Pant (yes, pants); $300, Opening Ceremony

2. EXPAND ON IT: Sweatpants and stretchy bottoms are the simplest go-to for every binge season. But to avoid matching your big uncle Leroy, try an expandable pant that is more than meets the pie. Think luxe fabrics, subtly adjustable belts and interesting details like a double waistband that give you not one, but two chances at that satisfying ate-too-much-letting-myself-go sigh. And don't forget to match with a nice pair of heels or boots, otherwise people will think you've been recently dumped.

ASOS Leather Jogger Pants; $172.40, ASOS

Whistles Ellie Pants; $215.50, ASOS

Whistles Bobby Double Waistband Sweat Pant; $163.78, ASOS

3. CREATE A DIVERSION: If you're not willing to give up your jumpsuits and cinched waisted everything, or would like a more conversation-starting approach to covering the balloning that's happening, why not weird out those cousins you never liked? The trick is to draw the eye up above the stomach or down below. Usually (for those of you lucky enough to have) obscene cleavage would work great, but given this is a family function, don't want to draw that kind of blood-related attention.
Stolen Girlfriend's Club Croc Denim Jeans; $312, Pixie Market

FACE The Crow Bindi Set; $48, New High Mart

Got anyore tips? Leave a comment below!

TRON: Legacy x threeASFOUR x Opening Ceremony Collabs in Neoprene Heaven

A match made in greenscreen heaven, hipsters-with-money retailer Opening Ceremony launched an exclusive collaboration between the upcoming TRON: Legacy film and spacy designer label threeASFOUR. While there could've been much more creative liberties taken with this collection--especially with threeASFOUR injecting heroic amounts of TRON-esque piping in their gorgeous SS 2011 collection--these designs keep with the general feel of the original film without too much spunk to alienate film fans (sci-fi nerds probably wouldn't wear anything much crazier, 'cept at Comic Con).

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threeASFOUR Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Fairly straight forward designs with liberal use of neoprene and bright nautical colors, I'm sensing that this collection is more of a SeaQuest homage than a TRON homage, especially with the water sock platforms. But I have yet to see any TRON film, so perhaps this might just be on point. And think: what other moto jacket or platform heel could you wear underwater?
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