KidViskous Jewelry For Over 60% Off Now On!

Good news everyone: We've made it on

My favorite discount shopping destination, KidViskous is featured in's new weekly fashion shop, discounted over 60%! Within an hour of the sale being live today, I was getting message and email props from people I haven't spoken to in years--I knew Fab was big, but not this big! It was thrilling to see KidViskous featured in their email blast, which goes out to over 1.6 million users so of course I had to celebrate with some Cat Paint!

Update: Sale ended, thanks so much everyone!

It's an invite-only site and there's a waiting period to be approved, but you can use our special invite link to get access immediately! They're featuring 24 KidViskous styles, including moustache rings and necklaces, beards, feathers, big crosses, glasses, vampire teeth, word bubble necklaces and more. 

The KidViskous sale goes until February 28th, 7pm ET / 4pm PT -- check the nifty countdown clock on the top left corner in red!

Along with fashion, is a must-shop destination for all design-savvy folks, from chic housewares to sleek electronics, and even organic foods and fancy stuff for you pet. Stunningly designed, beautifully curated, the site is alluringly formatted to make you want to shop 'til your mouse/tap finger falls off! They also have a fantastic mobile app which I personally used to shop in bed a minute after waking up in the morning (twice). I've already bought a gold umbrella and a cool poster of legendary designers Charles and Ray Eames riding a motorcycle. Not to get nerdy, but the user experience of the site is phenomenal!

A little insider knowledge. Once I was approved for the sale, I had to hold the inventory I had until the sale started. Because of that, if things sell out on Fab (which they hopefully will!), they're gone for good! I'm no longer making any more of these styles, so if you've had your eye on something, now is the last chance to snatch it up! xo

HD Buttercup Opening - Official Photos & Video

Some much better visual coverage of the Unique LA / Apartment 3 + KidViskous grand opening at HD Buttercup. Thank you to the over 1600 people who attended!

Photos by Justin Sullivan, and video by The Video Mouse. Enjoy!

Tiffany got caught snapping

HD Buttercup: Design Center Grand Opening from Chris Laughter : The Video Mouse on Vimeo.

More photos (like, 100 more) after the jump.

Marc Jacobs Opens Book Store: Bookmarc

Marc Jacobs really can't go wrong when it comes to branching out. His latest project is the freshly opened Marc Jacobs bookstore in NYC's, cleverly named Bookmarc, that replaces Biography Book Shop in the West Village. Taking the reasonably priced trinkets out of the Marc by Marc Jacob's store, Bookmarc is filled with postcards, notebooks, writing implements, small leather goods and high fashion school supplies emblazoned with the Marc Jacobs logo.

Maybe I'm extrapolating too far, but Marc Jacobs seems like a modern-day Andy Warhol, utilizing the idea of commodifying fashion the way Warhol made commodity into art with a tongue-in-cheek, yet actual approach. Japanese artist Takashi Murakami played with the idea of art as commodity and visa versa at his MOCA exhibit from a few years ago. He installed a Louis Vuitton store into the museum, and had the same keychains and toys that were selling in the gift shop put behind glass like priceless art. Marc Jacobs being the head designer for Louis Vuitton, he's clearly all about putting this idea into practice.  

Murakami toy installation at MOCA, 2008

Somehow, putting Marc Jacobs' name on virtually anything doesn't come across as cheesy. I remember my advertising teacher saying Gucci was known in the 80's as this "tacky brand that sold keychains at the airport." If Marc did that, every traveller would have to have one. I personally would love to have my pen say "Marc Jacobs" since, well, it makes it look pricey. And a notebook with book titles warped with sexual innuendoes doesn't hurt either.

President of Marc Jacobs, Robert Duffy mans the register

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