LOVE / LUST: Disco to Heavy Metal Heel-Less Platforms


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Rock Star Platforms by Jeffrey Campbell - $195.00 at
I've been wanting to actually purchase some of these floating Gaga/Guinness-esque platforms for quite sometime, and I think these might be the ones! The metallics and patent leather makes this shoe an ease to drift back and forth between rock n' roll, disco and glam depending how you dress it.

As for my LUST...


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The Shadow and Spike Bootie by Jeffrey Campbell - $264.00 at
I had to, I just had to. Look at this mess of spikes that's a certain rip-off of previously featured Japanese shoe artist (what he does is truly an art) Noritaka Tatehana. But the little goth teenager in me screams and my wallet starts to shake in fear! I like the patent version as opposed to the regular black leather version because with a design like this, you might as well go ALL THE WAY. I would strongly advise to not wear these with a maxi dress/skirt or long flowy pants since they're bound to get shredded--on the other hand that might be a cool look!

Ooo, experimenting with animated gifs, I like! Leave a comment if these seem a bit too much. :)

LOVE / LUST: Stacked Rainbow Platforms x Stud Saturated Boots

Oh Jeffrey, you never miss a beat. Instead of making another made-for-the-masses designer knockoff from the latest season, Campbell went all the way back to 1938, recreating a Ferragamo design made for Judy Garland. While the design may not be as famous as Garland's ruby red slippers rom the Wizard of Oz, the originals were still celebrated in an archival installation last year. I'm torn between Campbell's replicas and the Chica rainbow platforms, which is better?
The $2,500 original (obviously the best). I initially thought they were painted wood platforms, but they're actually wrapped in dyed suede. So posh!

Click through to see my LUST:

Handmade Studded Booties - $3,500, Patricia Field
Patricia Field's shoe selection is KILLING it right now. I just about fell out of my chair when my friend Dominique from Love Me Sailor sent me a link to these boots. They're a total mess and practically unwearable and I lust for them like crazy! Perhaps not as violently chic as the Crystal Spike Shoe Harness, but has a post-apocalyptic, robotic glam worthy of Bowie himself (or Optimus Prime if he ever wanted to do runway). The "handmade" tag on these shoes makes my own craftiness start ticking, perhaps I'll be a one-woman Jeffrey Campbell and knock these off myself!

LOVE / LUST: Patterned Collaboration Wedges For Spring

Julian Louie x Aldo Sobeslava Ikat Wedges - $125, Select Aldo locations (for now)
The tribal patterns blew up in last year's ethnic-inspired spring trends and looks like it's hanging on this year. A collaboration between Aldo and designer Julian Louie, whose reconstructed pieces don't usually favor patterns (think a color-blocked Proenza Schouler), the limited-edition collaboration launched today. Only one style is available online so far (but I'm getting a page error...) and the rest of the 8 styles are for sale at five Aldo flagship locations. The collection will be hitting the rest of stores and online starting April 18th. This is the first of three collaborations Louie has done with Aldo: The Fall 2011 collection in discussion for production and Louie already started on the Spring 2012 collaboration.


Loeffler Randall x SUNO Erin Lace-Up Wedge - $645,
I mean, it's 5.3 inches high, of course this is the Lust! The Aldo wedges look about 4.5'', but no word on that yet. Another great collaboration, this time with shoe line Loeffler Randall and NY-based clothing line SUNO. Both designers have been around under five years and their low-key alliance for Spring 2011 matches well with anything from vintage daisy dukes to classic shirt dresses. Although it seems an unlikely collab, Randall's shy, feminine styles works wonders with SUNO's striking Kenyan-inspired prints.

Jeffrey Campbell 'Lita' Platform: Over The Moon Or Overkill?

Just an observation: Best friend to every girl (who can't afford the designer version), knock-off king Jeffrey Campbell is just cranking out the 'Lita' platform in any conceivable color, material and pattern. And the ladies are still eating them up almost a year since its debut. I could swear in the design room there's someone who said, "My aunt is pulling up her shag carpeting, let's just throw that in there," and voila! The styles shown aren't even all of them, there's probably a dozen more that sold out, then another dozen coming out most likely. It's a great silhouette for a base design, and if my legs were longer / ankles skinnier I'd be all over this style, but when is enough enough?

Click through to read more:

I would however overlook my leg situation for the original 'Dungeon' design (love that name) by clunky platform king Charles Anastase from his Fall 2009 collection. Still, Campbell makes the style much more accessible by toning down both the design and price. Although a quick search reveals the Dungeon shoe might not have even been available for sale. But isn't it just a little irking to see this knockoff being sold in every way possible, Charles?

I can't remember a fad this in-demand with girls across the board since those foam platform thong sandals with the bamboo insoles in middle school, or the Rocket Dog platform sneakers with that fat toe in high school. Sadly, I wasn't cool enough to have either of them, probably still not. I guess it's just smart business to just keep striking that iron to death if there's even a little smoke coming off it.

I made this color grid thanks to my go-to shoe shopping site Click on the image to get a giant version for a desktop background if you so desire!

What are your thoughts on the 'Lita' saturation?