Laetitia Casta Gets Lewd For Purple Magazine By Terry Richardson

Interesting update: I recieved a comment on this post that was filtered as spam so I did not read it until now. It appears that Terry Richardson and Purple Magazine have broken some sort of French artist copyright law enforced by the ADAGP by capturing images of Aristide Maillol's statues without permission. The ADAGP has targeted my blog as well, so I have since removed the images. Seeing as Purple has an image with Maillol's piece on the cover of it's Spring/Summer 2011 issue, one wonders how this will play out. As of today, they are still using the images online and certainly on a number of printed magazine already circulating and for sale.

It's sad that we cannot sometimes use art in our own work, especially when the statues like Maillol's are outside and completely open for the public to enjoy. Still, the wonderful images from the Purple shoot are available online with a simple Google search for anyone curious.

Read my original post with the one remaining non-Maillol photo. Fitting, no?

Stunning Victoria Secret model and actress, French beauty Laetitia Casta does her share of revelling in/on the arts for a Purple Fashion spread and cover for their Spring/Summer 2011 issue. I'll give you one guess who shot this... Terry Richardson of course. Casta poses provocatively in Azzedine Alaïa and latex dresses atop and against French sculptor Aristide Maillol's statues that sit in the gorgeous Tuileries Palace gardens in Paris. In the issue, she discusses her relationship with late designer Yves Saint Laurent, whom immediately fell in love with her when she came into a YSL fitting (she was too short and curvy for any of the pieces). Casta was only 21 and Laurant was 64.

But it is no wonder Laurent fell in love with her: Other than being one of the top fashion models in the world, the national symbol of France, Marianne, took on her features in 2003 and she was chosen to play another curvaceous French bombshell, Brigitte Bardot in the Serge Gainsbourg biopic. Bardot also happens to become the first famous Marianne alumna in 1969. Although we don't see much of her now, there's no denying that she will always be remembered as one of France's greatest beauties.

Lady Gaga x Supreme by Terry Richardson for Purple Magazine

Hardly a fashion spread so much as legs spread, Terry Richardson shot Lady Gaga in his usual pervy way and published the photos in Purple Magazine. The set was originally shot for Vogue Homme Japan, the issue with her wearing the meat bikini on the cover that enraged PETA. No, it's not an official collaboration between the singer and NYC skate brand Supreme, whose biggest advocate right now is probably hip hop delinquents Odd Future. But damned if she doesn't make Supreme look good.

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