Day 6: Ornate Legwear By Bebaroque

I'm a little upset at myself for not thinking of this earlier, but as a tights and over-the-knee socks fan, the ornate legwear from Scottish company Bebaroque caught my eye immediately. These gold lamé and sequin socks are particularly perfect for holiday party looks. Give these as a gift and I almost guarantee the lucky recipient will wear them to their New Year's festivities.

The brand has a whole assortment of embellished, embroidered, tasseled and bedazzled legwear, dresses and body suits that had my mouth watering. But with the above gold and sequin knee socks priced at $144.00, I'll have to roll my tongue back into my mouth for a little longer.

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Part elegant hosiery, part luxury dancewear, Bebaroque essentially offers a sort of haute couture shortcut, combining the meticulous details haute couture demands with the simple canvas of universal, American Apparel-like basics. Pairing any of their pieces with a simple pleated skirt, belted dress, or really anything as Toyko style blogger Shan Shan has done (killed it!) gives a unique, eye-catching element that no one else on the street will have. One embellished body suit will cost you at minimum $350.00, yet compared to the ceiling-less pricing of runway couture, it's a steal. I'm particularly enamored with the black outfit below, I would wear that out as is!

Selections from Bebaroque's SS12 collection

But who am I kidding? I'm a total cheapskate, and upon seeing the knee socks and tights I thought to myself, "I can do that easily. Just hadn't occurred to me to do it before." Now, while I don't have the patience to make any of the lavishly decorated pieces, some of the simpler designs would be easy enough to make with a visit to the right craft store, a sewing kit and an hour or two of work in front of the TV. Maybe after our 12 Days of Xmas Gifts countdown I'll do a DIY post for a tights or socks project :).

3 Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas You Can Binge On

With Thanksgiving coming up, there's always a certain panic that strickens the self-hatred in us all: getting fat (if even just temporarily). But more than that, it's one of the few chances we see extended family, new additions and the boyfriend's/girlfriend's clan, so it's always nice to make a good impression for them to take home. Although we're pointing out the importance of not letting gluttony get the best of us, we're still competely and utterly condoning that you eat to your ass's delight. Who cares, this is what the holidays are all about--plus your grandmother would be proud you're finally eating enough! But to soften the blow to your gut, here's a few tips on how to at least look like you're not smuggling a turkey.

1. COVER IT UP: This is an obvi, but there's no better way can your mask a seven-course meal than with cinchless and flowy dresses and bottoms. Pieces that are gathered, pleated, tiered or tastefully bunched in some sort of way (without cinching) gives you tons of breathing room after your third helping of stuffing.
Charles Anastase 3-Tier Dress; $585, Opening Ceremony

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Opening Ceremony Silk Billow Pant (yes, pants); $300, Opening Ceremony

2. EXPAND ON IT: Sweatpants and stretchy bottoms are the simplest go-to for every binge season. But to avoid matching your big uncle Leroy, try an expandable pant that is more than meets the pie. Think luxe fabrics, subtly adjustable belts and interesting details like a double waistband that give you not one, but two chances at that satisfying ate-too-much-letting-myself-go sigh. And don't forget to match with a nice pair of heels or boots, otherwise people will think you've been recently dumped.

ASOS Leather Jogger Pants; $172.40, ASOS

Whistles Ellie Pants; $215.50, ASOS

Whistles Bobby Double Waistband Sweat Pant; $163.78, ASOS

3. CREATE A DIVERSION: If you're not willing to give up your jumpsuits and cinched waisted everything, or would like a more conversation-starting approach to covering the balloning that's happening, why not weird out those cousins you never liked? The trick is to draw the eye up above the stomach or down below. Usually (for those of you lucky enough to have) obscene cleavage would work great, but given this is a family function, don't want to draw that kind of blood-related attention.
Stolen Girlfriend's Club Croc Denim Jeans; $312, Pixie Market

FACE The Crow Bindi Set; $48, New High Mart

Got anyore tips? Leave a comment below!

Four Superhero Dresses We'd Totally Wear + Hero Stats

 Stolen Girlfriends Club White Cape Dress; $394, Pixie Market

Superhero Name: Lady Icarus a.k.a. The Serpentine Swan
Abilities: Flight, speaking to animals, flinging headband with retractible blades, french kissing
Nemesis: Stalkeratti
Weaknesses: Volcanic dust, red wine stains, logical paradoxes, airplane engines

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Shape Shiftr Silk Charmeuse Tail Dress; $242, Pixie Market

Superhero Name: Hell Dancer a.k.a. The Disgruntled Ice Skater
Abilities: Glides on self-producing flame trails, demon conjuring, spirit crumpling via heat-seeking apathy
Nemesis: Her therapist 
Weaknesses: Rash competitiveness, up-winds, slushies, pushy parents

 Maurie & Eve Torture Me Studded Dress; $220, Nasty Gal

Superhero Name: Caressa a.k.a. The Deadly Embracer
Abilities: Instantly disembowels victims from a mere caress to complete implosion with a hug, hypnosis via ultraviolent color changes, radioactive sassiness.
Nemesis: The Double Downer
Weaknesses: Reinforced steel, reflective surfaces, panty lines, folk guitar

Tutu Blu Rope Mesh Dress; $228, Pixie Market

Superhero Name: Lashula a.k.a. The Pied Piping
Abilities: Shoots ropes like tentacles out of her dress, can control anything of a sturdy cotton weave to fight opponents, instantly builds semi-precious body armor by pressing her amethyst cuff
Nemesis: DJ Steve Aoki 
Weaknesses: Knives, cubic zirconias, floodlights, crowd surfing