Dripped: LA Fashion Week Runway Soiree And Trunk Show, March 15th!

KidViskous will be selling jewelry at Pop Tart Gallery's Dripped Trunk Show and L.A. Fashion Week event, come by next Thursday March 15th for shopping, djs, runway shows, performances and general fashion debauchery. 

We're pricing pieces to go, most items will be $3-$10, nothing over $25!

Yes, credit cards accepted ;).
Note: There is a $10 cover with RSVP y'all.

The space is particularly amazing, and home to LA's polysexual hard-partying Rhondavous event, and was previously owned by Prince! This is gonna be nuts!

Blumarine's Holographic RTW Fall/Winter 2012 Collection Creates New Fetish Category

 Italian label Blumarine put everyone at Milan Fashion Week to shame with their eye-popping Fall/Winter 2012 read-to-wear collection. This collection is everything right now! I had zero interest in bringing color into my wardrobe until I saw the lush, vivid furs, hardcore metallics, and the hologram motorcycle jackets and vests, I die! If leather, lace, and latex can have their own fetish categories, why not hologram?
Click through to see more:

I never really paid much attention to Blumarine, but their approach to fall is redefining my notion of chilly season style. While there are warm furs and down jackets abound in the collection, nothing has that usual sunless, shelled vibe that winterwear generally has. It is as if the colors, metallics, and prints are what protect you against the weather, not the thickness of the clothing. The outrageousness will keep you warm! There are some chic black dresses and nude gowns in the collection, but who gives a fuck about those.

If you're going to go matchy-matchy, might as well go all.the.way. Shorts over leggings for winter? Could be the equivalent of the ridiculous Alexander McQueen flames print trend for fall (still undecided on that one).
Some more "conservative" metallic and hologram pieces.

Inspired by The Muppets? I hope!

And now my favorites! Hologram on everything, all the time: motorcycle jackets and vests, hologram sequins, giant studded hologram hoop earrings, and the shoes, the shoes you guys! Any attempt to articulately review this collection just flies out the fucking window. I'm dying, I'm dead. I will sell my kidneys for a hologram motorcycle jacket. And to think that even those who can afford this collection have to wait months to even get their mitts on it! Such a tease to have collections show a season before. I pray that knock-off factories are working hard churning out some affordable hologram styles for us broke fashionistas!


See the rest of the collection at Vogue.com.

What do you think of Blumarine's Fall 2012 collection?

Iris Van Herpen's Fang-Soled Shoes and 3D Printed Dresses

Happy (grossly belated) New Year everyone!

I've been all too busy with things, but I had to take a moment aside to share the latest from Dutch visionary designer Iris van Herpen. I've written about how much I lust for her shoe designs, but have unfortunately overlooked her clothing designs. But now that she has my eye, I'm floored
 Here are some selects from van Herpen's SS12 couture collection that she just showed in Paris. If you can believe it, these ensembles are more subdued than her previous collections, but the unbelievable detail and structural ingenuity that van Herpen brings to her designs are nonetheless still present. 

But the real triumph of this collection are these teeth/fang-soled shoes!!
 Are you drooling yet?

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What designer Iris van Herpen seems to understand beyond futuristic colleagues like Gareth Pugh, Hussein Chalayan and Balenciaga (at times), is that the future does not necessarily mean space. Heavily influenced by the endless mysteries of the ocean, van Herpen draws upon the countless, bizarre creatures that live right here on our own planet.
 "Capriole" collection, 2011

 "Escapism" collection, 2011

While imagination depicts life beyond our solar system to be vastly different from ours, the organisms found in the deepest depths of Earth's oceans many times surpass even the most flagrantly wild imaginations. And with the NASA space shuttle launch program coming to an end last year, the vastly unexplored ocean may (and should) become the next frontier in the meantime.
 "Crystallization" collection, 2010

Herpen's collections doesn't come without an engineering mind--architect Daniel Widrig lent his skills to an ongoing collaboration with the designer to create the first 3D printed dresses seen on the runway. What a 3D printing machine does is take a 3D rendered image off the computer, and literally build it out of a plastic, polymer, plaster and other materials. It applies layers upon layers of liquid material until it takes the shape of the rendered image, thus "printing" the shape. Generally used to make machine parts, the process has found its way to fashion thanks to minds like van Herpen and Widrig. There is a plethora of information on how to make and operated your own DIY 3D printer!

These are certainly some jaw-dropping collections to return to fashion blogging for! I'll be more diligent about posting in the next couple weeks, including my 2012 forecast and review of my 2011 forecast; what I hoped would happen vs. how it turned out! And believe me, it did not come out the way I expected...

Check out the rest of Iris van Herpen's collections at her website: www.irisvanherpen.com, and the rest of her recently debuted SS '12 couture collection on A Shaded View of Fashion.

Model Androgyn: Andrej Pejic Is Blowing My Mind

Upon stumbling across a preview of Jean Paul Gaultier's new spring ad campaign, I thought to myself, "Oh, maybe 2011 is the year of the girl kiss." Two gorgeous blondes in trenches and fishnets, one of which is supermodel veteran Karolina Korkova and a lovely newcomer a bit reminiscent of Lily Donaldson. Further researched revealed a jaw-dropping revellation about the new model: it's a boy.
If you haven't already noticed, I'm a huge fan of androgyny. Maybe I'm behind on this, but model Andrej Pejic who is of Croatian and Serbain is an absolute stunner for both genders and is leaving me gawking. I could not believe it. With classically feminine facial features like high cheekbones, pouty lips, rounded forehead and wide-set eyes, Pejic could completely pass under the radar on womenwear runways. Full breasts and butts rarely make appearances even on the female models, so very few would be left suspicious. It's only natural that designer Jean-Paul Gaultier champion Pejic, as he was the first to create skirts for men in the 80's. Gaultier put the androgyn in his spring 2010 menswear shows to everyone's confusion: "who is that blonde girl?"

Jean Paul Gaultier menswear spring 2010

More unbelievable photos after the jump:

Oh wait...

This past Paris couture week, Gaultier used Pejic in his punk-infused cabaret-inspired womenswear show, having the male model wear his sheer bridal design. For anyone in the audience who recognized Pejic, you know they were squinting looking for a tuck.

I'm at a loss for words, so here are some more mind-blowing photos for y'all.
UPDATE 2/13/11 - Rihanna wore this dress to the 2011 Grammys. Her tuck looked great.

Thierry Mugler by Nicola Formichetti Short Film feat. Lady Gaga's Exclusive "Born This Way" Remix

Yes, those tattoos are real.
Considering how simple stylist Nicola Formichetti dresses, he has a truly dark and innovative mind for his A/W 2011 menswear debut collection at Milan Fashion Week. Can't wait to see what Mugler will come up for womenswear. Lady Gaga runway cameo?


Thank god, I found my lost photos from the LA Fashion Weekend Joyrich runway event last week! Turns out my digital camera decided to reset it's date to 2005 (I mean, who wouldn't want to go back to 2005?), and the photos were in that year's folder. I've already talked this event out in my earlier post, so click through to enjoy all the blurry photos (I'm in desperate need of a camera upgrade if anyone has suggestions)!
JL Marks designers in a sequined flurry 
More after the jump:

 Carson from Queer Eye's red carpet interview
 Playing with my camera's settings
Mayhem by the photo wall
 So dazzled by confetti cameras, couldn't get my camera back out in time to catch the Joyrich designers.
Gift bag contents: yeah!

JOYRICH at Los Angeles Fashion Weekend - POOF!

Edit Oct. 24th: I actually found the photos! They're all here for you to enjoy, so don't mind my bitching!

I am DEVASTATED! All my photos from last Friday's LA Fashion Weekend event are poof gone somehow. Poof are the photos of cute Japanese fashionistas, icy models-types, stylists, photographers and this stunning woman who was dripping in gold dome studs with red lips and a tight high bun that I was obsessed with (and her generic boyfriend was dismayed by). But I do have a few iPhone photos of the night's activities at Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood. Chevy Volts were parked outside for perusing/making out in, there were a few designer vendors selling their quasi-interesting wares, but of course everyone crowded the open bars.

I came thinking this was a runway show only for the LA via Japan streetwear line JOYRICH's SS11 collection, whom I reviewed a few months ago for Style In Progress magazine. So I was confused to see droves of older, stylistically typical LA "clubbing" crowd at the event. Turns out it was a medley show with labels JL Marks and Balthaczar, both of which I found to be uninspired and have poor quality craftsmanship--figures. Joyrich on the other hand was hot mess of 90s throwbacks with acid washes, moto and denim jackets in mustard leather, leopard and floral, printed leggings and bodycon dresses with a touch of 50's rockabilly/Rosie the Riveter takes the war effort to the beach. The collection was cohesive, exciting, clearly well-made and just much more my personal style. And doesn't hurt the designers had confetti cannons to complement their walk-on applause. Now I feel like I need confetti canons at all times.

More after the jump:

Since I lost 90% of my photos from that night, I'll instead regale you with my Twitter commentary:

LA fashion week(end) won out. Currently sitting w/ the freaks at Sunset & Gower Studios waiting 4 Joyrich showhttp://plixi.com/p/51130507
Watching Carson from Queer Eye interview girls on the red carpet whom I have nooo idea who they are

@joyrichla killed all others tonight. Real style, real quality & real FOINE male models. Dying for a moto jackethttp://plixi.com/p/51151277

Lovin watching the other designers squirm in their seats
Things to take away from their SS11 collection: moto jackets are timeless, America fuck yeah and PAISLEY IS BACK.

Click through for more photos

Haute Halloween Ideas Right Off the Catwalk

I put together some Halloween costume ideas courtesy of the catwalk. It was hard to pick out theatrical pieces that don't scream Lady Gaga, but here are some looks that could make good costumes that no one reading this can possibly afford.

Two-Face from Batman
Alexis Mabille - Spring 2010 Haute Couture

Abominable Snowman / Unarmed Chewbacca / The Dude Drunk People and Children Want To Hug
Chanel - Fall 2010 RTW

Conjoined Twins
Comme des Garçons - Spring 2011 RTW

Sexy Skeleton
Jean-Paul Gaultier - Fall 2010 Haute Couture

Mary-Kate Olsen

Comme des Garçons - Fall 2010 Menswear

Burn Victim
Hussein Chalayan - Spring 2011 RTW

Me, Circa 2007
John Galliano - Spring 2011 RTW

Fabric Sample Moth
Viktor & Rolf - Spring 2011

Recession-Era Stock Broker w/ Gambling Problem
Dolce & Gabbana - Fall 2010 RTW

Blind Person
Adam Kimmel - Fall 2010

Mike Feeney: Architectural Accessories

With acrylic being my medium of choice for designing jewelry, I'm always blown away by how other people can manipulate it. I must have these handbags:

These acrylic accessories were designed by Mike Feeney and are shown along with clothing by Warot Subsrisunjai for their Academy of Art University graduation show for Spring 2009. Feeney, who earned an MFA in Fine Arts Sculpture, created bags and large body pieces for his final.

And as you can imagine, these pieces attracted the queen of geometric body armor, Lady Gaga, who wore one of Feeney's Spring 2008 pieces in her "Poker Face" video.

So Mike, where can I get a bag??