New Surface To Air Video Lays Out The Best Valentine's Fashion Date

She's a lovely model; he's a rich dude-guy with a sweet vintage car. The beautiful couple are getting away from their hoards of admirers in the city to a villa in France or Italy or whatever. They laze, they live, they love--I'm livid (completely jealous). OR she's a college mistress and he's a cheating father of three. But either way...
 Surface to Air released their utterly romantic Spring/Summer fashion video entitled "Lazy" in perfect timing with Valentine's Day. Surely the fashionistas trudging through the last hours of New York Fashion Week will be Versace green with envy when they see the stylishly lethargic video. Don't we all wish we could lounge by the pool, drink oddly green cocktails and hammock the day away with a babe right now?

Click through to see more lazy looks from Surface to Air SS12:
The only unfortunate thing about releasing the video now is that a number of items are not available yet. But a teaser it is, and teased we are!
Track Shorts V1 - $210 (really?)

Can't be bothered to greet the boif.

3/4 Patched Jeans - $170

"Put the fucking keys down, remember what happened to the Maserati?"
Zulu Shirt V2 - $150

Perfectly matched umbrellas to this photo and below.
Long Cardigan V1 - $200

Doesn't that hurt your boobs?
Savana Shorts V3 - Soon Available

"Babe, we'll get you a wheelchair one day."

Lime Dress V1 - $320; Him: Modern Cowboy Shirt - Soon Available

 "Put Flo Rida on." (P.S. what car model/year is this?)

Zulu Shirt V1 - $160; Dede Dungarees V2 - Soon Available


On a non-video note, stoked to see collar tips surface for their menswear this season. Gives a very Johnny Cash vibe, as the name would suggest.

What do you think of Surface to Air's new collection and fashion video?

Artist Ed Ruscha for Band Of Outsiders

Simplicity is king with clothing brand Band Of Outsiders, but their model recruitment is far from the norm--and that's what I love most about them. Instead of the tall, willowy models with abnormally symmetrical features, the LA-based brand regularly brings on those whose remarkableness is in what they do, not how they look. Case in point: their latest model for spring is 74-year-old artist Ed Ruscha, shot on simple, raw Polaroids.

I love the stark, subversive, antics-ridden feel to Band of Outsiders' campaigns, rendering fashion models, sets, lights, Photoshop and "looking hot" unnecessary. The addition of Ed Ruscha to their lineup is a perfect fit given the brand's own minimal, sleek, color-blocked styles and Ruscha's sharp, graphical paintings. The campaign was shot in Ruscha's studio in Culver City, CA featuring his own dog, stunning vintage car, and Indian motorcycle (which of course first drew me in). It's basically just Ruscha fucking around--and that's awesome
  The spring campaign doesn't feel like a set of photos that attempts to sell something, but is instead a demonstration of how clothing is meant to accompany the subject's everyday life--not just sit pretty on a human mannequin. It's not quite a documentary, but neither is it meticulously set up. Others that have modeled for Band Of Outsiders are actors Rupert Grint and Tom Felton of Harry Potter fame, James Marsden, Andrew Garfield and Donald Glover, all of their shoots adhering to this spontaneous, "wouldn't it be funny if..." vibe.


See the rest of the campaign and more of their Polaroids at Band Of Outsiders.

Best Of Jason Wu For Target x CatPaint!

Jason Wu for Target is certainly no news to most of us fashion followers, but I still wanted to share my faves from the upcoming collection with a little twist: Catpainted! While Target regularly inundates us with constant designer collaborations, a lot of which are kinda letdowns, this collection was one that I actually got excited about. After seeing Jason Wu's little black cat logo buddy, I thought to myself, "why not add waayyyy more cats!" So get ready people, the collection is launching February 5th and I expect this one will go exceptionally fast.

Check out some of my favorite Jason Wu for Target pieces along with prices after the jump.

Jersey Dress in Red/Navy Stripes, $34.99 Cat Tote in Cream, $39.99
Loving the 60s Parisian feel of the collection, with beautiful palette of bright reds, classic black and whites, creams and navy to baby blues. Of course the laser cats are obsessed with this cat-clawing tote! The thick handle hinges add a little designer flair to what would be a "whatevs" bags.

Long-Sleeved Pointelle Sweater in Red, $39.99, Pleated Skirt in Navy Floral, $29.99
I'm really into button-downs buttoned to the neck. While I don't own a single skirt, the floral pleated skirt is a spring staple I may have to try. But dying for the sheer ruffled black socks with patent heels!

Long-Sleeved Sailor Sweater in Black/Cream Stripes, $32.99 Long-Sleeved Blouse in White with Black Ribbon, $34.99, Cuffed Shorts in Navy, $26.99, Woven Mini Saddle Bag in Cream, $24.99
Glad that there are some tomboy-ish combos in the collection, and these striped kitties are stoked for this matching sweater! Already thinking where I can get some black penny loafers...

Long-Sleeve Sheer Blouse in White with Black Ribbon, $34.99, Canvas Skirt in Belize Blue, $29.99 Front-Flap Straw Bag in Cream, $39.99
This cute and clean look is poppin' off with a it's Mary Poppins vibe. I love the insinuation of a sheer blouse, buffered with a crisp bow and pleated skirt. I'm not sure how a canvas skirt would work out in person, since I imagine it more of a wide-leg pant or a military material, but could be a kind of resort getaway feel.

Poplin Dress in Navy, $39.99
This is my favorite piece of the bunch. Whether 60s France or British Mod, the simple pattern, skinny belt and simple cut are begging for me to buy it (no one buy it!).

Sleeveless Top with Sheer Panel in Navy Floral, $26.99 Pleated Skirt in Navy Floral, $29.99, Lace Clutch in Black, $29.99
Note: this is not a dress, but a skirt and top combo. Although it really should be a dress. The sheer panel in the top looks like it could be a Swiss dot pattern, making it not too edgy. Of course I'd pair that top with black leather shorts an combat boots!

Long-Sleeved Blouse in Blush, $34.99, Lace-Printed Straight Skirt in Blush, $29.99 Lace Clutch in Black, $29.99
Same blouse as before, but here you can see the adorably puffed sleeves. The blush pink, lace shirt and clutch hint at luxurious lingerie (maybe underneath?).

Cat Scarf, $19.99
Front-Flap Bag in Cream/Black, $49.99
And finally, a cute basic vintage-inspired bag. While Jason Wu's is a great option for an everyday bag, THESE and THESE unexpected finds will have your friends praising your ingenuity. Hint: You can buy them at Home Depot!

Style Breakdown: 9 of Spring's Strangest Heels

With the weather starting to warm up, designers are rolling their tan and toe-airing footwear. Scrolling through my trusty online shops, I've noticed an influx of interesting plaforms--some beauties, some beasts. Here's just a handful of Spring's strangest shoe styles.

Click through for more:

Frame by United Nude - $545.00,
United Nude has some of the most structually fascinating shoes on the market right now, and no wonder: The line was founded by an architect and shoemaker. I can easily imagine a 50 ft version of these installed in a public space. Modern buildings and modern heels are both in the business of defying gravity, right?
Two Hundred by Ego and Greed - $89.99,
Dubbed the "flatform" I was surprised to see shoemakers return to the sole that ravers, Spice Girls and Misfits (think creepers) made popular back in 90s. In a sandal, it just feels like treatment for an orthopedic ailment.

Leopard Open Toe Platform by Estelle - $750.00,
An almost flatform, its not so much the shape as the colors that make me cringe. It's not so much leopard, as it is a block of melted, crispy cheese. Combined with the meaty/bacon-y silk ruffles and shiny surface, these shoes are more fit for a greasy diner than for an equally greasy disco.

Femmes by Gee Wa Wa - $219.95,
Despire the oppressively heavy looking platform and the fact it looks like a headless cat cartoon when you squint, this style has a wonderful balance between feminine and badass. Dubbed a "claw" heel, the cut out platform actually reminds me of the Shel Silverstein book The Missing Piece.

Ferme by Jeffrey Campbell - $222.00,
File these under "Are You Serious?" These are true platforms because they look like shoes from the Medieval Times costume closet standing on their own little stages. There's no attempt to blend the two pieces, at least have the suede part of the heel be wood? An awful case of leftovers being tossed together.

Space Wood Wedge Sandal by Minimarket - $369.95,
Finally, a stylish solution to Shape-Ups! Ok maybe not, but this salad bowl-round platform is a solution to the chucky wedge without being too clunky. A great Swedish brand, their sunglasses are worth checking out as well.

Monroe Python Wedge by Carin Wester - $348.00,
They may not seem strange now, but do a Google Image search on "foot binding" and you'll see why the color and placement of the platform notch weirds me out.

Skate by Jeffrey Campbell - $214.95,
I guess the idea was to look like an old fashioned ice skate or sled, but to me it looks like scraps from a rocking chair or door frame. Nice concept, but too This Old House in its execution. Again, another example of Jeffrey Campbell just slapping anything together.
Crystallization by Iris van Herpen x United Nude - $995.00,
LUST LUST LUST! We've featured the Iris van Herpen x United Nude Synthesia boot before and had to give props to their other collaboration design. Utterly sexy, utterly unique, this style comes in three colors and also with chains instead of leather laces woven all over. I'm dying, I'm dead.

LOVE / LUST: Patterned Collaboration Wedges For Spring

Julian Louie x Aldo Sobeslava Ikat Wedges - $125, Select Aldo locations (for now)
The tribal patterns blew up in last year's ethnic-inspired spring trends and looks like it's hanging on this year. A collaboration between Aldo and designer Julian Louie, whose reconstructed pieces don't usually favor patterns (think a color-blocked Proenza Schouler), the limited-edition collaboration launched today. Only one style is available online so far (but I'm getting a page error...) and the rest of the 8 styles are for sale at five Aldo flagship locations. The collection will be hitting the rest of stores and online starting April 18th. This is the first of three collaborations Louie has done with Aldo: The Fall 2011 collection in discussion for production and Louie already started on the Spring 2012 collaboration.


Loeffler Randall x SUNO Erin Lace-Up Wedge - $645,
I mean, it's 5.3 inches high, of course this is the Lust! The Aldo wedges look about 4.5'', but no word on that yet. Another great collaboration, this time with shoe line Loeffler Randall and NY-based clothing line SUNO. Both designers have been around under five years and their low-key alliance for Spring 2011 matches well with anything from vintage daisy dukes to classic shirt dresses. Although it seems an unlikely collab, Randall's shy, feminine styles works wonders with SUNO's striking Kenyan-inspired prints.

You've Got Final Pick: Derek Lam For eBay's Top 10 Dresses So Far

In a world where highly respected designers collaborate with just about anyone without getting flack (hello, Karl Lagerfeld for Macy's, really??), its no surprise that shirt dress champion Derek Lam would collaborate with the top place to get designer fashion on the cheap, eBay. Ok, it's a little surprising considering eBay could technically be a competitor for designers, but Lam introduced an interesting element to the collab.
The designer presented 16 different styles that eBay users can then vote on their favorites. The top 5 designs will make up the final collection. When you vote, you also enter a chance to win the whole collection when it goes on sale, although you won't know what you'll get until voting is closed. There's a moving clip of each dress where the model spins around to show the movement and full view of the dress, plus Lam cites the inspiration and purpose behind the styles in accompanying videos. Not every day the designer himself can explain a collection piece by piece to the general public. A moment off-topic: with the moving listings for each dress, it makes you hyper aware just how YOUNG the model is. You can't tell in the video after the jump with the quick cuts and layering effects, but models are so awkward!
The collection as a whole is simple, classic and will wear well through many summer seasons. I particularly like the styles with the peplum or gathered backs since it creates an elegant cinched shape to the body. Oh hell, I have no ass, and it makes my ass look bigger, so I love anything that does that! There isn't anything groundbreaking or particularly unique in the designs, but the eBay audience wouldn't respond to anything more daring. It's an interesting study on consumer behavior that makes it fun for the buyer and provides valuable information for Lam and his company. No note on if the dresses will be auctioned or not, but even if the listed prices are the starting bids, it's a significant difference from Lam's usual $1,000+ price tag. The collection will be available to purchase in May.

Click through to view the fashion film and the Top 10 styles (so far)...

1. The Black Tie DressBlack cotton poplin “black tie” evening dress, $275

2. The Boho DressMulti color floral print georgette boho halter dress, $295

3. The Sun DressIndigo denim sun dress, $195

4. The Shift DressBlack cotton poplin shift dress with peplum back, $175

5. The Chemise DressMulti color floral print georgette chemise dress, $225

6. The Black Tie DressWhite cotton poplin “black tie” evening dress, $275

7. The Shirt DressWhite cotton poplin shirt dress with peplum back, $250

8. The Sun DressDahlia cotton poplin sun dress, $195

9. The Sun DressDeep blue cotton poplin sun dress, $195

10. The Shirt DressDeep blue cotton poplin shirt dress with gathered hem, $150Cast your vote at

Ksubi Eyewear Spring 2011

I'm a glasses wearer. Although I'm at an appropriate age to get laser eye surgery and save myself a boatload of money and hassle for the rest of my life, I'm hesitant because I love glasses so much. I once had a crush on a guy I saw wear glasses at first, then never again. Now he looks like the type to take hostages.

Rebellious Austrian streetwear label Ksubi has grabbed headlines with their hard-partying antics like pushing nude models off the side of a boat fashion show and releasing live rats on the catwalk. Now, I can wax poetic about their Spring 2011 eyewear campaign being influenced by American Gothic and René Magritte, but I love this shoot because it looks like they used whatever they could find in Uncle Chuck's storage shed down at the docks--including the two guys huffing shoe polish inside. 

Shot by Kane Skennar