Artist Ed Ruscha for Band Of Outsiders

Simplicity is king with clothing brand Band Of Outsiders, but their model recruitment is far from the norm--and that's what I love most about them. Instead of the tall, willowy models with abnormally symmetrical features, the LA-based brand regularly brings on those whose remarkableness is in what they do, not how they look. Case in point: their latest model for spring is 74-year-old artist Ed Ruscha, shot on simple, raw Polaroids.

I love the stark, subversive, antics-ridden feel to Band of Outsiders' campaigns, rendering fashion models, sets, lights, Photoshop and "looking hot" unnecessary. The addition of Ed Ruscha to their lineup is a perfect fit given the brand's own minimal, sleek, color-blocked styles and Ruscha's sharp, graphical paintings. The campaign was shot in Ruscha's studio in Culver City, CA featuring his own dog, stunning vintage car, and Indian motorcycle (which of course first drew me in). It's basically just Ruscha fucking around--and that's awesome
  The spring campaign doesn't feel like a set of photos that attempts to sell something, but is instead a demonstration of how clothing is meant to accompany the subject's everyday life--not just sit pretty on a human mannequin. It's not quite a documentary, but neither is it meticulously set up. Others that have modeled for Band Of Outsiders are actors Rupert Grint and Tom Felton of Harry Potter fame, James Marsden, Andrew Garfield and Donald Glover, all of their shoots adhering to this spontaneous, "wouldn't it be funny if..." vibe.


See the rest of the campaign and more of their Polaroids at Band Of Outsiders.

Love / Lust: XX Tortoise Sunglasses x Lady Gaga Blackmail Shades

Beached Tortoise Shades - $80.00, Alexandra Cassaniti
Don't these scream "leave me the fuck alone?" Love the vintage shape and print with the thick modern stems and lenses. And at $80, it's actually a pretty decent price.

GL20 Camera Sunglasses - N/A, Polaroid Grey Label by Lady Gaga
After being named Creative Director of Polarois last year, Lady Gaga unveiled her "Grey Label" line of electronics for Polaroid this past week at the Cosumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Although still in the prototype stage, Gaga's camera sunglasses can not only take pictures and video, but display them as well and send images via Bluetooth technology to her less fashionable Grey Label wireless printer. These are a streamlined version of her onstage digital screen glasses, but with the capabilities to discreetly spy, make sex tapes and render anyone around you instantly blackmailable.

Watch Gaga talk tech at CES 2011:

To make your own video sunglasses à la Gaga, visit this DIY tutorial.