Day 3: neuLash Active Eyelash Growth Serum (RECANTED)

UPDATE, May 2012: I raved about this product last winter, but a friend who had been using it longer than I had came down with a case of blepharitis. She was told by her doctor it was because of the neuLash and had to take antibiotics and fish oil supplements. It took a few weeks for it to go away! Now I'm not saying everyone will catch blepharitis, but knowing some close to me who did caused me to stop using this product. I've actually paid up to get Latisse, and a month later I'm stoked with the results!


Just a quickie Saturday post for Day 3 of our 12 Days of Xmas Gifts countdown. While I'm not much of a beauty expert, my friend Danielle of hot D.C. band Shark Week turned me onto neuLash saying it worked for her and others she knew. And guess what, worked for me too! But it'll cost you.

Read more about my experience after the jump:

It's hard to rave about this product without sounding like some ad, but it really does work. As an Asian girl, my lashes are naturally pretty short and sparse, so I've been looking into eyelash enhancers for a while. I've tried Idol Lash to no avail, and I hear castor oil alone helps (it's a main ingredient in most eyelash growth serums). But for my $85.00, (and no prescription like Latisse requires) neuLash has been one that actually showed me results.

To a clean, makeup/mascara/moisturizer-free face, you apply a thin layer to the base of your lashes before bed and that's it. I've only been using it about 5x a week (supposed to use each night, but you know, I come home late, and I've been partying, whatevs) for two months and so far it has noticeably lengthened my lashes, but not made the growth thicker. You'll have a weird in-between time where one lash is way longer than the others, but the rest will catch up eventually.

neuLast comes in 0.11 fl oz size for $85, and 0.2 fl oz for $150. Sounds so expensive for so little, right? But my $85 tube has lasted still this long. I haven't had any irritation, but I have noticed it's a little harder to open my eyes when I wake up in the morning due to slight puffiness and some darkening around the eye where the product is applied. The darkening is very slight, and happens where I'd put eyeliner or eyeshadow anyways, so it blends in in my opinion.

I purchased from, they're offering free 2-day shipping plus a ton of other deals if you just click around. And they send you cute little free samples with your order, which I of course love. They also have a holiday 3 pack of neuLash, neuveau Brow serum (haven't myself tried, geez getting crazy with the faux French) and a brow definer pen. So what are you waiting for, get winking! A holiday gift for yourself is a holiday gift nonetheless, right?