Evisu x Harley Davidson Collaboration Motorcycle

 Japanese designer denim brand Evisu has teamed up with London-based Warr's Harley Davidson to create a one-off, "classically inspired" custom motorcycle to celebrate the brand's 20th anniversary. Being that I'm currently obsessed with motorcycles and plan to get my own eventually, this meticulously designed bike, nick-named the "Kamome Sprinter," is a fantastic crossroad between two of my favorites subjects: fashion and worrying my mom (just kidding, and motorcycles).

"Kamome" is Japanese for "seagull," the simple symbol of which is Evisu's logo. Hand-built by Warr's Charlie Stockwell, the custom Harley Softail Cross Bones (which is already a brooding beauty stock) features nickel-plated parts, including engraved engine covers by a London gunsmith, selvedge denim-wrapped brake lines and clutch cables, hand-rolled fenders and a handmade sprung solo seat of antique brown leather with more denim underneath. The engravings are of Japanese koi fish, scales and waves done in a way that still lends itself  to heritage gunmetal design.

The craftsmanship involved in building this bike reflects Evisu's dedication to genuine vintage jean reproduction, celebrating the importance of authenticity. Evisu even has a set of five rules outlining what elements makes a pair of jeans comparable to those manufactured during World War II, right down to the buttons and thread. Overall, the engravings paired with matte black and more give the bike the look of irresistible cross-continental villainy--authentic villainy if you will.

As a person who knows fashion far better than bikes, I love the attention to detail and how so many elements were added without building it out--much line the Evisu clothing line. I'm not much a fan of their jeans that have large swaths of hand-painting or embroidery, but their seamless combination of vintage Americana and clean Japanese style is evident without lending too much to one or the other.

So, when will you be delivering this bike to my house?

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