Chloe Does Terry: Sevigny Goes Drag For Candy Magazine

Candy Magazine can do no wrong! Loving the latest cover of indie film deity Chloe Sevigny going in drag as Terry Richardson for the gender-bending fashion magazine--of course shot by Terry Richardson. Let's not forget the Candy cover James Franco appeared last year in drag, also shot by Richardson.

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I've been looking at the current cover of Flaunt magazine's "A Thorny Issue" for weeks now, not realizing the tramp-stamped bare male ass belonged to James Franco. The actor is truly one to try anything and everything, and I'm sure the Flaunt Art Director has now spent more time staring at Franco's ass than anyone else. Someone please get me in touch with Franco's manager, I have some filthy ideas of my own!

Flashback: Lady Gaga Naked, Tied Up For Vogue Hommes Japan September 2009

A woman after my own heart. It's amazing people are still debating whether or not Lady Gaga is a transsexual. Transsexual, no; transgressive, yes. Here's clear evidence of her lady parts from a stunning photoshoot by the incredible art photographer Nobuyoshi Araki from the Septemeber 2009 issue of Vogue Hommes Japan. Araki is known for using "Kinbaku," which is the meticulous art of Japanese bondage, so it's only fitting Lady Gaga get tied up in it too.

Funny to see how far she has come. Watch an interview with her in 2008 when she thought performing on "So You Think You Can Dance" was her biggest break yet.
"Somebody shot [pop music] in the face. I dunno who, but I want it to come back."

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Back To The Future: Photographer Irina Werning Transports Her Subjects To Their Own Pasts

Argentinian photogarpher Irina Werning has a fascinating project where subjects re-enact old photographs right down to the clothes, time of day and film type that was originally used. First picking up a camera in 2004, Werning's photography work has ranged from murder mystery stories in Buenos Aires to Israeli soldiers on summer vacation in Goa, India. Before she was a photographer, she was an assistant university professor with masters in history and economics. Perhaps it's her knowledge of history that inspired her ongoing "Back To The Future" project, acting as sort of Doc Brown to transport people to real moments from their past. It's interesting to see what time has done to the subjects themselves, seeing how they've both changed so much, but in many ways not changed at all.

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The Death Queen for Post'age Denim by Zak Krevitt

Fabulous fashion photographer Zak Krevitt (who shot our Collection 4 Lookbook feat. Kelli McKee) shot the javelin-nosed Death Queen of unknown origin for the latest collection from Post'age Denim. I've seen her once before whilst exiting a Nylon Magazine party last fall. The elevator opened and out stepped this creature in the most incredible red military band jacket, silver hair, long legs and of course her extreme nose accessory. I'm loving the unusual choice of model for a denim shoot mixed with a very feminine 50s pin-up girl updo--a pin-up girl for 2011.

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"The Original Hipster" photo series by Julia Chesky

Julia Chesky's tongue-in-cheek photo series entitled "The Original Hipster" is so full of on-point irony that it, perhaps unintentionally, encapsulates what "hipsterism" really is. Chesky, a Parsons graduate, used an actual homeless man named Chris who lived on Mercer Street in New York for decades. With art director Ali Lee, they styled him with designer shopping bags and fantastic jewelry pieces by Michael Calloway and Tracey Howarth.

Beautifully junky jewelry

Chesky's series is based on the children's book, The Pushcart War, but having only read a summary of the book, I don't really see it. What resonates with me is that the line between the concept of hipsterism and true homelessness is thinned into obscurity. The differences are merely a few key fashion pieces and the appearance of buying from the "right" designers. I only hope they left the bags with Chris after the shoot, because I bet people would automatically treat him with more regard. Next thing you know, he's djing in Soho for some It-girl's birthday. I mean, who hasn't mistaken a homeless man for a hipster before--and vice versa?